A Skeleton Key to Twin Peaks: Part Four

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New Narrative Conflicts Introduced

No new narrative conflicts were introduced in Part 4.

Episodic Structure

Cooper's Return retained it's top share of voice (40%) for this episode but there Mr C's Plan gets wrapped into The FBI Finds Cooper narrative (30% SOV). The Hawk is Missing Something narrative comes in a strong third at 25% SOV, but also bundles with it the Meet New Twin Peaks narrative, Designer Drugs invading the town and revisiting old Twin Peaks. We find out the man's prints in the double murder in South Dakota are being blocked from identification by the US Military (for 1% of SOV) and Au Revoir Simone closes out this Part from the stage of the Bang Bang Club at 4% SOV.

Episodic Part Summary By Scene and Focus

Scene 1, Las Vegas, Silver Mustang Casino (0:01:39 - 0:15:34)

These are all the words that Cooper as Dougie Jones repeats in this scene. 

Two men in suits and a security guard stare incredulously as Cooper wins another jackpot and another and so on. The concierge is frantically following him with a big bucket. One of the men in a suit asks the concierge, “How many jackpots?” She says, “So far, 29 Mega Jackpots.” The man nearly faints and says, “I’m dead.” That horrid woman is speaking sweetly to Cooper, saying, “Mr Jackpots, tell me which one.” Cooper points at one with the Red Room fire over it. She pulls the handle, wins, and profusely thanks him. As Cooper smiles at her outburst of joyful praise, Bill shaker from Allied Chemicals calls out Dougie’s name and greets him warmly. He asks him, “What are you taking a walk on the wild side?” Bill’s wife is with him. Bill taps Cooper on the chest in a friendly manner and says, “Dougie Jones,” which Cooper repeats, tapping himself on the chest as he says it. Bill speaks to Dougie as if he were used to him being slow. He compliment Dougie’s new look but doesn’t share his food when Dougie shows interest in his hot dog. He tells him he hasn’t eaten since home, which catches Cooper's attention as he repeats the word Home. Bill and his wife ask Cooper if he wants to go home. She asks him where is his home, to which Bill tells Dougie that he lives on Lancelot Court, the house with the red door, next to Merlin’s Market, “not far from here.” He tells him that it’s maybe a $6 or $8 cab ride. Dougie walks away and Bill’s wife asks if he’s okay. Bill tells Cooper, “It was good to see you, Dougie!” As Cooper tries to leave to get a cab, the concierge is calling out a warning that he’s leaving. The other man in the suit comes running after him, stopping him and asking him to come with him. The casino manager is sitting at his desk looking very worried. Cooper is escorted into the room and there is also a security guard standing watch. Cooper sits down and stares at a pyramid of red dice on the man’s desk. The man reaches down and lifts a bag onto the table. He asks him if we going to leave without his winnings and asks if there is anything they can do to help. Cooper says, “Call For Help,” to which the man replies, “Call who?” He offers a room, a good meal, a drink, some companionship, telling him to think of them as a, “Home away from Home.” He asks where Cooper's home is and he tells him, “Lancelot Court Cab Ride.” The man refuses the cab and asks his name. Cooper touches his chest and says, “Dougie Jones.” The casino manager requests a, “Limo for Mr Jones.” So here comes Smithie with the limo. The man pushes the bag towards Cooper but before he lets it go, both men stand and lean into each other. The casino manager says, “But you have to promise me something...you’ll come back and try your luck with us again. Soon. Anytime. Day or night.” As the two men stare each other down, an electronic whirring draws Cooper's attention to the ceiling camera. The man sees what he’s looking and says, “That’s right. We’re watching you Mr….Jones.” Cut to Cooper in the limo, holding the bag of money. The driver announces they are on Lancelot court, looking for the house with the red door. The driver complains that it’s hard to see the color at night. When Cooper says, “Red,” the driver says, “That’s black.” The driver finds the house and when he gets out to open Cooper's door, Cooper turns to look out the window and when he sees his reflection, he visibly gasps. The driver has to coax him out of the car, repeating his name three times. They stand awkwardly in the yard for several seconds, the driver offering to wait with him. An owl starts hooting and then flies above the house. The driver says, “Damn. Those things spook me.” Then the door opens and Janey-E says, “Dougie, is that you?” She walks up to him, furious and slaps him hard across the face, asking him where he’s been and what this is. The driver tells her he was a guest at the Silver Mustang and he was asked to bring him home. The driver leaves just as Janey-E tells us that Dougie’s been gone three days without a word, hasn’t shown up at work, and has missed Sonny Jim’s birthday. She is utterly disgusted as she pushed him inside the house. She forces him onto the couch in a light wood and yellow-lit dining room and kitchen downstairs. She asks what he’s been doing,  Why didn’t he call? She asks about the suit and his haircut. She takes the bag and when she sees that it’s money, she gets very excited that there are thousands and thousands of dollars. She asks where he got this, the Silver Mustang? She says, “Don’t tell me you hit the jackpot.” He says, “Mr Jackpots,” gesturing to himself. She says that there is enough here to pay them back. She is very relieved and says that this is the most wonderful, horrible day of her life. She offers to fix him a sandwich and a piece of Sonny Jim’s chocolate cake that they saved for him. She kisses him on the forehead and tells him how happy she is that he’s home.

