A Skeleton Key to Twin Peaks: Part Five

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New Narrative Conflicts Introduced

  1. Richard Horne is Evil: [Jersey accent] "Dis fuggin' guy..." There is a Jack Johnson song Good People, where he asks, "Where'd all the good people go?" Turns out, not to The Bang Bang Club. Watch this guy, he's trouble.

  2. ????: In this episode, we just needed a slot for shit that is unclassifiable. Truly, I'm surprised it took five hours of David Lynch directed Twin Peaks Pars to necessitate this. 

Episodic Structure

Cooper Escapes remains the primary narrative since Part 3, weighing in at 47% Share of Voice for this part. Surprisingly, though, Shelly's Daughter being with the wrong guy comes in a far distant second at 11% SOV and this is conservative since Scene 4 actually introduces Steven, though we don't know the connection yet. Jacoby comes in next 8% SOV and what will no doubt be one of the most beloved scenes in all of Twin Peaks canon. Matching Jacoby at 8% SOV is Richard's Horne's crazy public rape threat and police bribery, proving that Deputy Chad is a true sonofabitch. Following Richard Horne is the no-less evil Mr C's Plan with 7% SOV, in a relatively small but powerful scenes that show us BOB is still possessing Cooper (or is it the other way around now?) and Cooper's "Magic Technology" (as the co-hosts on the EW Twin Peaks Podcast refer to it) does...well, something...to an entire prison. We meet Frank Truman's wife for 5% SOV and the FBI matches this 5% SOV actually meeting with Cooper in prison and something is definitely not right. Coming in at 4% SOV, spread across 2 important scenes, we pick up the status of the double murder investigation of Ruth Davenport and...[drumroll] Major Garland Briggs...in a scene that weaves in the two primary narratives of Cooper Escaping and Mr C's Plan when Dougie's ring is discovered in Garland's evacuated belly. Hawk and Andy accomplish nothing but shuffling papers in one of the most removable scenes so far, for 2% SOV that only proves that they are still looking for something missing and there aren't any Indians in those boxes and folders. We revisit Old Twin Peaks for 2% SOV and for the final 1% we see some crazy shit happen with a blinking box in Buenos Aires, earning the show's first "?????" - who wants to bet that it won't be the last one? 

Episodic Part Summary By Scene and Focus

Scene 1 Las Vegas, Nevada, Rancho Rosa (0:01:40 - 0:03:27)

Gene and Jake are in the car talking to a woman on the phone. Gene says that they just drove by and his (Dougie’s) car is still there. She asked if he’s still inside and he says that he can’t tell but the lights are still on in there. The woman is not happy because this job was supposed to be done yesterday. She says they are trying to get her killed. Gene asks what she wants them to do, that they’re all over it. She screams, “Fuck!” and hangs up the phone. Jake says, “She’s a worrier.” Gene says, “Yeah.” Cut to the woman in a very agitated state. She pulls an old Blackberry from her desk drawer and starts typing on it. Cut to a spider-web covered naked light bulb hanging from a dilapidated building in the dark. Cut to what looks like a box with two holes inside of a brass bowl in between two parallel lines of metal. On some dusty rock floor. A dull beep sounds. Cut back to the woman who reticently finishes typing into the Blackberry “Argent 2.” Cut to the box where those two holes light up and make two successive quick beeps.

Cooper Escapes

A Murder Hit From Vegas

Scene 2 Buckhorn, South Dakota, Coroner’s Office (0:03:27 - 0:04:32)

We see a fat body, cut open with the coroner’s pan and sink. Water is draining. Detectives Macklay and Harrison are talking to the Coroner. She jokes that the cause of death is decapitation. They do not laugh. She continues to joke with, “Here’s the headline. Actually I just gave you the headline. Yeah I’m still doing standup on the weekends.” She says this man hasn’t eaten for days, at least not food but she found a ring in his stomach. She suggests starting with the wife. The ring in inscribed with, “To Dougie, with love Janey-E.”

