A Skeleton Key to Twin Peaks: Part Twelve

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New Narrative Conflicts Introduced

  1. Audrey's Drama: Audrey is in the middle of a full blown First Name crisis. Her husband is on the other end of a contract. Her lover has been missing, and is likely dead. And she is hanging around low-down dirty people doing low-down dirty things. Also, her maybe son maybe just killed her lover. Drama Rama!

Episodic Structure

Frost and Lynch dialed down the Cooper Escapes storyline by 97% of average in this episode. In fact, all we saw was Cooper get beaned by a baseball, taking up a mere 30 seconds. The FBI Finds Cooper was dialed up 34% though, as Tammy Perkins accepted her new position on the Blue Rose Task Force and Diane is being brought in closer like all enemies should. Also, Gordon Cole is too patient with foreign women and Albert is a saint of patience. Mr C still has a plan but we only saw his text this episode, if you don't count the murder he commissioned for poor Warden Murphy who never hurt anyone except Mr. Strawberry. The good news is there is a Wendy's close by so the Hutchens won't be hungry for long. Even though we saw Hawk and Truman this episode, they were on other business so Hawk is Missing Something got dropped this episode. No mystery either. That being said, we revisited the heck out of Old Twin Peaks, to the tune of a 79% increase in Share of Voice over the average so far. We saw Sarah Palmer lose her mind and she might have that delivery boy's head in her freezer, something was clinking around in her kitchen. Also, Richard Horne is still evil and his grandfather is going to have to pay for Miriam's operation and her hospital bill, making him long for the days of riding that two-tone lime green Schwinn around the Great Northern parking lot with his friends. We meet a lot more new Twin Peaks people than we have before, upping that narrative by a whopping 103% over average. And finally, Audrey's reintroduction took up 20% of this episode's focus. Girl power! Tammy Perkins and Audrey seized this show!

Episodic Part Summary By Scene and Focus

Scene 1 South Dakota, Buckhorn, Mayfair Hotel (0:01:40 - 0:07:34)

Albert, Tammy and Gordon are pouring good wine (stocked from his own wine cellar) in a beautiful meeting room with red curtain. Albert tells Tammy this and Gordon says, “No, you’ll be the one to tell her.” Albert tells her to ignore the strange man. She laughs. “Here’s to the Bureau!” They toast. Albert says, “Here’s what you need to know.” Gordon begs them to, “Please speak succinctly and do not make any loud, sharp noises.” Albert says, “In 1970, the United States Air Force shut down Project Blue Book, their 20-year investigation into UFOs. They concluded that no credible evidence existed and therefore they posed no threat to national security. In other words, a massive cover-up.” Cheers again. Albert continues, “A few years later, the military and FBI formed a top secret task force to explore the troubling abstractions raised by cases that Blue Book failed to resolve. We called it the Blue Rose, after a phrase uttered by a woman in one of these cases just before she died, which suggested these answers could not be reached except by an alternate path we’ve been traveling ever since. Gordon suggested an agent by the name of Phillip Jeffries to head the squad. He soon recruited three others: myself, Chet Desmond, and Dale Cooper. Perhaps you haven’t failed to notice that I’m the only one of that group who hasn’t disappeared without explanation, which has lead to a certain reluctance on Gordon’s part to bring new blood into the fold, until tonight. Agent Preston, you’ve been on our radar since you made the honors list at George Washington High, not to mention the Dean’s List at MIT and top of your class at Quantico.” Tammy looks taken aback and says, “You’re asking me to join the Blue Rose Task Force.” Albert looks at Gordon and says, “Yep.” Tammy says she in. Albert will brief her in detail in the morning. Gordon smiles at her. Gordon toasts, “To Tammy and the Blue Rose.” She is very emotional as she drinks. Gordon gets a text and says that Diane is on her way. She comes in through the red curtains and walks slowly to her chair. Albert offers her a bottle of vodka. She says she likes it on the rocks. Albert says, “Well, you’re in luck. The Dakotas are still in the ice age.” She gets her own ice out and makes a drink. Albert says, “Diane, we know your work with Agent Cooper has given you more than a passing insight into the Blue Rose. Even though you’re no longer part of The Bureau, we’d like to Deputize you.” Gordon adds, “On a temporary basis, because we really need your help.” Diane is smoking now and looks at each of them, then asks, “What’s in it for me?” Albert says, “Some cash, not much. Maybe the satisfaction of learning what happened to your friend Cooper.” She stubs out her cigarette, holds up two fingers like a gun and says, “Let’s rock!” Dramatic sound effects emphasize this gesture.Gordon knocks on the table.

