A Skeleton Key to Twin Peaks: Part Ten

Part Ten was Richard Horne's episode.

Part Ten was Richard Horne's episode.

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New Narrative Conflicts Introduced

No new narratives were introduces but we did merge the A Billionaire Has a Plan narrative, since we discover he was indeed involved in the installation of the box. 

Episodic Structure

This was Richard Horne's episode, taking in a massive quarter of the Share of Voice. This was followed by Mr C's Plan with 20% SOV and Cooper Escapes for 17%. These were the primary narratives in this episode since the Bang Bang Band on stage captured the next highest SOV at 13%. Using the Bang Bang Band to divide the primary and secondary narratives of each Part turns out to be a pretty good measuring stick. That being said, it would be interesting to extract the 25 minutes and 4 seconds that have been devoted in all ten published parts and watch the parts without these musical breaks.

Coming in with a short tail of less than 20% SOV is a potpourri of narratives [5% Meet New Twin Peaks with the Mitchum Brothers; 5% Jacoby ranting; 4% Shelly's Daughter Wrong Guy; 3% Hawk and Log Lady in probably the worst edited section aired so far; and finally 2% SOV for Revisit Old Twin Peaks.

Episodic Part Summary By Scene and Focus

Scene 1 Washington, Twin Peaks, Trailer (0:01:41 - 0:04:53)

Richard Horne comes to visit Miriam about her witnessing him mowing down the little boy. She says she already told the police it was he who did it and that she also wrote a letter to Sheriff Truman. He becomes maniacal and attacks her, then turns on her gas, and lights a candle. He calls Deputy Chad as he flees the scene, and berates him (“pussy,” and “fuckface”) to tell him to get ahold of that letter. Chad agrees to do it, but at a price. As the scene closes, we see inside the trailer, the lit candle, the open oven, and Miriam lying in a pool of her own blood but she is still breathing. 

Richard Horne is Evil

Scene 2 Washington, Twin Peaks, Fat Trout Trailer Park (0:04:53 - 0:07:00)

Carl Rodd is strumming his guitar, singing “Red River Valley,” outside the Manager’s Trailer when something is thrown from a window in the trailer across the street. There is a domestic dispute happening in there. It’s Steven, yelling at Becky, threatening that, “...I will throw all of this shit out the window! Quit fucking speaking to me about what I do and don’t fucking do!” Carl says, “It’s a fucking nightmare.” Steven is obviously going through withdrawal. He is screaming in her face as Becky is huddled into the couch in a defensive posture. He is screaming, “I don’t tell you shit, like why you don’t ask for a raise. How much money do you make, anyways? You barely make minimum wage! We can’t even afford this shithole.” Then he says, “I don’t tell you to clean this fucking place up!” Then he gets really angry and pins her down and holds his fist up to punch her, saying, “Don’t you fucking move! Don’t you fucking…” Now he’s leaning in close, saying, “Listen to me! Listen to me! Don’t you give me that fucking innocent look. I know exactly what you did. You fuck. Ah shit.”

The lyrics to Carl’s song “Red River Valley” are:

From this valley / they say you are leaving / I will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile / For they say you are taking the sunshine / That will brighten my pathway awhile / come and sit by my side, little darling / do not hasten to bid me adieu / just remember that red river valley

Shelly’s Daughter Wrong Guy

Scene 3 Nevada, Las Vegas, Nice Home (0:07:00 - 0:09:30)

There is a fly buzzing around the room as Rodney Mitchum marks a casino video surveillance log. Candie is chasing the fly, which lands near his mouth and he spits it away. She grabs a remote control and smashes him in the face when the fly lands on it. She goes into hysterics when she sees she hit him. Bradley runs in to aid and the scene becomes a mess of crying and yelling and pulling Candy off of him in her grief.

Meet New Twin Peaks

Scene 4 Nevada, Doctor’s Office / Mitchum House / Jones Home (0:09:30 - 0:18:15)

Cooper is with the doctor and Janey-E recites a litany of Dougie’s crimes beginning with disappearing after planning Sonny Jim’s party for six months, drinking, gambling, etc. She is looking away from both of them as she confirms that it’s a downward spiral. The doctor asks him if he’s been exercising. He starts touching the stethoscope as the doctor tries to listen. The doctor tells him his heart and lungs sound fantastic. Janey-E sees Cooper’s trim body and begins to see him in a different light. His blood pressure is 100 over 70. “Perfect.” Janey-E is definitely looking at him in a new light as she affirms, “Remarkable.”

