A Skeleton Key to Twin Peaks: Part Nine

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New Narrative Conflicts Introduced

No new narrative conflict were introduced. In fact, we removed 

Episodic Structure

First thing's first - this was a big episode in that three narratives got merged into other ones. I merged the Dougie Might Be Dying narrative into Mr C's Plan because it was part of his plan. I probably could have done this long ago but it only affected Part Three. I merged A Murder Hit From Vegas into Mr C's Plan because we confirmed in this episode that Mr C was indeed the man who ordered the hit originally in Part 2. And finally, I merged A Woman is Murdered in South Dakota with The FBI Finds Cooper because these storylines have now merged. I also foresee a time within two episodes where the Hawk is Missing Something is going to merge with FBI Finds Cooper, but we'll cross that Ronnette's Bridge when we come to it. 

Now, let's examine the rest of this episode. First, the FBI Finds Cooper took up the lion's share of the episode with 31% share of voice. Following this up, at 19% SOV within only one scene is Cooper's Escape, which even though secondary in focus for this episode, remains the primary storyline so far. Following this is Hawk Is Missing Something at 17% SOV over two amazing scenes that put the Sheriff's Department on a direct collision course with The FBI, whatever happened to Major Briggs and probably Mr C and maybe even Cooper and Laura Palmer (all speculation at this point). At 14% SOV is Revisiting Old Twin Peaks, followed by Mr C Has A Plan at 8%. Rounding off the episode at 6% we Meet New Twin Peaks in the form of two new nasty Twin Peaks ladies in a dirty booth in the Roadhouse.Finally, Au Revoir Simone capped the episode at 5% SOV with Bang Bang Band On Stage. They were no The Nine Inch Nails but they rocked the ending of Part 9.

Episodic Part Summary By Scene and Focus

Scene 1, South Dakota (?)  Country Road (0:01:39 - 0:02:07)

Mr. C is walking down a country road and it is sunny and it is a sunny and beautiful morning. He approaches a post with a red handkerchief tacked to it. He pulls it off and walks ahead, his eyes a murderous black and his face, body and clothes a caked and bloody mess.

Mr C’s Plan


Scene 2 The Sky Above South Dakota, FBI Private Jet N450GD (0:02:07 - 0:03:37)

The tail numbers on the jet are backwards. Gordon Cole is looking out the window as Tammy Preston approaches with a cup of coffee in one hand and her laptop and other items in the other hand. Gordon thanks her and she says he’s welcome. She sits down and says, “ Patch in through the office, it’s a Colonel Davis for you at the Pentagon. Urgent. Try to keep your voice down.” He takes the walkie talkie phone and loudly asks, “What?” She gestures to the sleeping Albert and Diane. Gordon puts the phone to his ear and says, “Hello? Colonel, what have you got?...I don’t appreciate your language one bit Colonel…” This makes Tammy sit back as she observes the conversation. Gordon continues, “Oh, a place. Buckhorn. Buckhorn, South Dakota. West South Dakota.” He look out the jet window. “Well, by golly, we’re over east South Dakota right now.” He motions to Tammy’s laptop and says, “Take this down.” Gordon says, “Hold on. Capital K, small N, Small O, small X. Knox. Lieutenant Knox. Buckhorn Police Department. All right. Thank you, Colonel.” He hangs up the walkie talkie phone.

The FBI Finds Cooper

Scene 3 South Dakota, A Farm (0:03:37 - 0:04:42)

Mr C is walking up the drive at the farm. He is approached by Hutch, who says, “Hey, Partner. We was expecting you last night.” He looks Mr C over and says, “Looks like you’ve been spilling.” Mr C ignores him and asks, “Who owns this establishment?” Hutch answers, “Farmers.” Mr C asks, “Where are they?” Hutch says, “Oh, they’re sleeping out back.What you need?” Mr C reaches into his pocket, says, “A couple of clean phones,” then hands him the revolves, “And something for this.” Hutch looks at the the pistol and says, “Well, fuck that. I’ll get you some real nice puppies and biscuits.” He calls out, “Hey, Chantal. Boss man’s here. Grab the kit.” She calls out from inside the barn, “Is he hurt?” She comes stomping out, sees Mr C and says, “Shit. We was waiting for you all night. Where’d they get you?” Mr C lifts his tshirt and show the large bullet holes in his abdomen. She looks him over and then looks up at his face and says, “Looks like you was lucky. I’ll get the kit. Go on inside.” She walks to the van and pulls a large duffle bag out.