A Woman is Murdered in South Dakota

Cooper Escapes

Mr C's Plan

Scene 3 South Dakota Federal Prison (0:04:32 - 0:06:47)

Mr C. lies awake in his prison cell with his hands folded over his stomach and it is quiet. He says out loud, “And now, food is coming.” The prison door opens down the hall and a guard enters the hall with a tray of food. He slides the tray into the slot and Mr C takes the tray, sets it down, and walks over to the sink to wash his hands. He looks into the mirror and we cut to the scene where Bob and Cooper are laughing together in the Red Room and then where Cooper smashes his head into the mirror in the Great Northern and sees Bob’s reflection. We cut back to the prison cell and see BOB’s face morph into Cooper's. Mr C says, “You’re still with me. That’s good.”

Mr C’s Plan

Scene 4, Twin Peaks Bank (0:06:47 - 0:08:08)

Mike Nelson is wearing a suit, sitting at a desk piled with papers, and there is a deer head on the wall behind him. His computer is on but the lock screen is waiting for his password. He hits the button on his intercom and asks someone to, “Send in Steven, please.” We see a young man in a suit jump up on the other side of Mike’s office window and open his door to come into the room. Mike asks him to sit down. Steven sits back in the chair with some authority and says, “Great.” Mike says, “Yeah, well. Not great. You think you’re some sort of hotshot?” Steven feels this going south and asks, “Excuse me?” Mike says, “This is one of the worst resumes I’ve ever seen and you didn’t fill out this form properly. Not even close. It’s worse than sloppy. I wanted to see you to tell you that if you ever want to find work anyplace, then you better get your act together, do things properly and start showing some respect for a possible future employer, because based on this shit you’d never get hired here, and I would never recommend you for any work, anyplace.” he folds his resume in half and throws it at him, then says, “Now you can get up and get your ass out of here.” Steven takes the paper, gets up and leaves the room. Mike watches him leave and says, “What an asshole.”  

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Scene 5, Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station (0:08:08 - 0:10:45)

Sheriff Frank Truman is on the phone in an office with the door shut. He says, “That’s rough.” He asks when the person gets those tests back. Lucy interrupts to say that his wife is here. He sits up abruptly. Lucy says, “She went to your office and you weren’t there. I could have told her that.” He asks the person to hold on a minute. Lucy says, “She is now walking to Deputy Chief Hawk’s office, where you are.” He thanks Lucy and says, “Doris is coming. You hang tough, Harry. I’ll check in with you tomorrow.” As he’s putting his phone away, a shrew of a woman kicks open the door and demands to know why he’s not in his office. She then starts on a tirade about how Dwight has diarrhea, the twins are coming this weekend, some “He” got in the upper cupboard again and she is not going another day with a leaking pipe. The pantry floor is soaked and they are going to get black mold. She asks if he called them. He says he did and they know all about the pipe and promised to have it fixed by tomorrow night. That’s not good enough for Doris. He asks if she has a bucket under it. This infuriates her because why should she have to watch a bucket all day? He asks if she can get a bigger bucket and this becomes about a rug she can’t buy. She says it’s not fair. Then she asks about Dad’s car. She’s not going to have him killed in, “That damned death trap car!” Frank says that Sammy looked at it two hours ago and it’s fine. She shouts at him that he’s impossible and storms out of the office. Frank shows little emotion but proves he is a very patient man.

Meet New Twin Peaks

Scene 6, Las Vegas, Nevada The Jones Home / Rancho Rosa/ Lucky 7 Insurance Company / Las Vegas, Silver Mustang Casino / Las Vegas, Rancho Rosa / Las Vegas Car Wash ( 0:10:45 - 0:31:46)

These are all the words that Cooper as Dougie Jones repeats in this scene. 

The door opens and Sonny Jim exits, followed by Janey-E and Dougie, looking ridiculous in his oversized suit and hanging tie. She fixes his tie and tells him that she hid the money in their secret spot, and counted it ($425,000). Dougie is staring at Sonny Jim who sitting in the back of the car, looking spaced out. He starts crying as she’s telling him to call them when he gets to work and set up a time to pay them their 50 grand. Then they’ll, “be free and clear.” She sees he’s crying and looking at Sonny Jim and grabs his face with both of her hands and tells him he’s acting, “weird as shit. Just don’t forget to call them. And no more drinking and gambling.” She tells him to get going, he’ll be late for work. But he doesn’t have a car! So she has to drive him and she isn’t happy about it, asking where his car is and getting no response.