    Cut to one of the Mitchum Brother's house. Candy is still bawling but all of the Stepford Wives are there. Rodney is dressed in a nice suit and he has a cut and bruise on his face. He is getting a refill on his martini. They are watching the news. Rodney eventually tells her, “Candy, I’m fine. I’m okay.” The local news comes on and it’s a story about how, “They got Ike!” This makes the brothers very happy that, “Ike finally stepped on his dick.” Now they can call off the hit on Ike. They also show Ike’s attempt on Mr. Douglas Jones. Dougie is trying to touch the badges. Bradley asks him to freeze the show on Cooper. He says, “That’s our Mr. Jackpots, Rodney. Turns out, our Mr. Jones is actually Mr. Jones.” Rodney says, “What a fuckin’ world.” Candy, finally able to stammer out a sentence between sobs, asks Rodney, “How can you ever love me after what I did?” Rodney is dumb stricken and Bradley looks like he wants to run from the room.

    Cut to Janey-E, who is definitely still steaming hot from the doctor’s office. She clenches her feet in her shoes and she is watching him eat. She asks, “Dougie, do you find me attractive?” He chews. She asks, “Well? Do you?” He chews. She says, “I find you attractive.” He shoves a huge piece of cake in his mouth. She asks, “Dougie?” and giggles. Cut to sex with Janey-E on top yelling out his name repeatedly as she reaches orgasm, while his hands flop on the bed and his face in blissful wonder. Her shouting wakes up Sonny Jim. Romantic music starts playing as the lovers embrace, Cooper’s eyes staring at the ceiling in wonderment, the old Cooper smile on his face. Janey-E says, “Dougie, I love you.”

    That’s our Dougie

    • Exercising
    • Also
    • Peeee-culiar
    • Weight

    Cooper Escapes

    Scene 5 Washington, Twin Peaks, Jacoby’s Trailer (0:18:15 - 0:20:43)

    Jacoby is in rare form tonight:

    “...And the fucks are at it again! Fuck you who betray the people you were elected to help! We’re sheep to these monsters and they don’t give a shit! We grow our wool, and just when we’re getting warm, they come along with their electric clippers, and shear our wool off, and we’re just naked, screaming little fucks! No wool for us!” Cut to Nadine drinking an iced coffee and watching Jacoby. He continues, “Freezing and hungry! In the night. In the dark. And they don’t give a shit! Then when we get sick, the pharmaceutical companies make billions! They own the fucking hospitals, filled to the brim. They own the morgues. They own the embalming fluids! They own the mortuaries, the graveyards! These fucks!” He grabs a rag and wipes the spit from his mouth. Cut to Nadine’s store “Run Silent, Run Drapes,” with a drape silently moving back and forth, revealing a gold shovel in the store window. The drapes are silent because you can hear crickets. Cut to Nadine watching him again. He continues, “Is it the government’s business who we marry? What the fuck do we care what the government thinks about who we marry? Are we gonna invite them to the wedding? Fuck no! Oh, they wouldn’t come anyway. they’re -they’re too busy fucking! Fucking us at the grocery store! At the bank! At the gas pump! They’re feeding our children chemical shit coated in sugar! Why don’t these monsters bite into those tasty treats themselves? Cause they’ll die in the streets just like us! And then they’ll bloat like a big red fucking balloon. Stop! Stop distracting yourself with all this diverting bullshit and pay attention. Save the children! Every parent wants to save their child! Buy yourself a shovel, dig yourselves out of the shit and get educated!” Cut to Nadine who says, “Oh, he’s so beautiful.”

    Jacoby Fights the Man

    Scene 6 Nevada, Las Vegas, Jones Home (0:20:43 - 0:21:21)

    The Jones’s are leaving for work and school, but Janey-E pulls Cooper aside, pulls him close, and says, “I can’t stop thinking about last night. You’re so wonderful.” She kisses him and says, “I just had to tell you that. Okay, let’s get you to work.”

    That’s our Dougie

    • Wonderful

    Cooper Escapes

    Scene 7 Washington, Twin Peaks, Ghostwood Forest (0:21:21 - 0:21:43)

    Jerry is still wigging out in the woods. He is holding his phone up, looking for a signal. It beeps and loses the signal. He doubles over and screams, “You can’t fool me. I’ve been here before!” 