Mr C’s Plan

Scene 4 The Sky Above South Dakota, FBI Private Jet N450GD (0:04:42 - 0:06:41)

Gordon wakes a disgusted Diane and says, “Rather than return directly to Philadelphia, would you mind if we made a short trip to Buckhorn, South Dakota It’s quite important?” Diane has had enough of this nonsense and says, “Fuck you, Gordon. I want to go home.” Gordon reiterates, “This is important and it could be of interest to you, Diane.” She looks almost lovingly at him. He continues, “An old case involving a man Agent Cooper once knew.” Diane asks, “The Blue Rose case?” Gordon confirms. She frowns a consent and lifts up two empty liquor bottles. Gordon looks at them and says, “Coming up. Got to talk to the pilot first.” Albert stirs and wakes. Gordon walks into the cockpit and tells the pilot, “Been a change of plans. We’re going over to Buckhorn, South Dakota.” Diane looks over at Albert and he says, “I know. I know. Fuck you, Albert.” He turns over to face the jet window and closes his eyes. She huffs and picks up her phone but her signal is blocked. She throws her head back against the jet seat and sighs with a worried look on her face. Tammy Preston receives a phone call. She answers, “Agent Preston.” Gordon confirms, “Good,” in the background. She says, “Yes, I understand. I’ll get him.” Gordon is walking up the aisle with two full liquor bottle and sees Tammy approaching with the walkie talkie phone. She says, “It’s Warden Murphy.” Cole takes the walkie and says, “Warden Murphy?” The Warden can be over head saying, “Your man Cooper escaped.” Gordon asks, “What? How the hell did that happen?” He takes the phone down and announces to the plane, “Cooper flew the coop.”   

The FBI Finds Cooper

Mr C’s Plan

Scene 5 South Dakota, A Farm / Nevada, Las Vegas, Mr. Todd’s Office (0:06:43 - 0:09:51)

Mr C and Chantal come walking around a corner and there are what look like two drunk or dead bodies, one propped up against a shack wall and one laid out on the ground. There is a large black truck with huge wheels. As they approach the driver’s door, Mr C pulls out a flip phone and starts composing an MMS to an unknown recipient. It says, “around the dinner table the conversation is lively.” He sends the message and then dials another number to make a call.

Cut to Mr. Todd in Las Vegas whose phone buzzes and he looks up with dread. He opens a drawer, picks the phone out and answers it. Mr C’s voice asks, “Did you do it?” Mr Todd says, “Not yet.”

Cut back to Mr C standing next to Chantal, her thumbs hooked into the front pockets of her jeans. Mr C says in the phone, “Better be done next time I call.” He hangs up his phone.

Cut back to Mr. Todd. who also hangs up and looks at the phone with a terrified look. He puts the phone back in the drawer and looks around dazed, closing his eyes with dread. He opens them and continues typing, swallowing twice, he finally pushes a button on a device that looks like a desks phone. He says, “Roger, come in here.”