Gene’s car drives by the house where Dougie’s car is parked. They slow down and case the house again, then drive one. The camera follows them as their car grows smaller and then pans to the other side of the street as a menacing black car with black rims and loud awful heavy metal music playing pulls up slowly in the same fashion. There are several young men in the car who also stare at Dougie’s car, looking around to see who might be watching them.

Music: Awful Heavy Metal 

Janey-E pulls up outside the Lucky 7 Insurance company and tells Cooper to get out of the car. When he doesn’t, she tells him that he’s having one of his episodes and needs to pull himself together and get to work. She has to push him out of the car. He doesn’t shut the door. Cooper walks up the plaza and stares at a statue of a cowboy or a lawman holding a pistol out. Cooper makes the same pistol gesture and seems lost in thought, the image triggering something in his memory. He follows the direction of the pistol, which takes him into the office building. He stands there in the middle of all the people until a young man carrying several coffees recognizes Cooper and says, “Off in Dreamland again, huh Dougie.” Cooper sees the coffee and follows it’s smell into the elevator. The young man says, “C’mon pal, the staff meeting starts in three minutes.” They get into the elevator, while soft jazz plays. When they get in the elevator, the young man hits a button and says, “Seven Up.” Cooper is facing the wrong way as the doors close. He turns around towards the coffee and says the word. The young man says, “Sorry Cooper, I didn’t get one for you. I didn’t know if you’d be here today.”  The man concedes and gives him Frank’s who never likes his anyway. Maybe Frank will like that Green Tea latte instead. There is a woman playing on her smart phone, tolerating the weirdness like any of us would. Cooper drinks the coffee deeply and hums approval. The young man watches him, smiles, and says,” Damn good joe, huh, Dougie?” Cooper concurs and the young man says, “Pretty damn good.” The doors open on the Lucky 7 Insurance Company and Cooper dawdles in the waiting room and must be lead into the conference room by the coffee-holding young man. Several people walk into the conference room, including a beautiful young woman.Tony walks up behind Dougie and slaps him on the shoulders with both hands and puts him in a headlock. He says, “Hey, look who’s back from Bendersville, with a new haircut.” Tony then pulls Cooper in close and whispers in his ear, “I covered for your ass, pal. You owe me big time for that.” He then looks over his clothes, noticing how much thinner he is and asks, “What you do, huh? Did you go drinking in a steam bath?” When Cooper doesn’t respond, he gets uncomfortable and goes to find his seat. Cooper stands there drinking his coffee. A man in a suit is sitting next to the beautiful lady and leans over and says, “Did you get my note?” She says she didn’t and he should, “Tell it to your wife, Darren.” This ends the conversation. Dougie walks over to the table and Frank notices that Dougie’s drinking his coffee. He asks Phil what’s going on and Phil offers the Green Tea instead. This is a much better choice for Frank. The President of the company Bushnell Mullins stands up from the short desk in the back of the room and says, “All right! Let’s get started!” He tells Cooper to sit down and cut the shit. He looks at Cooper with concern and then says, “Tony, lead us off.” Tony says he’s got 16 new claims this week and two claims from last week have been processed and approved, so they have to pay out. Mullins asks which ones. The Beakers who had the broken water main and Littlefield. Bushnell is surprised and says that forensics made Littlefied for arson. Tony says, “There’s no arson, Bushnell. Um, the inspectors cleared it. It checks out. It’s legit. We have to honor the claim.” Cooper is watching Tony’s face and a flash of light, like a mirror reflecting sunlight, moves across it. Cooper says, “He’s lying.” Tony is shocked and asks what he said. Cooper remains silent and Tony demands to know where the hell does he get off calling him a liar. Bushnell asks what he means by that but Cooper remains silent. Bushnell demands that Dougie sees him in his office as soon as they are done there. Tony reiterates that Littlefield is legit and asks to continue, if it’s okay, “with you, Dougie, my friend?” Cut to Dougie being shepherded into Bushnell’s office by Bushnell’s assistant and Phil. He tells them to close the door behind them, “on your way out.” Cooper is staring at a huge poster of Bushnell Mullins as a young boxer “Battling Bud” who went four furious rounds. Bushnell asks him, “Dougie, where do you get the stones to call my best agent a liar?” Cooper says, “Agent.” Bushnell says, “He closes more cases in a week than you do in a month.” Cooper repeats, “Agent.” Bushnell says, “This is serious, Dougie. This is no game.” Cooper repeats, “Game.” Bushnell says, “Okay, Dougie, we’ll play a game. It’s a homework game. Since you missed the last two days of school, smart guy. I want you to take these case files home with you tonight. I need a full assessment on each case. And what you come back with tomorrow will have a whole hell of a lot to do with your future at this company.” Cooper repeats, “Case Files.” Cut to Cooper standing in the hallway, holding his crotch, the case files in a pile at his feet. The beautiful woman from the meeting walks up to him and asks if the men’s room is locked then offers to sneak him into the ladies. She guides him to the ladies room and open the door but then turns around and says, “You know, I was thinking maybe I’ll let you kiss me now, handsome.” She laughs and then tell him to go ahead, she’ll keep watch. She has a longing look on her face as she shuts the door after him. Cooper moans loudly behind the door and she laughs.