Cooper Escapes

Scene 2, FBI Office of the Chief of Staff (0:15:34 - 0:19:40)

A man named Bill shows Gordon Cole into an office of someone who is obviously his superior. Gordon asks where she is and Bill says she’s in a meeting and will be along in a minute. Gordon asks how Martha is and Bill says she’s fine. Gordon asks if she ever fixed the thing with Paul. Bill says she did and that Paul is now in the North Pole. Gordon slaps him on the shoulder and says, “Well there you go!” Gordon sits down in a chair in front an executive desk, while Bill leaves the room. Gordon looks around and sees in the chair next to him is a dozen roses with one white flower in the middle. The door in the back of the room opens and Denise walks in. Gordon stands up and they greet each other warmly. Gordon tells him that they’ve found Cooper. Denise grips the chair and seems taken aback, asking where. Gordon tells him in a federal prison in South Dakota and that they are going out to see him tomorrow. Then Denise tells him that she heard. Gordon asks how and Denise asks him if he’s taking Agent Preston with him in a conspiratorial tone, accusing him of lecherous intentions since his profile is beautiful agents barely 30 years old. Gordon says that he’s old school and that before he was Denise, when he was Dennis, and he was her boss, and she was working undercover at the DEA, she was a confused and wild thing sometimes and that he had enough dirt on her to fill the Grand Canyon and he never used a spoonful because she was and is a great agent. Gordon then says that when she became Denise, he told all of her colleagues, “those clown comics, to fix their hearts or die.” Denise then thanks him for the kindness, to which Gordon replies that Agent Tammy Preston, “has the stuff.” Denise knows but is speaking more as a woman than the Chief of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, then remarks about how she loves saying that entire name, unabbreviated, that it gives her such a thrill. Gordon says it is thrilling. Denise says that Tammy is so beautiful to which Gordon replies, “There’s room at the Federal Bureau of Investigation for more than one woman.” This flattery clearly works its charm to disarm Denise. She says that normally she can’t think like this, having to forgo it to grow, “balls of steel to do this job.” She then says it’s a bitch, not to mention, “the screaming hormones,” which causes Gordon to flinch. Denise says she trusts him and that he’s on the trail of something big. Gordon repeats, “Big.” Denise asks if Albert will be with him, to which he responds, “Do birds fly?” Denise wishes him good luck to which Gordon replies, “Ten-four, good buddy.” They shake hands and Gordon turns to leave, Bill opening the door for him. Denise fans herself as he walks out.