Cut to Hutch walking up the truck with a sawed off shotgun in his hand and an ammo case and another small duffle bag. He opens the duffle and shows Mr C, asking, “How’s that boss?” Mr C looks in the bag and says, “It’s real good, Hutch.” Mr C puts the gear behind the seat in the truck, shuts the door and says to Hutch, “I want you to kill a warden within the next two days.” Hutch asks, “A warden? All right. You want Chantal to mess with him before I kill him?” She says, “He’ll sing for me.” Mr C looks at her and says, “Whatever you want.” She smiles at him like he’s perfect. Mr C then says to them both, “Then I got a doubleheader for you in Vegas.” Hutch says, “Oh, let’s play two.” Mr C says, “I’ll text you details after you do the warden. Remember this. Warden Murphy, Yankton Federal Prison. Kill him at home, at work, or on the way.” Hutch nods and says, “Okay.” Then he says, “Hey Chantal, give the boss man a wet one.” She takes her gum out and grabs Mr C and they kiss deeply with evil passion while Hutch looks up at a jet traveling overhead. They break the kiss and Chantal, still holding Mr C, says, “I wish it was more.” He says, “I’ll take a rain check.” She says, “You got it, sweetheart.” She then pulls what looks a fun sized bag of Cheetos from her back pocket and lays them in Mr C’s hand. Mr C pulls the phone from his pocket, throws it on the ground and says, “Kill that phone. And clear out of this place.” Hutch confirms, points behind the truck and says, “The main road is that way.” Mr C gets into the truck, starts it up and drives off. He does not wave goodbye. Hutch chambers the shotgun and blows the phone away.

Mr C’s Plan

Scene 6 Nevada, Las Vegas, Police Department / Off Strip Motel (0:09:51 - 0:20:29)

Cooper and Janey-E are in the waiting room. Bushnell is talking to the Fuscos. One asks, “Has he ever given you any problems?” Bushnell says, “No. I never had any trouble with Dougie at all. He’s a solid citizen.” Fusco asks, “So you can’t think of any reason why someone would try to kill him?” Bushnell says, “Not off the top of my head. Of course, in the insurance business folks have been known to hold a grudge if things don’t go their way.” Another Fusco says, “It’s usually about money, Bushnell. Pure and simple. Nobody needs more reason than that.” Bushnell nods in confirmation. Fusco continues, “So what’s his background? How long has he been with you?” Bushnell says, “Twelve years now. He’s a good worker. He’s slow. Steady.” Fusco says, “Little more emphasis on the ‘slow.’” Middle Fusco cackles. Bushnell says, “Dougie had a car accident, as I recall, not long before he came to work for me. Every once in a while, he shows some lingering effects. [gesturing to Janey-E] His wife can talk to that better than I can.” The Fuscos stand and one says, “Well, we appreciate you coming down, Bushnell.” Bushnell looks them up and down and finally says, “Well, I really appreciate your help. He turns to leave, then turns back and says, “Damn strange business. First his car blows up and then somebody tries to kill him.” He looks deeply into each of their faces. They seem to be without pity. Bushnell exhales and a Fusco says, “We’ll get back to you as soon as we have something.” Bushnells squares up and starts clenching his fist. None of the detectives look at the fist. Bushnell turns and leaves the room. The Fuscos watch him leave. Bushnell walks up to Dougie and Janey-E and says, “Dougie, you can take the rest of the day off.” Janey-E says, “Well, that’s great, because I can take him to the doctor.” Bushnell nods and says to Cooper, “Starting tomorrow, you and I are going to work together and get some answers.” Dougie repeats the word. Bushnell seems concerned by this, and pats Janey-E’s shoulder as he leaves. One Fusco says to the others, “So get this. There is nothing and I mean nothing on our Mr. Douglas Jones prior to 1997.” No driver’s license, passport, social, class records, tax records, no birth certificate. Could be Witness Protection, one Fusco suggests and the other asks if he still has that guy in Justice. They are going to run it by him. They then go into a laughing rib about a $239 taillight. One asks, “Remember the Australian guy with the pliers?” They all get to laughing over that memory. Janey-E can hear them laughing and looks into the office. One Fusco asks, “Should we talk to him again?” Another says, “It’s like talking to a dog.” Another says, “And she does all the barking.” One has an idea. He gets Dougie’s Prints and DNA from the coffee cup and is going to send it to the lab. The Sergeant comes in to claim the specimen and eerie jazz music starts playing as he tells the detectives that the palm prints came back off that gun. Their old friend Ike the Spike. The detectives all look at each other knowingly. And they just got a 20 on him at an off strip motel. Sarge is to let the Jones go right after he logs this into evidence. Cooper drinks coffee, staring at the American Flag. “America the Beautiful,” starts playing until a woman in bright red heels walks by and catches his attention. He follows her shoes out all the way down the hall but his gaze comes back to the power outlet while a buzzing ominous tone grows. Cut to Fuscos in the parking lot looking over the new taillight.

