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"Keep watching and keep listening."

Episode 158: For the first “TV Night,” Josh gives an in-depth analysis of the pilot episode of The Amazon Prime show Red Oaks.

Episode 157: Scott interviews the Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet singer Julee Cruise. We talk about The Voice of Love, Twin Peaks and Sondheim.

Episode 156: Longtime Lynch collaborator Debbie Zoller (Twin Peaks, Lost Highway) joins Scott to talk about doing the Make-up for Season 3 of Twin Peaks. This earned her an Emmy nomination. Topics also include: Kill Bill, Star Trek and A Star Is Born.

Episode 155: Scott interviews David Marchese who has interviewed Billy Joel, David Lynch and David Letterman for Vulture and New York Magazine. They discuss how you get an interviewee to talk and a bit about each of these interviews.

Episode 154: Scott and Josh talk about 20 characters from current TV series that are the best of the best. Billions, Good Fight, Atlanta, Dear White People, Silicon Valley, The Orville, This is Us and more

Episode 153: Lindsey Bowden is the organizer of the 2018 Twin Peaks UK Festival. She gives us a preview of the September event, talks season 3 and her recent trip to the actual town of Twin Peaks.

Episode 152: Scott talks with the female writers from The Blue Rose Magazine Issue #7 who wrote 40 essays about 40 David Lynch Characters. Actress Amy Shiels joins to discuss her essay about Wild At Heart. Photographer Blake Morrow talks about shooting the secret cover of this issue. Purchase the issue at

Episode 151: Actor John Pirruccello talks to Scott about working HBO's Barry the new Bill Hader Show. John also talks about the afterglow of being Chad on Twin Peaks, writing for The Blue Rose Issue #6 and working with Henry Winkler. #barry #twinpeaks

Episode 150: Josh & Scott celebrate their 150th episode by counting down the 20 best TV Theme songs of all time. Before that, they talk about the shows they are watching now: The Good Fight, Atlanta, Roseanne, Billions and Cobra Kai. @redroompodcast

Episode 149: Entertainment Weekly writer and Twin Peaks Podcast host, Darren Franich joins Scott Ryan and John Thorne (Blue Rose) to discuss Twin Peaks Season 3 and its influence on Television in 2018. We talk Atlanta, Star Trek, Sopranos, Adventure Time and, of course, Twin Peaks. Subscribe at #twinpeaks

Episode 148: Josh has produced the Foreword and Introduction to his upcoming book "A Skeleton Key To Twin Peaks" (published as JB Minton). Josh performed the music and effects and read the audio for the Introduction and Scott Ryan wrote and performed the audio for the Foreword. Sign up for alerts when the book goes on pre-order at / 100% of all revenue generated from the sale of this book will be donated to The David Lynch Foundation.

Episode 147: David Bushman joins Scott & Josh to talk about The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat written by Darin Morgan for Season 11 of The X Files. They talk about the Season so far.

Episode 146: Scott & Josh talk about some of the best shows from 2017 with a major focus on Twin Peaks, Curb Your Enthusiasm, This is Us. Plus The Crown, Godless, The Good Place, Blackish, The Orville and more

Episode 145: Bob Canode and John Thorne (The Blue Rose) joins Josh & Scott to talk about Star Trek Discovery the newest series from Star Trek.

Episode 144: Mya McBriar from Twin Peaks Blog and The Blue Rose, joins Josh and Scott to talk about Mark Frost's new book, The Final Dossier.

Episode 143: Author Mark Altman wrote Twin Peaks Behind the Scenes in 1990, the first book Scott ever bought on the subject. We also talk Star Trek and Buffy, which Mark also wrote books about.

Episode 142:We finish our countdown of the top 40 shows from 2007-2017. What will be the #1 show of the last ten years? Find out in this episode as Scott & Josh count down the top 20 shows. Find out where Downton Abbey, Fargo, Breaking Bad and Parks and Rec all land.

Episode 141:The Red Room picks the top 40 shows that premiered over the last 10 years (2007-2017) This episode is #40-21. We pick comedy (Veep,Big Bang Theory) & Drama (Stranger Things, This Is Us)

Episode 140: Comic book writer Jeff Lemire talks to Scott about Twin Peaks Parts 17-18. They discuss the ending, the controversy and what is to come for Twin Peaks. 

Episode 139: We don't debate and bicker, but give everyone a chance to talk on this Red Room Roundtable talk with 10 Twin Peaks Fans. We go through parts 17-18 and the entire series as we throw out topics and see where they land.

Episode 138: Scott and Josh welcome Jeff Lemire back to the show, where we discuss Twin Peaks Parts 15 & 16. Scott's power goes out about 5 minutes into the episode, which means Jeff and Josh get nearly the whole episode to not be told they are wrong. Enjoy!