The FBI Finds Cooper

Scene 3, Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department (0:19:40 - 0:33:28)

Lucy is on the phone talking about the thermostat. She is complaining that it doesn’t actually tell you what’s going on when no one’s here. She says that mostly they don’t have prisoners but even if they did, they couldn’t even see the thermostat. She said there was a man out recently to look at the furnace and that Sheriff Truman wouldn’t answer any of her questions about what happens when no one’s here. She says they come in early and the heat is still on but what if they came in even earlier, would the heat still be on then? She then asks if Sheriff Truman is next to a loud stream because he’s breaking up. She asks if he’s still fishing. She says he’s breaking up again and that she hopes they can get it sorted out when he gets back to the office but now it’s very uncomfortable in here. The door opens and Sheriff Truman walks in holding up his cell phone. She has her back turned and says she has to go because there are some people coming in through the front door. When she turns around and sees him, she screams and flies backwards onto the floor, unnaturally, fainting. The Sheriff is unamused and Andy rushes to her aid, crying out, “Lucy! Lucy!” As he continues to try to revive her, he asks the Sheriff if he was on the phone again with her. The Sheriff says, “Andy, I’m sorry. We lost connection and he couldn’t stand out in the parking lot all night.” Andy says that he hates cellular phones. Lucy wakes up and asks how it’s possible, that he’s in the mountains fishing. The Sheriff just tells her to hang up the phone and walks away. Andy consoles her and calls her, “Punky” twice. Cut to a legitimate dispatch office in the back of the Sheriff station. A woman is calling out official sounding codes and we see other police officers doing much more official police work. The Sheriff asks what’s going on and Deputy Chad says he booked a guy who blew a .250 on a breathalyzer and couldn’t even find his nose let alone touch it. The dispatcher says something terrible happened, a boy OD’d at the high school, Little Dennis Craig and that Andy took the case and spoke with the parents. She says, “When the bell rang, he never got up from his desk.” Truman asks where Hawk is. Chad says, “In the conference room.” The Sheriff turns to leave but first greets the Crime Scene officers with their caution tape and official jackets. Cut to the Sheriff opening the door to another hallway where a silver haired tall man is walking and the Sheriff  calls out to him as, “Bobby.” When he turns around, we see that it’s Bobby Briggs. Truman tells Bobby about little Denny Craig OD’ing and that although he hasn’t seen the autopsy report, he guesses that it’s Chinese Designer Drugs. He asks if there is anything on Bobby’s surveillance cameras. Bobby says, “Elk, deer, raccoon, squirrel and a bear.” He then says that if they are coming down from Canada, he would’ve seen him that he has every known trail covered. Bobby interrupts him to say, “I gotta take a leak so bad, my back teeth are floatin.” Frank tells him he’ll meet him in the conference room. Cut to Andy explaining to Lucy that cell phones are mobile, that the Sheriff can be moving and even driving while he’s talking, unlike her phone. He then tells her that she’s so good at her job in every other way, he just doesn’t understand how this keeps happening, “over and...over again.” She says that she doesn’t understand it either. He tells her to collect herself, that he has to go see Sheriff Truman. Lucy looks very upset and disheveled as Andy leaves. Cut to Deputy Chad walking into a conference room while Hawk is remarking, “I know she seems like a strange one but her information has always been spot on.” He is talking to Frank, who repeats what Hawk tells him the Log Lady said to him about Cooper. Andy walks