Cut to the Motel where Ike the Spike is closing down shop. Jazz music continues to play. He’s a leaving a message for JT. He’s been trying his cell with no luck so now he’s trying this line. “Here’s the message. No cigar. Taking medical leave.” He hangs up the phone and takes a big drink. The detectives pull into the Motel parking lot and greet the other police officers. Ike finishes off the bottle, looks himself in the mirror and downs it. He zips up his suitcase and leaves the room to start walking down the hall. Cops appear at the other end, guns raised. The Fuscos come up behind him and say, “Ike, you’re under arrest for attempted murder. We have your palm print. As a matter of fact, Ike. We have your whole palm.” The other starts laughing. Ike drops his bag, holds up his hands, one of which is bandaged to the forearm and he groans.

That’s Our Dougie


Cooper Escapes

Mr C’s Plan

Scene 7 Washington, Twin Peaks, Sheriff’s Station / A Home(0:20:29 - 0:23:58)

It is morning and the sun is breaking through the Twin Peaks Trees behind the Sheriff’s Station. Lucy and Andy both have an opinion about which color chair they want. Andy likes the red chair and Lucy likes the beige. Andy gives in and Lucy orders the red chair for him because true love.

Cut to a home. Johnny Horne is out and running around. Someone yells, “Who let him out? Where is he?” Loud footsteps thud as a man runs full speed into the wall, glass shattering and a light flashes and goes out. A woman exclaims, “Johnny!” We see a hole in the wall with a bloody trail going down. There is a picture of what looks like Dwight Eisenhauer and the Great Northern waterfall in black and white. Johnny is bleeding from the head and he has long hair. He’s probably dead. A woman approaches the body and screams Johnny’s name twice and gets down on her knees. She says, “Oh, my God.”

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Scene 8 Washington, Twin Peaks, Betty Briggs’ Home (0:23:58 - 0:27:33)

Betty Briggs sits at the kitchen table typing at her Macbook Air. Bobby Briggs comes in with Hawk and Sheriff Truman. She offers coffee and he says they need to ask her some questions. She seems disturbed. Sheriff Truman starts explaining that they are here to ask her about Agent Cooper’s visit with Garland the day before...she holds her hand up and finishes his sentence. She then tells a story that after Cooper left that day, Garland pulled her aside and said that one day Bobby, Hawk and Sheriff Truman would come ask about Special Agent Dale Cooper. He squeezed her shoulders when he told her this. He didn’t say any more than this, just told her when they come to ask, give them this. She says, “And now you’re here.” She offers coffee and they decline. She asks them to come with her. She walks to a chair and says that this is the chair, that she can’t believe this day has come. She says to watch right here. She flips a handle and pulls out a tube, then says, “Bobby, when your father told me this, you were a very long way from where you are today. Somehow, he knew that it would all turn out well. He saw this life for you. Your father never lost faith in you.” She walks up and hands the tube to Sheriff Truman. Bobby is overcome with emotion. She then says, “Well fellas, let’s have that coffee.” They all agree and smile.