The FBI Finds Cooper

Scene 2 Washington, Twin Peaks, Forest / Grocery Store / New Fat Trout Trailer Park (0:07:34 - 0:13:13)

Jerry has made it out of the forest, running for his life it seems. He falls, gets back up and keeps running.

Sarah Palmer is shopping and cleans the store out of vodka. She also has two bottles of bloody mary mix. She asks politely for a carton of Salems at the register. There is a display of beef and turkey jerky behind the cashier and this sets her off down a poor mental path. She asks how much. It’s $133.70. She says she doesn’t remember seeing that beef jerky there before. It’s new. She asks what type it is. It’s turkey, not beef. She asks is it smoked. Faint distorted music starts playing. She asks the cashier if she was here when they first came. Yes, they brought it in a couple weeks ago. Sarah says, “Your room seems different and men are coming.” The cashier is perplexed and this sets Sarah off. She says, “I’m trying to tell you that you have to watch out. Things can happen! Something happened to me. Hmm. Something happened to me! I don’t feel good! I don’t feel good!” Now Sarah starts talking to herself, likely descending into a paranoid schizophrenic delusion, “Sarah, s-stop doing this.” The cashier asks if she should call a doctor. “Stop doing this. Stop doing this. Okay, leave this place.” Find the car key. Find the car key. Get the car key. Get the car...get the god damned car key!” She runs out of the store. The cashier is shaken. The boy next to her says he knows where she lives and that he can deliver them.

Carl Rodd doesn’t want Kriscol selling his blood to eat. He pays him $50 out of his own pocket for mowing the grass and doing odd jobs like installing a new propane tank for Jenkins. He also tells him to not pay this month’s rent. “Keep your blood.”

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Scene 3 Nevada, Las Vegas, Jones Home (0:13:13 - 0:13:43)

Sonny Jim and Cooper are throwing the baseball in the small back yard of their home. Cooper is going to have a welt on his head.

Cooper Escapes

Scene 4 Washington, Twin Peaks, Palmer House (0:13:43 - 0:16:11)

Brooding original Twin Peaks music plays as Hawk pulls up to the Palmer home. We see the fan through the window and inside the home. Sarah is not amused to see Hawk. He tells her some olds cases popped up and he thought of her. He’s really there about the grocery store incident. Sarah just doesn’t know what came over her. She feels fine now. A rattling happens in the house, like bottles clanking. Hawk asks if someone is in the house. She says no, just something in the kitchen. Hawk asks, “You’re okay then?” Sarah snaps a bit and, through clenched teeth, says, “It’s a goddamn bad story, isn’t it Hawk?” Hawk tells her if she needs any help, anything to call. “Help of any kind.” Sarah thanks him and shuts the door in his face.

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Scene 5 Washington, Twin Peaks, Hospital (0:16:11 - 0:16:35)

Miriam is in intensive care and she is not doing well.

Richard Horne is Evil

Scene 6 South Dakota, Buckhorn, Mayfair Hotel  (0:16:35 - 0:17:15)

Diane is drinking a martini alone at the bar and her phone buzzes. Someone has sent her a text that asks, “Las Vegas?” She replies, “THEY HAVEN’T ASKED YET.”