    Revisit Old Twin Peaks

    Scene 8 Washington, Twin Peaks, Sheriff’s Station / Horne House  (0:21:43 - 0:28:58)

    Deputy Chad intercepts the letter from Miriam to the Sheriff but both the mailman and Lucy are suspicious of his actions and motives. Chad starts his subterfuge with Lucy by saying what a beautiful day it is. He then says, “I’ll bet you and Andy wake up every day and say what a beautiful day it is.” Lucy says, “Well that depends on what time it is. I mean, sometimes there’s not even enough time to think of anything. One time, Andy was even thinking that the clock had stopped. And then we realized that we didn’t even know what time it was. It seemed like forever.” Chad goes out to retrieve the mail, slips Miriam’s letter into his shirt, comes back in and gives Lucy the rest of the mail. He says, “Beautiful day. This calls for another donut.” He takes a glazed.

    Cut to Richard Horne driving and scheming. Cut to Johnny staring at a weird teddy bear with a clear plastic globe head that constantly repeats, “Hello, Johnny. How are you today?” Johnny is wearing a helmet and his face is badly bruised from his run in with the wall. His hands and feet are tied to the chair he is sitting in and he looks miserable. Orchestral music is playing. A voice beeps in through the intercom and says, “Uh, Mrs. Horne, your grandson Richard is on his way in.” Sylvia walks into the room with nervous purpose and opens the front door, shouting, Don’t even think of getting out of your car, Richard.” He gets out and says, “Came to see you, Grandma.” She says, “Stay away or I’ll call the sheriff.” He says that he just wants a couple of dollars. Johnny is distraught at seeing Richard. Sylvia tells him to go ask his grandfather but he won’t give him anymore, will he? He says, “I got money. But I want more. You always wanted me to leave town, right?” She nods. He says, “So help me out and I’ll be out of here.” She says, “Don’t come any closer, Richard. I mean it.” Johnny falls to the floor, trying to get out of the chair. Richard is now wrestling his grandmother, saying, “I will squeeze the shit out of you, bitch. You cocksucking, bitch.” He looks at Johnny and says, “And I’ll cornhole that piece of shit. NOW GIVE ME SOME FUCKING MONEY!” He wants the money from the safe and does a lot of shouting to get it. He goes to open the safe and she is on the floor, crying over Johnny, who is also on the floor. Sylvia says, “Oh, we can’t make him mad.” Richard comes back in with a stack of cash and dumps her purse all over the floor. He takes her jewelry as well as her silverware. When leaving, he turns and looks at her with loathing, and asks, “Why do you have to make something so simple, difficult? Cunt.” He walks out and she tends to Johnny.

    Richard Horne is Evil

    Scene 9 Nevada, Las Vegas, Mr. Todd’s Office (0:28:58 - 0:30:38)

    Mr. Todd is informed by Roger that, “It’s true. It’s all over the news. They got Ike.” Mr. Todd thanks him and dismisses him. He then call Anthony from Lucky 7 Insurance over. Anthony is sitting in a waiting area (still in the same room) and comes shuffling up. Mr. Todd gives Anthony a mission, asking him if he recalls his rivals and bitter enemies The Mitchum Brothers. Mr. Todd says, “You’re going to visit the brothers now. You’re gonna pin the blame for the insurance claim that we conspired to deny for them, a loss of 30 million that hit ‘em hard, on the back of Douglas Jones. You’re gonna convince them that Mr. Jones has it out for the brothers, a personal vendetta. Then we’re gonna sit back, and we’re gonna watch as the Mitchum Brothers take care of our Mr. Jones problem.” If Anthony fails to deliver on this, then he’ll have to kill Dougie himself.

    Mr C’s Plan

    Cooper’s Escape

    Scene 10 South Dakota, Buckhorn, Hotel Restaurant  (0:30:38 - 0:31:23)

    Albert is eating dinner with Constance Talbot and they are getting along famously. Gordon calls, Tammy Perkins over and they marvel and laugh at, “Albert and the lady from the morgue.” They are happy for their friend in this “sweet” moment. They leave the room with Gordon’s hand firmly around Perkins waist.

    Revisit Old Twin Peaks

    Scene 11 Nevada, Las Vegas, Silver Mustang Casino (0:31:23 - 0:40:44)