Hawk is Missing Something

Scene 9 South Dakota, Buckhorn, Morgue (0:27:33 - 0:32:43)

Diane, Gordon, Albert and Agent Preston all enter the morgue waiting room. Gordon exclaims it to be what it is and Albert says, “They’re right behind us.” Gordon says, “Ah.” Cindy Knox and Macklay walks in and Gordon greets them by name. He calls to Diane who says, “I’m not in the mood to see a dead body this morning. I’ll just wait for you guys here.” She lights a cigarette and Macklay says, “I’m sorry ma’am, you can’t smoke here.”  Diane exhales and yells, “It’s a fucking morgue!” Macklay seems offput and motions for everyone to leave. Gordon looks back at Diane as they exit.” Diane shakes her head and says, “Fucking pansies.” After she hears the door close, she checks her phone and sees the message “Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively,” the text Mr C sent earlier.It is listed as an unknown contact in her phone and there is foreboding music playing as she reads the text. She looks straight ahead with a determined look. Cut to the group walking into the morgue. Cindy says, “Detective Macklay handled the case when it came in. He’ll brief you on background.” Macklay says, “William Hastings was having an affair with the local librarian, Ruth Davenport. Now, Davenport’s head was found atop the headless body of your Major Briggs. Once we took Hastings into custody, his wife was murdered in their house, apparently by their lawyer, a man named George Bouncer, who is now also in custody. And the next day, Hastings’ secretary died in a car explosion.” Albert interrupts him and says, “What happens in Season 2?” Macklay doesn’t think this is funny and gestures for them to enter the morgue room with Major Brigg’s body. Gordon says, “Apologies in advance for Albert.” Gordon walks in with his arm around Agent Perkin’s waist. Cindy smiles at the coroner who gives her a finger salute. They all enter and observe the body. Macklay says, “Well, this is your Major Briggs. It turns out that William Hastings along with the help of Ruth the Librarian was researching and publishing some strange little blog about some alternate dimension.” Albert looks up from the paper he is reviewing and says, “This from the principal of your local high school.” The coroner says, “Not to mention, marble champion of the sixth grade.” Albert asks, “When did he lose his marbles?” She says, “When the dog got his cat’s-eyes.” They smile at each other and Gordon smiles also. Tammy looks outside the moment. Albert opens up the folder again and says, “About one week ago, Hastings ended his blog entry with this cryptic sentence, ‘Today, we finally entered what we call the Zone, and we met the Major.’” Albert looks at the headless corpse and says, “This is the body of a man in his 40s.” The coroner says yes. Albert looks at Gordon and Gordon calls him by name into the adjacent room. Gordon says, “Let’s think out loud.” Albert says, “Major Briggs would have been 72. As you know, we though he died in a fire in that government facility outside Twin Peaks 25 years ago. About the age this man is now.” Gordon says, “Well, consider this - Cooper knew Briggs. Cooper was around Briggs 25 years ago, and now Cooper shows up in this neck of the woods.” Albert adds, “On the loose in this neck of the woods.” Gordon considers, nods and says, “Right.” He slaps Albert on the shoulder and they come back into the morgue room. The coroner holds up a finger and retrieves a plastic bag from a drawer. She retrieves Dougie’s wedding ring from the bag and says, “And I found this in his stomach. It’s inscribed. It says, ‘To Dougie, love Janey-E.’” They consider this for a moment and Gordon says to Macklay, “We need to speak with this William Hastings.” Mackaly nods.

FBI Finds Cooper

Mr Cs Plan

Cooper Escapes

Scene 10 Washington, Twin Peaks, Deep Woods (0:32:43 - 0:34:43)

Jerry Horne is so high that his foot is talking to him, telling him it’s not his foot. After several moments of gearing up, he finally shouts, “GO AWAY!’ and grabs his foot off the grab, falling on his back.