in and the Sheriff greets him respectfully. Lucy enters afterwards and says that she is feeling a bit better now. The Sheriff doesn’t respond. Chad asks, “I thought that Log Woman was 10-96 and not even allowed in this building.” Lucy responds and says, “That’s on account of a kind of gum.” Chad looks at her condescendingly and says, “Wow, I’ll chew on that.” Andy looks furious. Frank tells Chad that’s enough. Andy tells Chad that she gets messages from her log. Chad says, “Pinnochio’s friend,” with the same condescending tone. Frank tells Chad goodnight, which causes him to scoff and say the he’s going to have a word with his pinecone, on this way out. The Sheriff ignores him and Andy looks furious. Bobby Briggs walks in and is startled to see Laura Palmer’s picture on the table. Laura’s theme starts playing and he starts crying, saying this brings back some memories. The Sheriff explains that this all has to do with the Log Lady’s message about Special Agent Dale Cooper. Bobby confirms that Cooper was the last one to see his father before he died. Hawk is surprised to learn this. Bobby confirms that his Mom told him that a few days before his dad died, Cooper came by the house to speak with him and then left town. Hawk said that no one has seen or heard from him since. Bobby confirmed that his father died in the fire at his station the next day. The Sheriff asks if he knows what they talked about and Bobby says that he has no idea. Another Deputy walks in and tells the Sheriff that there’s a man out front who says his name is Wally Brando, which makes Lucy and Andy very excited and the run from the room. Sheriff Frank confirms that it’s their son. The Deputy tells Frank that Wally said that he wants to pay his respects to him. The Sheriff says, “Oh boy.” As they leave, Bobby is still fighting back tears looking at Laura’s picture. Cut to Sheriff Truman walking outside while Lucy and Andy fawn over young Wally Brando, in a leather jacket with a flat cap (ala Brando in The Wild Bunch). He is sitting on a motorcycle. Andy says they are so excited that Wally came in unannounced. Frank says that it’s good see him again. Wally says that it’s good to see him too. He’s even got a bit of the Brando voice. Wally reminds him that Harry S Truman is his godfather and that he heard he was ill, so he came to pay his respects and prayers for his recovery which he hopes will be swift and painless. Wally tells Frank that it’s an honor to see him again, that his heart is always here with him and, “these fine people, my parents,” who he loves so dearly. Frank thanks him. Wally says that he also came back to let his parents know about something that his been a matter of grave concern to them, that he has decided to let them do what they wish with his childhood bedroom, that they want to build a study because they are, “such sweet people.” Lucy asks Wally where he’s been. Wally says, “My family...my friend. I’ve crisscrossed this great land of ours countless times. I hold the map of it here, in my heart, next to the joyful memories of the carefree days I spent as a young boy here in your beautiful town of Twin Peaks. From Alexandria Virginia to Stockton California, I think about Lewis and his friend Clark, the first caucasians to see this part of the world. Their footsteps have been the highways and byways of my days on the road. My shadow is always with me. Sometimes ahead. Sometimes behind. Sometimes to the left. Sometimes to the right. Except on cloudy days or at night.” The Sheriff inhales and says, “Yes, well...Wally, it’s great to see you again...and, may the road rise up to meet your wheels.” Wally holds his fist up to his heart and says, “That’s a lovely turn of phrase. Thank you. My dharma is the road. Your dharma...” he gestured outward. Truman nods at him and walks away, a small shake of his face, while Andy and Lucy beam at their only child.