    Anthony from Lucky 7 comes into the Silver Mustang and Rodney immediately sees him and asks, “What does he want? That insurance fuck? It’s after midnight.” Bradley says, “I could throw a car further than I’d trust that rat fuck.” They send Candy down to get him and it’s clear something is broken with her programming. She appears to no longer be listening to Rodney but she is listening to Bradley. She takes forever to bring him back up and the brothers are not happy about it. Rodney says, “I know. I know.” Bradley says, “If we fire her, she’s got no place to go.” They ask Candy what she was talking to Anthony about on the floor. She says, “Oh, that we’re in the version layer. That it’s going to be hot and smoggy tomorrow, and I told him that we are so lucky to have air-conditioning cooling in our casino.” The brothers are floored by this nonsense. Rodney finally turns to him and asks, “Okay, Mr. Insurance Man, what do you want?” Anthony tells them that, Your new hotel, which burned badly down to the ground a few months back, was ruled arson by an official investigation. Now, I may have sold you your policies, sirs. But I didn’t handle the claim. It was done by Douglas Jones, who works for our firm.” The name resonates. Anthony says, “I thought you should know from me, unofficially, ‘ON MY OWN,’ that this Mr. Jones did everything in his power to prevent you gentlemen from getting the insurance relief from the loss you suffered, that I believe to his day you deserved. Douglas Jones seems to have a personal vendetta against you and he still insists that that claim will never be paid out, and he’ll do everything in his power to make sure it never happens.” They ask if that’s it. It is. “You have an enemy in Douglas Jones.” The brothers are coming unravelled. Rodney says, “Now I know how Brando felt. Calling him tomorrow, this Douglas Jones to set up a meeting.” Bradley says, “Right you are Rodney.” Rodney says, “He took us for 30 million, 447 thousand dollars.” Bradley looks disgusted and says, “Motherfucker. You fuck us once, shame on us. You fuck us twice, shame on you. You’re dead.”  

    Mr C’s Plan

    Cooper’s Escape

    Scene 12 South Dakota, Buckhorn, Gordon Cole’s Hotel Room (0:40:44 - 0:43:44)

    Gordon Cole is doodling and drinking wine in his hotel room. He is drawing a strange lizard creature with antlers and a long, reaching hand about to grab it.  As he opens his hotel door, he looks upwards and to the left. We see a crying scene of Laura Palmer from Fire Walk With Me, the scene is now superimposed on Gordon Cole as he watches it. We hear Sarah Palmer’s voice call out, “Laura!” The scene fades and Albert is standing in the door. Albert sees where Gordon is looking and turns to see if something is behind him. They look at each other and Gordon says, “Albert. Come on in.” Albert tells him to turn up his hearing aid. Albert hands Gordon a piece of paper and says, “Diane received this text on her phone at 11:13 this morning. ‘Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively.’ Now that came in after Cooper escaped. It pinged off a cell tower in Philly, so at first, I thought it was one of her boyfriends. It seems she has a stable of male suitors--but Tammy traced this one back from there to a server in Mexico.” Cole asks, “Mexico? Did she respond?” Albert says, “She sent the following heavily encrypted message: ‘They have Hastings. He’s going to take them to the site.’ Doesn’t sound like boyfriend talk.” Gordon seems very disappointed by this. He says, “I felt it when she hugged me, but this confirms it.” Albert asks what they should do and Gordon says, “ Keep her close.” Tammy Perkins walks around the corner in slow motion and there is an echoing sound of energy. Her knock makes Gordon wince. Tammy has a file. She asks, “You remember the penthouse murders in New York City?” They do. She hands the file over and says, “This was just found on one of the earliest cards.” It’s a picture of Mr C with a hand drawn “#003” at the bottom in marker. He is standing in front of the glass box speaking with a bald man, in a beard with glasses and what looks like a robe on. Gordon says, “Dale! This is something.”

    The FBI Finds Cooper

    Mr C’s Plan

    A Billionaire Has a Plan (Merged with Mr C. Has a Plan)

    Scene 13 Washington, Twin Peaks, Great Northern (0:43:44 - 0:45:01)

    Ben Horne is on the phone with Sylvia. He asks, “What did he do?” She says he came in and attacked them and stole all her money.” He closes his eyes and holds the phone against his head, pointed outward. He says, “Oh, damn it.” He asks if Johnny is okay. She says, “No concerns for me, as usual. What do you mean, Johnny? It was me he attacked.” Ben emphatically says, “Sylvia, of course I’m concerned about you too. How much money did he take?” She says, “Everything I had in the safe, thousands of dollars. And you, you’re going to make this up to me.” He says, “No, I am not sending you any more money, Sylvia!” She says he is and she’s calling her lawyer right now. She hangs up on him and he hangs up, head cradled in his hands, and says, “Beverly, do you want to have dinner with me?”

    Richard Horne is Evil

    Scene 14 Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station & Log Lady Home (0:45:01 - 0:46:51)

    The Log Lady is talking to Hawk on the phone. She looks very scared. She says, “Hawk. Electricity is humming. You hear it in the mountains and rivers. You see it dance among the seas and stars and glowing around the moon, but in these days, the glow is dying. What will be in the darkness that remains? The Truman brothers are both true men. They are your brothers. And the others, the good ones, who have been with you. Now the circle is almost complete. Watch and listen to the dream of time and space. It all comes out now, flowing like a river. That which is and is not. Hawk, Laura is the one.” The wind howls and we see clouds blow cover over the moon.