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Scene 11 Washington, Twin Peaks, Sheriff’s Station (0:34:43 - 0:40:35)

Deputy Chad is eating his lunch in the conference room, reading a magazine and is breaking the rule. When Frank Truman, Hawk and Bobby come in, Sherrif Truman greets Lucy and she says, “Sheriff Truman, I’m not  here. I’m on my lunch break. She takes a bit of sandwich.” Truman, Hawk and Bobby enter the conference room and the Sheriff kicks Chad out unceremoniously and Hawk reticently helps him with the door before he leaves. Truman asks Bobby to open a window. Sheriff sits down and starts examining the tube. He says, “No seams. No openings. How the heck you supposed to open this thing?” Hawk suggests a hidden button and Truman doesn’t see anything. The Sheriff looks up and sees Bobby smiling and asks him what he’s smiling at. Bobby says, “I know how to open that. My Dad brought one home one night.” Truman asks, “You having fun with us, Bobby?” Bobby laughs and says, “Yeah, sort of.” Sheriff hands him the tube and says, “Go for it.” Bobby says, “We gotta go back outside.” They get up and go back outside. Lucy is holding her hand up, palm outward, as they exit. Bobby says okay and throws the tube on the concrete. He picks it up and holds it to his ear then to Hawk’s who hears the ringing and says, “What the?” Bobby shushes him and holds the tube back up to his ear, when it stops ringing, he throws it again to the ground and runs to retrieve it. It’s opened. He hands it to the Sheriff who removes two pieces of paper from the tube. The first one says, “253 yards east of Rabbits Palace” There is a red circle in the middle with a red arc above the symbol Mr C showed Darya on the card. Below these are two equal triangles. Under these are written “2:53” and “10/1” and “10/2.” To the right of this is, “Before Jack Rabbit’s. Put some soil from that area in your pocket. The Sheriff says, “That’s two days from now and the day after.” Bobby is shaking his head in disbelief. The Sheriff says he never heard of such a place as Jack Rabbit’s Palace. Bobby says, “He did it again. Wow.” The Sheriff asks what. Bobby says, “I know exactly where Jack Rabbit’s Palace is. My dad, when I was a little kid, he took me to this place. It was near where our station used to be. It was our make-believe world, you know, where we made up stories. I was the one who named it Jack Rabbit’s Palace.” Truman considers and says, “He saw all this? Whatever this is.” Bobby nods and says, “Well, that’s my dad.” Truman says, “We’ll go up there two days from now and you can lead the way, just as your dad wanted.” Truman then says, “Wait a minute and notices the second slip of paper. It’s the satellite information from Season 2. Truman says, “Cooper/Cooper.” Hawk says, “Two Coopers.” They look at each other.  

Hawk is Missing Something

Scene 12 South Dakota, Buckhorn, Police Department Outside / Inside (00:40:35 - 0:49:21)

Diane is smoking outside the police station. Gordon and Tammy Preston come out. Gordon says, “We came out to join you, Diane, while Albert’s indisposed. They stand like this, Gordon smiling at Diane smoking, for a long time. Tammy shifts awkwardly, hand on hip, while Diane and Gordon stare at each other. Gordon eventually reaches for her cigarette and she gives it to him. Tammy warns, “Gordon…” Gordon inhales the cigarette and Diane smiles at him. He makes a funny face as he exhales, considers the cigarette, and says, “Whoa!” He looks at Diane and says, “We used to smoke together way back when. You remember?” Diane looks down, considering, and says, “Yeah, we sure did, Gordon. We sure did.” Tammy is not amused by any of this. Gordon hands the cigarette back and says, “Thanks, Diane.” She asks if he doesn’t want to finish it off. He says no.