Music: Soft Jazz

The Casino Manager and his man are standing in the security room, looking very worried. A voice comes over the walkie to inform them that, “They are on their way up.” A close up on the Manager’s face shows he is petrified. Cut to security footage of Cooper winning jackpot after jackpot. A dancer girl in showgirl attire enters and a tough pair of men are looking at the screens. One of them says, “Thirty jackpots in a row. We haven’t paid out that many in a year.” The more intimidating man says, “Turn him around.” Two security guards obey. There are now three showgirls leaning, bored against the wall. The enforcer steps closer to the manager and asks the other man, “How much did that man on the television win?” He says, “$425,000” The Enforcer says, “Hmmm,” then punches the manager in the face. He laughs and says, “Four hundred twenty f--, and you’re trying to tell us that weren’t in on this? How much did that man win again?” The man repeats it and the enforcer starts beating the manager mercilessly. It sounds like ribs are breaking. The enforcer then spits at the man and says, “You’re fucking fired. Get him out of here.” The guards drag the man from the room. The more intimidating man stops the guards, leans in to the man’s face and says, “Leave town. Don’t ever come back.” He then walks up to the other man and says, “You. You got his job,” slapping him on the shoulder and walking towards the screen. He says, “You let us know if this man ever comes in here again.” The new manager nods his head and the three of them stare at Cooper's image on the screen.

The scene begins with the bomb under Dougie’s car. Cut to the young boy across the street looking at the car from inside the house. He is eating saltine crackers. Cut to his drug addict mother passed out in her chair. The boys leaves the house and makes the journey across the street. He has a red number one on his chest. The bomb is beeping. The boy kneels down unde the car and touches the bomb but before he can pull it off, the black car comes screeching around the corner and brakes in front of the house, heavy metal blaring from the windows. Three men jump out and one of them throws a rock at him and yells, “Fuck off kid. Get the fuck out of here.” One of the men use a jimmy on the car and open the door, while the other two look out. One gets in and starts the car and it blows up, in front of the boy. Two others are still near the black car; one screams, “Fuck!” They get in the car and peel out. The boy runs home and there are now neighbors across the street watching this all happen. We see the burnt bodies near the car. The boy opens the door to his home which wakes his mother up. He runs to the window and watches the car burn. She wipes her mouth and sits up. Dramatic music plays as the scene ends. 

Jade is getting her car washed. The attendant asks her if she has a John in the state of Washington. She asks, “What?” He produces Cooper's key to the Great Northern and she laughs and says, “Oh Dougie.” She sees that it says, “Clean Place Reasonably Priced Please Mail To: Great Northern Hotel, Twin Peaks, WA” She says, “Give me a second, Chris,” and walks to the mailbox and drops the key.