    Hawk is Missing Something

    Scene 15 The Roadhouse (0:46:51 - 0:53:46)

    Rebekah Del Rio is singing “No Stars.” They lyrics are:

    My dream is to go to that place. You know the one. Where it all began on starry night. On a starry night. When it all began. You said Hold me. Hold me. Hold me. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. We’re with the stars. I saw them in your eyes. En tus palabras. Y en tus besos. Tus beso. Abajo de una noche. Llena, llena de estrellas. Under the starry night long ago. But now it’s a dream. Yo vi en tus ojos. Yo vi las estrellas. Pero ya no ay. Ya no hay. Estrellas. Pero ya no hay. Ya no hay estrellas. No stars. No stars. Ya no hay estrellas. No stars. No stars. No stars. No stars. No stars. No stars. Ya no hay estrellas. No stars. No stars. No stars. No stars. No stars. No stars. No stars.

    Bang Bang Band on Stage


    Kyle McLachlan:Special Agent Dale Cooper/Mr C

    Jane Adams:Constance Talbot

    Joe Adler:Roger

    Stephanie Allyne:Soccer Mom

    Chrysta Bell:FBI Agent Tammy Preston

    Jim Belushi:Bradley Mitchum

    Richard Beymer:Benjamin Horne

    John Billingsly: Doctor Ben

    Catherine Coulson: Margaret Lanterman (The Log Lady)

    Giselle Daimer:Sandie

    Jan D’Arcy: Sylvia Horne

    David Dastmalchian:Pit Boss Warrick

    Eric Edelstein:Detective “Smiley” Fusco

    Eamon Ferren:Richard Horne

    Miguel Ferrer:FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield

    Patrick Fischler:Duncan Todd

    Pierce Gagnon:Sonny Jim Jones

    Michael Horse:Deputy Chief Tommy “Hawk” Hill

    Caleb Landry Jones:Steven Burnett

    David Patrick Kelly:Jerry Horne

    Robert Knepper:Rodney Mitchum

    David Koechner:Detective D. Fusco

    Andrea Leal:Mandie

    Sheryl Lee:Laura Palmer

    Sarah Jean Long:Miriam Sullivan

    David Lynch:FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole

    Greg Mills:Paul


    John Pirruccello:Deputy Chad Broxford

    Kimmy Robertson:Lucy Brennan

    Wendy Robie:Nadine Hurley

    Eric Rondell:Johnny Horne

    Amanda Seyfried:Rebecca (Becky) Burnett

    Amy Shiels:Candie

    Tom Sizemore:Anthony Sinclair

    Sara Sohn:Sheena

    Harry Dean Stanton:Carl Rodd

    Russ Tamblyn:Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

    Naomi Watts:Janey-E Jones

    Christophe Zajac-Denek

    Rebekah Del Rio:Herself


    • “Red River Valley”: Performed by Harry Dean Stanton
    • “Slow Dreams”:Written and Performed by Johnny Jewel
    • “Headless Chicken”:Written by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch : Performed by Thought Gang
    • “Charmaine” : Written by Erno Rappe & Lew Pollack : Performed by Mantovani and His Orchestra
    • “No Stars” : Written by David Lynch, John Neff, Rebekah Del Rio : Performed by Rebekkah Del Rio

    Voice of The Return (Summary)

    A Skeleton Key to Twin Peaks Returns Part 10.png

    No one, and I mean no one, can say that Twin Peaks is confusing when you break it down to the numbers. Consider that the top four narratives (Cooper EscapesThe FBI Finds Cooper, Mr C Has a Plan and Hawk is Missing Something) 70% of the entire screen time. These narratives together are telling the story of what happened after Cooper and Mr C switched bodies and Cooper got trapped in the lodge. These narratives are filled with secrets but few mysteries. The big mysteries of the series (like all of Part 8, the weird double blinking light box in Brazil, the glass box in New York City, Dougie's manufacturing and Cooper's return through the Power Station and outlet) compose a mere 7.6% of screen time. And I'd be willing to say that the short tail of 23% that is left over is all subplots and supporting narratives that add flavor and drive the primary narratives in interesting ways. Twin Peaks Returns is filled with secrets and mysteries but they are constellations of metaphors that are observable and understandable on an emotional level if not an intellectual one. For anyone who says that we should just be watching Twin Peaks and not try to figure it out, well that's like lying on one's back during sex and just letting your arms flop. It may feel good during the first half but eventually you have to get into the game if you want to get anything out of it.

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