Mr C Has a Plan

The FBI Finds Cooper

Scene 7 Washington, Twin Peaks, Great Northern Hotel (0:17:15 - 0:25:30)

Ben Horne is working at his desk when Beverly shows Sheriff Frank Truman in. Frank unfortunately has to tell him that his grandson ran over and killed that little boy then tried to kill the only witness that saw him do it. Richard is very upset by this. She’s in intensive care. No insurance. Desperately needs an operation. Frank is hoping Ben will pay for it. Of course he will. Ben says that Richard has never been right. Harry had a number of run-ins with Richard, each time worse than the time before. Harry knows about this. Richard is on the run. Ben doesn’t think he’ll hear from Richard. They lost contact when Ben refused to give him more money. Harry is hanging in there, hoping for the best. Ben asks about the boy’s parents. Ben was going to send the 315 room key to Harry as a memento. Frank perks up at this and he does think that Harry would like this key and offers to take it for him. Frank says they are opening up an old case involving Agent Cooper. “Strange this key shows up after all these years.” Frank is sorry to bring Ben this news. He takes the key and they will let each other know if there is more news. Frank leaves and Beverly comes in. Ben tells her what happened with Richard. She is very sorry to hear this. Richard never had a father. Ben’s father bought him an ugly Schwinn second hand bicycle painted two-tone lime and deep forest green with a new seat when he was a child and he remembers riding it, with fat tires. It was so hard to ride but Ben loved that bike! He rode with his friends. Beverly is moved, a single tear runs down her cheek. Ben asks Beverly to pay for all Miriam’s medical expenses. Ben says to himself, “I love that bike that my father got for me.”

Richard Horne is Evil

Cooper Escapes

Scene 8 South Dakota, Buckhorn, Mayfair Hotel (0:25:30 - 0:31:29)

Gordon is telling a beautiful French woman a story. She takes her sweet time leaving after Albert comes in to tell Gordon about Diane text exchange we already saw happen. Gordon tells Albert that the woman is in town visiting a friend of her mother whose daughter is missing. The mother owns a turnip farm. He told her to tell her mother that her daughter will “turn up” eventually. They stare at each other uncomfortably. There are more than 6,000 languages spoken on earth today...Albert recites the text exchange to Gordon and Gordon asks what they know that they haven’t asked her about. They’ll figure it out but now he wants to get back to this fine Bordeaux. Albert asks what kind it is and Gordon tells him that it’s 11:05. They stare at each other uncomfortably and Gordon puts his hand on Albert’s shoulder and says, “Albert, sometimes I really worry about you.”

The FBI Finds Cooper

Cooper Escapes

Scene 9 South Dakota, Yankton, Warden Murphy’s Home (0:31:29 - 0:33:40)

Hutch and Chantal are in the mobile sniper’s nest (a van parked in front of Warden Murphy’s house at night). Chantal doesn’t want to torture him now because she’s hungry, they are pressed for time and they just passed a Wendy’s. She is eating Cheetos as Hutch shoots the Warden first. Hutch shoots him again as he walks into his house. His son runs out the front door, crying for his murdered father. Hutch and Chantal tear out of there, no doubt on their way to Vegas for a double header. But first, “Next stop Wendy’s.”

Mr C Has A Plan

Scene 10 Washington, Twin Peaks, Jacoby’s Trailer (0:33:40 - 0:36:34)

This is the same scene shown in Part 5 with the exception of Nadine’s line, “It’s working for me, Dr. Amp.”

Jacoby changes the script here though, “These giant, multinational corporations are filled with monstrous vermin, poisonous, vile murderers, and the eat, drink and shit money. They buy our politicians for a song. Then these fucking politicians sing as we gag and cough, sold down the river to die. Fuck you who betray the people you were elected to help, elected to work to help, to make life better for. Fuck you all in the ass, you fucking treasonous puppets! The ninth level of hell will welcome you.”