Episode 137: Scott Ryan and Josh Minton discuss Part 14 of the showtime series, Twin Peaks. We talk Andy, Sarah Palmer, green gloves and how some fans are missing the fun ride.

Episode 136: David Bushman from the Paley Center joins Scott & Josh to discuss Parts 11-13 of Twin Peaks. They talk Audrey, editing, the Owl Ring and nostalgia. 

Episode 135: Josh and his 14-year old son sit down to discuss Twin Peaks, after a three week binge-session that involved watching Season 1, 2, Fire Walk With Me, and The Return through Part 12. You will be surprised by a young man's thoughts on a 25 year old show that is making a comeback.

Episode 134: Courtenay Stallings joins Scott and Josh to discuss Twin Peaks Returns Parts 9 & 10. We talk about David Lynch and domestic violence, Cooper sex and wild BOB theories. Order The Blue Rose at

Episode 133: Josh Eisenstadt joins Scott to talk about Twin Peaks parts 1-8. Josh runs the trivia contest at the Twin Peaks Festival and is a Twin Peaks Guru. Expect a way deep conversation into plots and theories. Order The Blue Rose at

Episode 132: Scott travels to the ATX Festival and brings you snippets of panels from Battlestar Galactica, Fargo, Alias, Nashville, Sneaky Pete. Ken Olin, Adam Arkin, Marin Ireland, Katee Sackhoff, Edward James Olmos, Noah Hawley and more.

Episode 131: Scott travels to the ATX Festival and brings you snippets of panels from Battlestar Galactica, Fargo, Alias, Nashville, Sneaky Pete. Ken Olin, Adam Arkin, Marin Ireland, Katee Sackhoff, Edward James Olmos, Noah Hawley and more.

Episode 130: Scott and Josh welcome The Great John Thorn and special guest Jeff Lemire, artist and author of the amazing graphic novels Essex County, Sweet Tooth, Trillium and dozens of other novels and comic books. Jeff is also a huge Twin Peaks fan from way back. We all discuss Twin Peaks Returns up to episode 6. Crazy theories are cast and mysteries and secrets discussed. Don't miss this episode!

Episode 129: Scott and Josh go to church on Twin Peaks 2017 Parts 1-4. Scott also talk about his experience being in Los Angeles for the premiere of Twin Peaks. Don't miss this episode!

Episode 128: Scott and Josh catch you up on what they've been watching (Silicon Valley, Veep, Fargo, Better Call Saul, Billions) and they catch you up on the Scott's projects: Blue Rose Magazine, Thirtysomething at 30, The Last Days of Letterman and Josh's upcoming book of poetry and fiction. 

Episode 127:  Scott discusses Big Little Lies with guest Brad Dukes, who also discusses his new China Beach book and the imminent return of Twin Peaks.

Episode 126: Live Twin Peaks Podcast From the Fire Walk With Me Showing at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio

Episode 125: Director Todd Holland Interview

Episode 124 Twin Peaks Vinyl Release from Mondo Records

Episode 123Stephen Tobolowsky Interview

Episode 122 Gilmore Girls Year In The Life

Episode 121 The Best TV of 2016

Episode 120 The Secret History Of Twin Peaks

Episode 119 David Lynch Festival of Disruption

Episode 118 UK Twin Peaks Festival Interview with Lindsey Bowden

Episode 117 HBO's The Night Of Series

Episode 116 Stranger Things Netflix

Episode 115 Twin Peaks Festival Interviews 2016

Episode 114 Sherilyn Fenn Interview "Audrey Horne"

Episode 113 WB Network, Everwood, Buffy, Gilmore Girls

Episode 112 Twin Peaks Mythology Panel (live)

Episode 111 Twin Peaks FAQ Book

Episode 110 Charlotte Stewart Interview Great Southern event

Episode 109 Darin Morgan Scripts w Josh Eisendstadt

Episode 108 X-Files Review of the Reboot

Episode 107 Fargo Season 2

Episode 106 Apple TV, 2015 in Review

Episode 105 Mulholland Dr with Josh Eisenstadt

Episode 104 Dana Delany Interview

Episode 103 Women In Sci-Fi with Televixen

Episode 102 Log Lady Tribute to Catherine Coulson

Episode 101 Richard Kramer Interview

Episode 100 Mad Men Finale Debate; Twin Peaks Set Spoilers?