Cooper Escapes

A Murder Hit from Vegas

Scene 7 Twin Peaks, RR Diner (0:31:46 - 0:37:54)

Norma is sitting in a booth, entering receipts into a ledger by hand. Shelly is behind the counter. Shelly’s daughter Becky enters and Norma’s face lights up as they smile at each other. Norma says, “Toad, bread’s here.” Shelly’s daughter is delivering the bread. Becky and Toad greet each other warmly and Becky walks to the counter to speak with her mother. She says, “I can’t stand this. I need some more money. I’m sorry.” Shelly is shaking her head. Becky continues, “He’s looking for work.” Shelly says,” That’s a lot.” Becky says, “He will find a job.” Shelly digs into her tips and her purse and comes up with as much as she can give, but it’s all she’s got. Becky says, “Thanks, I love you.” Shelly says, “I love you too, Becky,” and brushes her hair from her face like a loving mother. Becky leaves and gets into Steven’s car, the lowlife from the Mike scene earlier. Norma walks up to Shelly with a compassionate and sad look on her face and says, “Shelly, this is the third time she’s asked you for money in two weeks.” Shelly says, “I know.” Norma says, “If you don’t help her now, it’s going to be a lot harder to help her later.” They look at each other and Shelly says, “We both know that tune, don’t we?” They hug each other and stand head to head looking at Steven and Becky in their car outside the RR. Cut to Steven in his Camaro with red plush interior, his hand on the headrest of Becky’s seat. He asks, “How much money did we get?” Becky pulls it out to count and says, “$72,” while steven exclaims awe. She tosses it over to him. She brushes the hair from her eyes and looks forlorn. Steven says, “Hey, cheer up. I’m good for it.” He brushes the hair from her face and then looks back at the RR, sees that Norma and Shelly are watching them and freaks out, then moves the car in reverse across the street. He turns off the key and says, “Kiss me.” They look at each other and she hesitatingly kisses him, falling into a passionate embrace. He says, “And now I’m gonna take my girl out to dinner. Hey, I saved some for you. Want a taste?” He pulls out a small vial of powder. She is outraged as she asks, “Did you take all of that today?” He says, “Yeah...Why wouldn’t I? For my interviews. You know how nervous I get. C’mon. Besides, I got some great fucking feedback today.” He holds his hand out with the powder, which she sniffs, wipes her nose and waves his hand away. They look at each other and he says, “I want to tell you all about it at dinner. And in between, I’ll tell you how much I love you and I’ll tell you how beautiful you are and I’ll tell you how sexy you are, and those tits, how majestic they are and that ass--give me a break.” They both start laughing as the drug kicks in and The Paris Sisters “I Love How You Love Me” plays on the stereo. What follows is a surreal view of Becky staring into the sky, her open eyes and smile beautiful with life.

I love how you love me / I love how your eyes close / Whenever you kiss me / And when I’m away from you / I love how you miss me / I love the way your touch is always Heavenly / But darling most of all / I love how you love me / I love how you hug me / I love how you squeeze me, tease me, please me / Love how you love me / I love how you love me.

Shelley’s Daughter Wrong Guy

Scene 8, Las Vegas, Lucky 7 Insurance Company (0:37:54 - 0:39:27)

Cooper is facing the wrong way in a crowded elevator. He is hugging the case files to his chest. The doors open and everyone yells at him to get out of the way. Lucky that Phil is there to steer him out safely. Cut to the statue with the gun. Dougie is holding the case files, staring at the statue. Night is falling. Cut to later. He is still staring at the statue. He leans in to look at the pant leg, scrutinizing it.

Cooper Escapes

Scene 9, Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department (0:39:27 - 0:40:45)

Andy and Hawk are going through the case files. Andy eventually says, “Hawk? Have you found any Indians? Anywhere? I haven’t found any Indians.” Hawk says, “No Andy.”

Hawk is Missing Something

Scene 10, Twin Peaks Jacoby’s Shack (0:40:45 - 0:45:22)