Cut to William Hastings crying in the interrogation room. Gordon motions for Tammy to enter the room. She introduces herself and he cries because she’s with the FBI. Tammy tells him she’s recording the conversation. He says Okay, gives him name and says he’s 43. She asks him if he’s the author of the blog The Search for the Zone. He confirms. She asks what sorts of things he writes about. He says, “Different things.” She asks, “Approximately two weeks ago, did you write an entry about encountering what you described as an alternate reality?” He says, “A different dimension. Yes, but it’s real. It’s all real.” She asks how long he’s been interested in this subject. He says many years, that he does a lot of reading. She says that this time he wrote that actually found and entered such a place. He confirms. She says, “ And while in this place, you wrote, and I quote, ‘We met the Major.’” He says, “Yes. You see Ruth was very good at uncovering hidden records. And she had indications that if we went to a certain place at a certain time, we would enter the dimension and make contact with a certain person. And so we went there.” She asks, “And that’s where you found the Major?” He says, “He was hiding there, or ‘hibernating.’ as he said. And other people may, were maybe going to find him, and he wanted to go to a different place. And so he asked us to get him numbers. Important numbers. Coordinates [Gordon looks at Albert]. And we found them in the place he told us to go, a secure military database.” Tammy asks if he still has those coordinates. He says, “No Ruth had them, she wrote them on her hand though, so she wouldn’t forget.” Tammy asks what happened then? He says, “We brought him back the numbers last Thursday. And then something terrible happened. These others -- these others came in and they grabbed me by the neck and they pushed, they pushed me down. They said, ‘What’s your wife’s name!? What’s your wife’s name!?’ Phylis, I said. I didn’t kill Ruth. I didn’t kill her. You have to believe me. I loved her. This is all my fault. It never should have happened.” Tammy brings out a sheet of photos and asks him if any of the six men are the major. He points him out. Tammy asks him to draw a circle around the man he calls the major and to sign and date it. He complies. She closes the book as asks if he can tell her what happened. He takes a breath and says, “We gave him the numbers and he started to float up. And he said some words, ‘Cooper. Cooper.’ Right before his head disappeared. It was something like no one has ever seen before. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never read anything like it. You don’t know. You weren’t there. It was, he, it was beautiful. And then Ruth was dead. It was so terrible. And I had to hold her. And then, I woke up and I was in my home. I was in my home.” Tammy asks, “Did the Major kill Ruth?” He says, “No, there were so many people there. You have to believe me. Please, I didn’t kill Ruth. I loved her. I loved her. I don’t know what is happening to me. Why can’t you help me, please. We were so happy together. We were going to go to the Bahamas. We were going to scuba dive and drink mixed drinks on the beach. We were gonna soak up the sun and look at the beautiful sunsets. She said to me, she said, ‘Bill, let’s just go. Let’s just do it. Let’s go to the Bahamas. Let’s go scuba diving.’ I want to go scuba diving.” Albert says, “Fruitcake, anyone?”
The FBI Finds Cooper

Scene 13 Washington, Twin Peaks, Great Northern (0:49:21 - 0:51:57)

Twin Peaks music plays as we see the Great Northern at night. Ben Horne and Beverly are again looking for the source of the ringing sound in his office. It seems to be greatest in the corner with the lamp. Security couldn’t find anything, even though they checked everywhere. She says, “It’s kind of a mesmerizing tone.” He agrees and submits, “The ring out of a monastery bell has the same quality or the otherworldly.” They move to turn and end up in a close embrace, starting into each other’s eyes. Ben says, “Beverly, [touching her face gently] I can’t do this. I don’t know why it is.” They hold hands and she says, “You’re a good man, Ben.” He caresses her shoulder.

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Scene 14 Bang Bang Bar (0:51:57 - 0:55:05)

A DJ is playing house music with spooky sounds. A young blonde woman is drinking a Rainbow beer, itching her armpit at a booth. Another young brunette woman sits and asks, “You know, that zebras out again?” They laugh at this. The blonde drinks from the can of beer. The brunette says, “Haven’t seen you in a while.” The blonde says she got a new job. The brunette asks her what happened. She says, “I got fired. Fucker fired me.” The brunette says, “That’s fucked.” The blonde admits she came in high a couple of times. The blonde can’t remember and doesn’t understand what the deal was because she did the work. She asks, “How can you fuck up serving burgers.” She has a wicked rash that she’s scratching. She got a new job working across the street serving burgers. They laugh and drink. The blonde asks, “Have you seen that penguin, you know that penguin?” She scratches again and again…