Episode 99 Hannibal Series & True Detective 2

Episode 98 Twin Peaks Fest with Josh Eisenstadt

Episode 97 Summer Series Recap: Orphan Black, True Detective, etc

Episode 96 Mad Men Series Finale review

Episode 95 Late Show With David Letterman Ends

Episode 94 Thirtysomething Series

Episode 93 Supernatural TV Themes with Marisa Hayes & David Bushman 

Episode 92 Moonlighting Creator Glenn Gordon Caron Interview

Episode 91 Better Call Saul Season 1 Review

Episode 90 David Lynch: No Time For Showtime

Episode 89 X-Files returns! Kimmy Schmidt, Better Call Saul

Episode 88 China Beach Series Discussion with Brad Dukes

Episode 87 Parks and Rec, Parenthood, Boyhood and more

Episode 86 Top 20 Moments of 2014 TV

Episode 85 Wrapped In Plastic Editor, John Thorne

Episode 84 Top 15 TV Writers

Episode 83 Twin Peaks Returns

Episode 82 Twin Peaks Box Set Missing Pieces

Episode 81 Twin Peaks Reflections Book Interview with Brad Dukes

Episode 80 Mad Men Season 7 Mid-Season Finale

Episode 79 Soap! Controversial Television of the 70's

Episode 78 David Bushman Returns for a TV Talk

Episode 77 Sondheim Review Interview

Podflash: David Letterman Retires!

Episode 76 The Music of Mad Men

Episode 75 Top 40 Shows You Should Watch

Episode 74 True Detective Season 1 HBO

Episode 73 Elaine Stritch Shoot Me Director Chiemi Karasawa Interview

Episode 72 Amazon Prime Pilot Program

Episode 71 True Detective Episodes 1-3

Episode 70 Watching TV as a Family

Episode 69 Downton Abbey Season 4

Episode 68 Six By Sondheim: Opening Doors w Miky Wolf Editor

Episode 67 Top 20 Feel Good Moments on TV

Episode 66 We Just Talk Television 2013

Episode 65 Breaking Bad Series Podcast

Episode 64 Brett Martin Author of Difficult Men

Podflash Ozymandias Breaking Bad 

Episode 63 The Characters of Mad Men

Breaking Bad Season 5 Podflashes 

Episode 62 Violence Against Women on TV

Episode 61 Twin Peaks Fan Phenomena Book

Episode 60 Twin Peaks USC Event

Episode 59 Download or Disk

Episode 58 The Top 10 Angel Episodes

Episode 57 Boardwalk Empire Podcast

Episode 56 David Bushman Paley Center Interview

Episode 55 House of Cards Netflix 

Episode 54 The Top 10 Buffy Episodes

Episode 53 Is Netflix Ruining TV?

Episode 52 Downton Abbey Season 3 Podcast

Episode 51 The Films of Quentin Tarantino

Episode 50 The Top 50 Episodes of All Time

Episode 49 2012 of TV Reviewed

Episode 48 Sex and Nudity on TV Podcast

Episode 47 Deadwood Podcast

Episode 46 Roundtable of the music of Twin Peaks

Episode 45 Meet The Jetsons Sound Guy Tony Milch

Episode 44 Larry Sanders Podcast with Ed Copeland

Episode 43 Bob Dylan Tempest Red Room Podcast

Episode 42 Season 1 of The Newsroom

Episode 41 Comedians in Cars and Summer TV 2012

Episode 40 A Discussion of Batman Dark Knight Rises

Episode 39 A comparison of English vs American TV

Episode 38 Fiona Apple's New CD

Episode 37 Countdown of the Top TV Characters 33-1

Episode 36 Countdown of the Top TV Characters 66-34

Episode 35 Countdown of the Top TV Characters 100-68

Episode 34 Are Laugh Tracks hurtful to sitcoms?

Episode 33 The Wire all 5 seasons

Episode 32 The Creativity of Moonlighting 

Episode 31 How leadership is shown on television

Episode 30 Season 1 of Revenge!

Episode 29 Interview with Dodai Stewart

Episode 28 Season 1 & 2 of Downton Abbey

Episode 27 The Best TV Couples on Television

Episode 26 America In Primetime Documentary

Episode 25 The Wire Season 4 

Episode 24 The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer and The Twin Peaks Podcast

Episode 23 Season 1 of Breaking Bad

Episode 22 Ricky Gervais TV Master

Episode 21 What we want from 2012

Episode 20 The Top 25 Shows of All Time

Episode 19 The Top 50 Shows of all time: 50-26

Episode 18 The Wire Season 3 

Episode 17 Community Season 3

Episode 16 When Great shows Go Wrong

Episode 15 The Wire Season 2

Episode 14 An Interview with Internet writer Dodai Stewart

Episode 13 Arrested Development Season 1-3

Episode 12 American Horror Story Pilot

Episode 11 The Wire Season 1 

Episode 10 The TV of Alan Ball: True Blood

Episode 9 Fall Shows of 2011

Episode 8 Part 2 - Interview with the Twin Peaks Archive 

Episode 7 Best new shows of 2011

Episode 6 Part 1 - Interview with Twin Peaks Archive

Episode 5 Curb Season 8 Entourage Final Season

Episode 4 Battle Star Galatica Mini Series

Episode 3 The Sopranos Season 1 & 2

Episode 2 Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me Podcast

Episode 1 The Pilot