Jacoby is wearing his traditional bi-colored glasses, a red smoking jacket and a captains hat. The alarm clock rings and he says, “It’s seven o’clock. Do you know where your freedom is?” He winds up a gramophone that plays John Philips Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever.” He is running a video podcast. He says, “Coming to you live from Studio A, high atop the escarpments of Whitetail Peak, the roof, ruff, ruff, of the American Hindu Kush. This is Dr. Amp, doing the vamp, for liberty, climbing the ramp to justice, and lighting the lamp of freedom. He switches on a shadow box with a white statue of liberty. He is reading from a hand-written monologue. He says, “So, what’s on your mind tonight? I mean, you know I’m going to tell you what’s on mine. We’re sinking down deep in the mud, and the fucks are at it again! The same vast global corporate conspiracy. Different day. You can’t see it without a cosmic flashlight. Guess what? [pulls out flashlight] I’ve got one. Oh, yeah. And it’s beam penetrates the ignatius rock of ignorance. It flips that rock over and there they are, exposed, wriggling, squirming, crawling on their bellies like foul maggots, frantically racing back to the cover of darkness that they so crave. Yeah, we’re coming for you.” Cut to Jerry Horne in the forest, watching Jacoby’s show on a tablet. Jacoby continues, “Let’s just see what they’re cooking up today.” Jerry says, “I know what I’ll be cooking up,” as he sparks a joint. Cut back to Jacoby, who says,” Know the ingredients. Just read what’s on the box. In fact, read between the lines. What’s lurking in that toaster waffle, those muffins, that frozen children’s treat…” Cut to Nadine watching with a smile on her face and the patch over her eye. Jacoby continues, “Poison! Deadly poisons, that’s what’s there. And what’s waiting for you? Cancer! Leukemia! Autoimmune disorders! Pulmonary embolism! Warts! Psoriasis! Eczema! Cardiac Arrest! Where are the cops when we need them? Anorexia! Body-image bullshit! Microbial toxins! Bacterial toxins! Environmental toxins! Our air, our water, our earth. The very soil itself! Our food! Our bodies poisoned! Poisoned!” He pauses to take a drink from a beaker. He holds his hand up in a pause gesture and says, “That’s huckleberry extract and clean boiled water from the pure artesian springs of Whitetail Peak. Yeah!” he puts a middle finger up and his middle finger has a rubber hand on it. Cut to Jerry Horne smoking and watching. Jacoby continues, “Fuck that acai berry shit from the Amazon.” Jerry laughs. Cut back to Jacoby who continues, “In the immortal words of Pete Seeger, ‘if I had a hammer.’ Well guess what?” he holds up a hammer. “I’ve got a hammer!” He pulls a release string and one of the golden shovels swings down into camera view. He smacks it with the hammer and it rings. He says, “You must see, hear, understand and act. Act Now!” Cut to Nadine, smiling. Cut to Jacoby who starts a commercial for his golden shovels. The commercial shows Jacoby standing outside, a tree behind him. He says, “Friends, we all live in the mud. In the shit! Shovel your way out of the shit! Now he is knee deep in a shit pit. He shovels a load and looks back to the camera. A cut shows him standing above the pit with the golden shovel in his hand and clicker with a chord in the other. He clicks the button and a bright light shines on him and an electric humming starts. He says, “This is your shiny gold shovel. Two coats. Guaranteed. Shovel your way out of the shit and into the truth. Cut to Nadine smiling. Back to Jacoby who says, “Dig yourself out of the shit--$29.99. That’s right. Only $29.99 plus shipping. Accept no substitutes.” The call to action on the ad reads: Order Now Only $29.99 plus S & H Dr. Amp’s Gold Shit-Diggin Shovel P.O. Box 479 Twin Peaks, WA allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Jacoby Fights the Power

Scene 11, Pentagon Arlington, VA (0:45:22 - 0:46:38)

Colonel Davis is sitting at his desk. A tall female officer in dress uniform enters the office. She says, “We got another database hit on prints from Major Garland Briggs. He looks up at her and says, “Major Garland Briggs. Alright. And how many is that?” She says, “This would be the sixteenth time.” He says, “Sixteen hits in what? Twenty five years? And where’d this one come from?” She says, “Police. Buckhorn South Dakota.” He shakes his head and says, “Another wild goose chase I’ll bet, but we gotta check it out. You ever been to South Dakota, Cindy?” She laughs and says, “I hear it’s lovely this time of year.” He smiles and says, “And remember, if this is real--but it won’t be--but if it’s real, we have to alert the FBI.” She stands at attention and salutes him. He salutes back and she smiles as she leaves his office, saying, “I’m booking the flight.” He says, “First class, Cindy.” She says, “Yeah, right.” He exhales, looking worried.