Meet New Twin Peaks

Scene 15 Bang Bang Bar (0:55:05 - 0:58:08)

Au Revoir Simone are now on stage singing “A Violent Yet Flammable World,” the lyrics are:

“Oceans shape the sides / Touching down in the space / Soaking from a warm goodbye / An early rise offers kindly / Tonight I sleep to dream / Of a place that’s calling me / It is always just a dream / Still I cannot forget what I have seen / The crowd’s hard to believe / At their faces I’m looking / But you’re feet I’m following / In soft steps on a path the way you lead / I don’t want to lose myself / It’s a whisper / It’s a funny thing / We fold like icicles on paper shelves / It’s a pity / to appear this way / You’re flying / When your foreign eyes / Trace the heights / of the city / Steaming / With rocks and clouds we breathe / Violent skies / A shock to my own body / Speech is wild / Alive sacred and sounding / From across and beyond / Wild / O, far beyond / I don’t want to lose myself / It’s a whisper / It’s a funny thing / We fold like icicles on paper shelves / It’s a pity / To appear this way / Hold, hold, hold on / I swear I saw it somewhere / Waving, Wading / One, Two Three / Above the wakes that follow / Hold, hold, hold on / I swear I saw it somewhere / Waving, wading, one, two, three / above the wakes that follow / I don’t want to lose myself / Tonight I sleep to dream / Of a place that’s calling me / It’s a whisper / It is always just a dream / It’ a funny thing / Still i cannot forget what I have seen / We fold like icicles / With rocks and clouds we breathe / On paper shelves / A shock to my own body / It’s a pity / Alive sacred and sounding / To appear this way / From across and beyond, oh, far beyond

Bang Bang Band on Stage


Kyle McLachlan:Special Agent Dale Cooper/Mr C

Jane Adams:Constance Talbot

Dana Ashbrook:Deputy Bobby Briggs

Chrysta Bell:FBI Agent Tammy Preston

Richard Beymer:Benjamin Horne

Brent Briscoe:Detective Dave Macklay

Larry Clarke:Detective T. Fusco

Jan D’Arcy: Sylvia Horne

Don S. Davis:Major Garland Briggs

Laura Dern:Diane Evans

Eric Edelstein:Detective “Smiley” Fusco

Sky Ferreira: Ella

Miguel Ferrer:FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield

Patrick Fischler:Duncan Todd

Robert Forster:Sheriff Frank Truman

Harry Goaz:Deputy Andy Brennan

Michael Horse:Deputy Chief Tommy “Hawk” Hill

Ashley Judd:Beverly Paige

David Patrick Kelly:Jerry Horne

David Koechner:Detective D. Fusco

Sheryl Lee:Laura Palmer

Jennifer Jason Leigh:Chantal Hutchens

Matthew Lillard:William Hastings

David Lynch:FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole

James Morrison:Warden Dwight Murphy

Don Murray:Bushnell Mullins

John Pirruccello:Deputy Chad Broxford

Jelani Quinn:Desk Sergeant

Adele Rene:Lieutenant Cynthia Knox

Kimmy Robertson:Lucy Brennan

Eric Rondell:Johnny Horne

Tim Roth:Gary “Hutch” Hutchens

Charlotte Stewart:Betty Briggs

Naomi Watts:Janey-E Jones

Karolina Wydra:Chloe

Christophe Zajac-Denek:Ike “The Spike” Stadtler

Hudson Mohawke:Himself

Heather D’Angelo:Au Revoir Simone

Erika Forster:Au Revoir Simone

Annie Hart:Au Revoir Simone


  • “America The Beautiful” : Written by Samuel A. Ward : Performed and Arranged by the U.S. Airforce Band

  • “Human” : Written and Performed by Hudson Mohawke

  • “The Chair” : Composed and Performed by Angelo Badalamenti

  • “A Violent Yet Flammable World” : Written and performed by Heather D’Angelo, Erika Forster, and Annie Hart

Voice of The Return

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