Hawk is Missing Something

Designer Drugs Invade Twin Peaks

Meet New Twin Peaks

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Scene 4, Jones Home, Las Vegas (0:33:28 - 0:41:40)

A black bird caws, flying over the Jones home. Dougie sits on his bed in full pajamas making a sour face at an awful mustard-colored suit. He is holding his crotch; something is wrong. Cut to Phillip in The Red Room. He is feeling around for something, perhaps an invisible Cooper. Cut to Cooper who starts looking around and sees a red chair in the corner. He stands up and the Red Room starts to bleed through. He sees Phillip, who says, “You see me don’t you? You were tricked” Phillip pulls the golden ball from his pocket and holds it up. He puts it back in his pocket and says, “Now one of you must die.” Cooper resumes holding his crotch, with a pained look on his face. The Red Room disappears. Janey-E comes in to complain that Dougie isn’t even dressed. When she sees he has to pee, she asks what is with him and says, “Listen, Mr Dream Weaver, you go potty and then let’s get you dressed fast. You’re worse than Sonny Jim!” Cooper stands at the toilet, unsure of what to do but is obviously relieved when he starts urinating. When he comes out, he sees himself in the mirror. He leans into the mirror and reaches his hand up to touch its surface, lost in deep thought. Cut to Janey-E pulling up Dougie’s pants, telling him he’s lost weight. He is swimming in his clothes. She remarks that the jacket looks two sizes too big. She tells him to do his tie, that she can never get that right and she’s going downstairs to finish up breakfast. She calls to Sonny Jim to get going on her way downstairs. Sonny Jim walks out and he and Cooper stare at each other, Cooper touches his navel as he looks at Sonny Jim. Sonny Jim smiles and Cooper smiles back. Sonny Jim flashes him a thumbs up sign and Cooper reciprocates awkwardly while turning around the opposite direction. Cut to the kitchen where Janey-E is cooking breakfast and Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” starts playing. Cooper walks in with the oversized clothes on and his tie draped over his head. Sonny Jim is eating a big plate of pancakes and when he looks up to see Cooper, starts chuckling. Cooper saunters over to the table, still standing and looking at Sonny Jim. Sonny Jim, still smiling at him, gets up to help Cooper sit down, patting the chair. Cooper pats the chair and Sonny Jim gets up, takes his hand and guides him to the seat. Janey-E is oblivious to all this as she sets a plate of pancakes in front of Cooper. Sonny Jim, seeing Cooper is unaware of what to do with them, pours syrup on his pancakes, which causes Cooper to lean in. Cooper sees the fork, picks it up and begins to cut up the pancakes, bringing a bite to his mouth. He is obviously happy with the taste. Janey-E sets a cup in front of Cooper and says, “Here’s your coffee.” Something happens in Cooper's mind as he stares incredulously at the coffee cup which reads “I am Dougie’s Coffee.” He repeats. “Coffee.” He takes a drink, chokes, gags and the spits it out all over the floor.” Janey-E turns turns around and shouts his name. He looks up at her maniacally and says, “Hi!”  

Cooper Escapes

Scene 5, Buckhorn South Dakota, Police Station (0:41:40 - 0:42:06)

The coroner rushes into the room, excited, a police officer follows her. She tells him they got a hit off the prints from the male John Doe but the name was blocked by the military.

A Woman Murdered in South Dakota

Scene 6, South Dakota Airfield (0:42:06 - 0:54:18)

Gordon, Albert and Tammi exit the regional airport and are greeted by two black suited, sunglass wearing FBI agents. They get into a dark limo and start driving. Gordon remarks that they aren’t anywhere near Mt. Rushmore. Albert passes him a photo of the monument. Gordon says, “There they are Albert, faces of stone.” Albert looks at him with both affection and disapproval. Gordon looks up at Tammy and motions at her to Albert, who tells him that she gets car sick. Gordon says, “Albert, we’re in South Dakota. Cossacks are in Russia.” Albert loses his patience and shouts, “Car sick!” The agent driving stops the car short and asks if they need him to pull over. Preston waves him on. Gordon says, “Up on the wrong side of bed this morning, Albert.” Cut to the prison gate opening. The limo pulls up between two prison buses and Albert, Cole and Preston get out of the car and walk into the prison. Cut to inside the prison. Gordon is asking the Warden and his man what they’ve got. They tell him that they picked him up when his car ran off the road. The man continues telling them that he had been throwing up some kind of poison, to which Albert says that he must have eaten locally. Both men give Albert a questioning glance. The man says they are analyzing it in the lab. He says that exposure to it sent the highway patrolman to the hospital. Gordon just says, “Huh.” Now they are examining what was found in his trunk: cocain, machine gun, dog leg. Albert says, “What, no cheese and crackers?” Cole says, “Apologies in advance for Albert.” They light up a microfilm machine with Mr C’s information:

Address 6147 Bend Dr. Harrisburg, PA

Date: 9/22

Employer Address: 1000 Appleton St. Philadelphia, PA

Suspect in Multiple Crimes

DOB: 8/15/1973

Social: 520-722-406

He says, “That’s your man, right?” Cole says, “Holy jumping George.” They leave the room. Cut to them sitting in a dark control room. Gordon announces, “Ladies and gentleman, I am going to speak now to Special Agent Dale Cooper.” Warden Murphy leaves. Cole hits the button and a screen starts rising. We see Mr C in prison gear sitting behind a glass wall. When he sees Cole, he gives him the thumbs up sign. He says, in a slow drawl, “It’s yrev very good to see you again, old friend.” Cole says, “It’s very, very good to see you again old friend.” Mr C says, “I haven’t seen you in a long, long time.” Cole says, “No you haven’t. This is true.” Mr C says, “Gordon, I’ve really, really missed spending time together.” Gordon says, “Yes, Coop. I, too, have missed our good times together. Where have you been all these years?” Mr C says, “Gordon, I’ve been working undercover all these years, working primarily with our colleague Phillip Jeffries.” Gordon questions the name. Mr C asks to be debriefed by Gordon about this work, says he will tell him the whole story, all its twists and turns and he was going to do so, that he was on his way to present it to him. “I was a little bit behind schedule when my car veered over across the road and I had my accident.” Gordon says, “Yes, Coop. This is how and why we found you.” Mr C repeats his request to be debriefed and notes being behind schedule and his car veering over. Mr C says, “I’ve left messages,” and then looks at Albert and his eyes go black. Gordon says, “What messages are those, Coop?” Mr C. leans in toward Albert, some kind of dark understanding passing across his face. Still staring at Albert, he says, “Messages so Phillip knows it’s safe.” Albert breaks the gaze and looks down to the floor. Gordon looks at Albert and Albert gives him a sideways glance, a barely perceptible glance that seems to say, “Don’t ask here.” Mr C asks when Gordon is going to get him out of here. Gordon says, “Coop, these fine fellows have sufficient cause to hold you for now.” Mr C says, “Of course, I will be exonerated in courts of law.” Gordon says, “Very good, Coop. And rest assured that we are working to bring you back home for our talks.” Mr C. says, “I’ve never really left home, Gordon.” Gordon nods, seemingly looking through Cooper, and says, “See you soon, old friend.” The both show each other the thumbs up sign and Gordon pushes the button to release the screen. It falls upon a fake smiling and thumbs up flashing Mr C. All three agents look at each other, clearly disturbed. Cut to the agents walking back down the prison hall with Warden Murphy and his man. The man says that they can hold him for two more days without filing any charges. Gordon says he assumes they haven’t given him his phone call. Warden Murphy says, “No, we haven’t.” Gordon suggests they give him his, “private phone call,” and he expects to hear all about it. Cut to the three agents outside in a blue tinted image. Preston says that he wasn’t going to Philadelphia; he was headed West, noting that a few people who’ve come in contact with him have gotten physically ill. She looks at Albert with concern and asks if he’s feeling alright. He says he’s fine. She asks about Phillip Jeffries and Albert says that he’s a former FBI Agent. She seems taken aback, like they’ve been hiding something from her. Gordon scans her with a device and accuses her of wearing a wire. She tells him that he told her to wear a wire. He says, “Right. Go wait in the restaurant.” She is obviously upset. Both men watch her walk away and Albert says, “I’m feeling better now.” Both men get close together and Gordon turns the squelch up very high on his hearing aid. Gordon says, “Albert, your reaction in prison to Cooper, I’ve not seen this before. Is there something you’d like to tell me?” Albert hesitates and says, “Well, since you asked, and I can’t tell you how sorry I am about this, I authorized Phillip to give Cooper some information.” Gordon looks worried and says, “Cooper and Phillip? What the hell? Phillip Jeffries has been off the radar for years…” Albert interrupts and says, “This was years ago, Gordon. He called me.” Gordon says, “He did, did he?” Albert says, “I know. I thought Cooper was in trouble. At least that’s what Phillip said. ‘Urgent,’ he said. Cooper needed this information urgently.” Gordon asks, “Did you talk to Cooper?” Albert says, “No.” Gordon asks what information they wanted. Albert says, “I told Phillip who our man was in Columbia and a week later that man was killed.” There is a spiraling and ominous noise that grows in the background. Gordon says, “Albert. Albert. Albert.”  They stare into each other’s eyes for a long time. The spiraling noise ends and Gordon leans his head back and says, “This business that we witnessed today with Cooper, I don’t like it.” Albert says, “No,” shaking his head. Gordon says, “Something’s wrong.” Albert says, “Yes.” Gordon says, “Could be the accident, but I don’t think so.” Albert says, “No,” and shifts position on the concrete, the scrape ringing in Gordon’s earpiece. Gordon recoils in pain and says, “Albert, that sound you just made of your feet on the concrete, is like a knife in my brain.” Albert says, loudly, “I’m sorry Gordon.” Gordon squeals in pain again and says, “Albert, this thing is turned up to the max. Please.” Albert whispers, “I’m sorry, Gordon.” Gordon says, “I don’t think he greeted me properly, if you take my meaning.” Albert says, “No, he didn’t.” Gordon says, “Something is very wrong.” Albert says, “Yes.” Gordon says, “Albert, I hate to admit this, but I don’t understand this situation at all.” Albert says, “No.” Gordon asks, “Do you understand this situation, Albert?” Albert looks away, sighs, and says, “Blue Rose.” Gordon says, “It doesn’t get any bluer.” Gordon says, “Albert, before we do anything else, we need one certain person to take a look at Cooper.” Albert says, “I’m right with you.” Gordon asks, “Do you still know where she lives?” Albert says, “I know where she drinks.”