A Woman is Murdered in South Dakota

Scene 12, Twin Peaks Bang Bang Bar (0:46:38 - 0:50:53)

Trouble is on stage playing “Snake Eyes,” an instrumental and gritty blues song. Cut to Richard Horne, a dangerous looking man with crazy eyes, sitting by himself and smoking at a booth. He is holding the cigarette up and ashes on the table. There are three girls sitting in the booth in front of him, shooting him interested glances. He is distant. A Renault brother walks up and says, “I have to ask you to stop smoking. Put that cigarette out!” The man says, “Make me.” The Renault brother tilts his head and the one of the girls turns around to stare at him, incredulously. Deputy Chad walks up and puts his hand on the Renault brother’s shoulder and says, “I’ll take care of this.” Renault says, “Just make sure he stops smoking in here.” Chad looks at the man and says, “Give me a smoke.” The man reaches into his pocket, hands him the pack and says, “Keep the whole pack.” Chad takes it and says, “Thanks buddy.” He walks away and opens the Morley cigarette pack and it’s filled with money. Chad smiles at the man and winks and clicks his tongue, then walks away. The man turns around and continues his cigarette. The band plays on. One of the girls turns around and asks the man for a light. He tells her to come here. She sits next to him, with a worried look on her face. He immediately assaults her, his hands cupping her breasts. She says, “Hey.” He says, “Hey what?” Her friends look on, worried. He asks her name. It’s Charlotte. He says, “You wanna fuck me, Charlotte?” You wanna fuck?” She says, “No. No, stop it!” trying to get away. Her friend intervenes and says, “Hey, leave her alone!” He looks at her, laughs and says, “Little fucking smoking babies. Makes me laugh.” Then he yells in her ear, with his hand over her throat, “I’m gonna laugh when I fuck you, bitch!” She starts to cry.

Richard Horne is Evil

Scene 13, FBI Office (0:50:53 - 0:53:57)

Tammy Preston is mooning over a picture of a young and handsome Dale Cooper. There are fingerprints up on her computer. She looks at a picture of Mr C, holding them side by side. Something is not right. She looks at the fingerprints closely, pulling them up on her Mac screen. She sees something and it worries her.

The FBI Finds Cooper

Scene 14, Federal Prison, South Dakota (0:53:57 - 0:55:23)

Cut to Federal Prison in South Dakota. Mr C is sitting silently in a holding cell. The Warden enters and puts a phone in front of him. He says, “One phone call.” Mr C looks as him and says, mechanically, “Thank you, Warden Murphy.” The Warden looks down at him, worried, then walks up the stairs. The guard punches numbers on a keypad and leaves the room. The Warden joins his men in the control room and they are monitoring Mr C, who seems fully aware of this as he stares into the camera. The Warden confirms they are recording. Mr C says, “Now that everyone’s here, I will make my phone call. Now, who should I call? Should I call Mr Strawberry?” At the mention of this name, the Warden’s face turns white and he gets very worried. He says, “What the hell?” Mr C says, “No, I don’t think I’ll call Mr Strawberry. I don’t think he’s taking calls.” The Warden’s hand comes up to his face and covers his mouth. Mr C says, “I know. I know who to call.” He picks up the phone and starts punching keys rapidly. The prison alarms start blaring and all the lights start flashing. No one knows what is happening or what he’s doing. The Warden asks, “Did he make a call? What number did he dial?” A cooking show appears the screen monitoring Mr C’s cell and the screen monitoring a hallways is replaced by a man working in an industrial setting with wires and equipment all around him. Mr C says into the phone, “The cow jumped over the moon,” then hangs up. The alarms stop blaring and the lights stop flashing. The Warden asks, “What’d this guy just do?” Mr C is staring into the camera menacingly.

Mr C’s Plan

Scene 15, Buenos Aires, Argentina (0:55:23 - 0:55:58)

We see a long shot of the obelisks in Buenos Aires. Cut to the same light bulb that the worried woman called to in the beginning of the episode. We are in some kind of attic. There is the box with the two lights in the bowl between the parallel lines. The lights blink twice with two beeping sounds and the box morphs into an uneven nugget of metal.


A Murder Hit From Vegas

Scene 16, Las Vegas Outside the Lucky 7 Insurance Company (0:55:58 - 0:58:06)

Cooper is still standing outside, staring at the statue and it’s night time now. He touches the foot of the statue, feeling it’s laces. A police officer approaches him and says, “Sir, there’s no loitering here sir. Move it along, champ.”  Cooper doesn’t even register the man’s presence.