The FBI Finds Cooper

Mr C’s Plan

Scene 7, The Bang Bang Bar (0:54:18 - 0:56:46)

Au Revoir Simon playing “Lark.” The lyrics are:

So long, so long ago / There wasn’t anyone out there / I thought I needed to know / But no more / When I find the day leave my mind in the evening / Just as the day before / I saw the window was open / The cool air / I don’t know what you saw there / Don’t know what you saw in me / Sometimes I want to be enough for you / don’t ask know that it’s understood / There’s not enough of me / I saw that something was broken / I’ve crossed the line / I’ll point you to a better time / A safer place to be

Bang Bang Band on Stage


  • Kyle MacLachlan:Mr C / FBI Special /Agent Dale Cooper / Dougie Jones
  • Jane Adams:Constance Talbot
  • Dana Ashbrook:Deputy Bobby Briggs
  • Chrysta Bell:FBI Agent Tammy Preston
  • Brent Briscoe:Detective Dave Macklay
  • Michael Cera:Wally Brando
  • Richard Chamberlain:Bill Kennedy
  • David Dastmalchian:Pit Boss Warrick
  • David Duchovny:Denise Bryson
  • Miguel Ferrer:FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield
  • Robert Forster:Sheriff Frank Truman
  • Pierce Gagnon:Sonny Jim Jones
  • Brett Gelman:Supervisor Burns
  • Harry Goaz:Andy Brennan
  • James Grixoni:Deputy Jesse Holcomb
  • Michael Horse:DeputyChief Tommy "Hawk" Hill
  • Stephen Kearin:FBI Driver
  • Dep Kirkland:Chief Mike Boyd
  • Jay Larson:Limo Driver
  • Sheryl Lee:Laura Palmer
  • David Lynch:FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole
  • Karl Makinen:Inspector Randy Hollister
  • James Morrison:Warden Dwight Murphy
  • Sara Paxton:Candy Shaker
  • John Pirruccello:Deputy Chad Broxford
  • Linda Porter:Lady Slot-Addict
  • Kimmy Robertson:Lucy Brennan
  • Al Strobel:Phillip Gerard
  • Ethan Suplee:Bill Shaker
  • Sabrina S. Sutherland:Floor Attendant Jackie
  • Jodee Thelen:Maggie
  • Naomi Watts:Janey-E Jones
  • Heather D'Angelo:Au Revoir Simone
  • Erika Forster:Au Revoir Simone
  • Annie Hart:Au Revoir Simone


  • “Take Five” :  Written by Paul Desmond : Performed by Dave Brubeck Quartet
  • “Lark” :  Written and Performed by Heather D'Angelo, Erika Forster, and Annie Hart

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Voice of The Return (Summary)

Cooper is trying to get out and the FBI is looking for him, so is Hawk and the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department. Also, somehow the Military is involved here. Things are heating up in all the worlds we know about (and probably some we don't).

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