Cooper's Escape


  • Kyle MacLachlan:Mr C / FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper / Dougie Jones
  • Madchen Amick:/Shelly
  • Tammie Baird:Lorraine
  • Chrysta Bell:/FBI Agent Tammy Preston
  • Jim Belushi:Bradley Mitchum
  • Sean Bolger:Detailer
  • Brent Briscoe:Detective Dave Macklay
  • Wes Brown:Darren
  • Juan Carlos Cantu:Officer Reynaldo
  • Vincent Castellanos:Federico
  • Bailey Chase:Detective Don Harrison
  • Candy Clark:/Doris Truman
  • Grace Victoria Fox:Charlotte
  • Giselle Damier:Sandie
  • David Dastmalchian:Pit Boss Warrick
  • Josh Fadem:Phil Bisby
  • Eamon Farren:Richard Horne
  • Robert Forster:Sheriff Frank Truman
  • Pierce Gagnon:Sonny Jim Jones
  • Hailey Gates:Drugged-Out Mother
  • Brett Gelman:Supervisor Burns
  • Harry Goaz:Deputy Andy Brennan
  • Hank Harris:Prison Tech
  • Andrea Hays:Heidi
  • Gary Hershberger:Mike Nelson
  • Michael Horse:Deputy Chief Tommy "Hawk" Hill
  • Ernie Hudson:Colonel Davis
  • Caleb Landry Jones:Steven Burnett
  • David Patrick Kelly:Jerry Horne
  • Robert Knepper:Rodney Mitchum
  • Andrea Leal:Mandie
  • Jane Levy:Elizabeth
  • Pegg Lipton:Norma Jennings
  • Karl Makinen:Inspector Randy Hollister
  • James Morrison:Warden Dwight Murphy
  • Don Murray:Bushnell Mullins
  • John Pirruccello:Deputy Chad Broxford
  • Adele Rene:Lieutenant Cynthia Knox
  • Kimmy Robertson:Lucy Brennan
  • Wendy Robie:Nadien Hurley
  • Marv Rosand:Toad
  • Elena Satine:Rhonda
  • Amanda Seyfried:Rebecca (Becky) Burnett
  • Amie Shiels:Candie
  • Sawyer Shipman:Little Boy
  • Frank Silva:Bob
  • Tom Sizemore:Anthony Sinclair
  • Bob Stephenson:Frank
  • Russ Tamblyn:Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
  • Bill Tangradi:Jake
  • Greg Vrotsos:Gene
  • Naomi:Janey-E Jones
  • Nafessa Williams:Jade
  • Blake Zingale:Punk Leader
  • Riley Lynch:Trouble
  • Sam Smith:Trouble
  • Ale Zhang Hungtai:Trouble
  • Dean Hurley:Trouble


  • "The Flame":Written and Performed by Johnny Jewel form the album Windswept
  • "Frank 2000": Written by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch:Performed by Thought Gang 
  • "I Love How You Love Me":Written by Barry Mann and Larry Kolber : Performed by The Paris Sisters
  • "I Am (Old School Hip Hop Beat) : Written and Performed by BluntedBeatz
  • "Good Man" : Written by R. Saadiq and Laura Latrice Stinson : Performed by Raphael Saadiq
  • "Stars and Stripes Forever" : Written by John Phillip Sousa : Performed and Arranged by the U.S. Army Band
  • "Habit and Tabloid" : Written and Performed by Uniform
  • "Snake Eyes" : Written by Dean Hurley, Riley Lynch, and Alex Zhang Hungtai : Performed by Trouble

Voice of The Return (Summary)

Cooper's Escape actually grows in Share of Voice from Part 4 to 5, despite the addition of more scenes. We do see a significant amount of time gets spent on introducing Shelly's daughter Becky and her drug problem that is actually a man problem with loser Steven who received the best advice of his life from...Mike Nelson (whuut?). Beyond that, Mr C is laying his plan and Garland Briggs seems to have made his last jump through time and somehow ended up with a manufactured being's wedding ring in his empty stomach. Jacoby has gone full on Info Wars and Richard Horne may have read a Thomas Harris novel or two in his life.

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