Jacoby Fights the Man

Scene 11 Washington, Twin Peaks, Horne House (0:36:34 - 0:047:14)

Audrey Horne stands in a low lit study and the camera pans across her and to a desk, where sits a little person in a suit vest. She is clearly not happy and neither is he. She is tired of waiting for the phone to ring. She’s going to the Road House even though he couldn’t stand that place. They’ve check everywhere else. She wants this man to come with her. He’s got stacks of paperwork and deadline. He wants to find Billy but it’s so late and there’s so much work to do. It’s a new moon out there so it will be dark. Can’t they start looking in the light of a new day? Audrey wants to know what kind of shit he is. She berates him as a spineless, no balls loser. Billy has been missing for two days. He’s her husband and he’s been good to her and his name is Charlie. According to Audrey, he has no balls and that’s why she’s in love with Billy, is indeed, “fucking Billy.” She saw Billy in her dream last night and he was bleeding from the nose and mouth. “And dreams sometimes hearken a truth.” She has to go now. She asked for his protection but he’s, “Such a milquetoast that the only protection would be me protecting you.” And she has to find Tina because she was the last person to see Billy and Audrey can’t stand being in the same room with her. Charlie was supposed to call Tina but he never did. Charlie just wants to best for Audrey and if that’s true she thinks he should sign the papers she gave him. Charlie isn’t sure about those papers and he isn’t signing anything until he runs them by his lawyer. She threatens to run them by Paul, that maybe he should come give him a visit. Charlie is threatened by this and asks her not to be like this. He has rights. She says he gave up those rights. He is shocked that she would renege on their contract. She will do it. She’s doing it. Okay, he’ll go with her even though he’s so sleepy. They are going to the Road House. She puts on a red jacket. He’ll need his. There’s thousands and thousands of square miles of woods out there. Wait a minute. He’s going to call Tina first and see if she knows anything. If her husband is there, he won’t be able to talk. Chuck told Audrey that Tina was the last person to see Billy but Chuck stole Billy’s truck last week. Billy came out of his house and saw Chuck driving off with his truck and called the Sheriff. They found the truck that same afternoon. They called Billy and Billy got his truck back and dropped any charges. Charlie calls Tina. He tells Tina that Chuck told him she was the last person to see Billy and asks if it’s true. He is shocked by her response and asks, “What?” She tells him something else (maybe that Chuck stole Billy’s truck) and he tells her he knew that. He asks if she’s sure. More back and forth. He asks her, “How did you find?…Really?” He says, “Oh my goodness.” He is visibly shocked by what he’s hearing. He thanks her. Audrey is upset by this one-sided conversation. He’ll talk to Tina tomorrow. He’s sorry to call so late. He says, “Unbelievable, what you’re telling me!” Audrey is running out of patience. He promises something to Tina and is sorry with her for something. Charlie hangs up the phone very slowly and looks at Audrey, without speaking. Audrey asks, in a low menacing voice, “You’re not going to tell me what she said?” She shouts that question at him a second time. “CHARLIE!”

Characters Mentioned:

  • Charlie - Audrey’s Husband
  • Billy - Audrey’s lover. His truck was stolen by Chuck. He may be the guy who stood Andy up at Sparkwood & 21 in Part 5.
  • Tina - Last person to see Billy
  • Tina’s Husband
  • Paul - An Enforcer of some kind? Has a personal relationship with Audrey
  • Chuck - Certifiable source who told Audrey that Tina was the last person to see Billy. Chuck also stole Billy’s truck last week.

Audrey’s Drama [NEW]

Richard Horne is Evil

Scene 12 South Dakota, Buckhorn, Mayfair Hotel (0:47:14 - 0:49:20)

They are sweeping up in the bar of the hotel and it must be nearing closing time. Diane comes back to her seat and lights a smoke. The bartender brings her a drink and she thanks him for serving even though they’re closed. She picks up her phone and there is a map screen with a search bar open. She recalls the numbers on Ruth Davenport’s arm. She has a phonetic device she used around “Co-or-din-ates +2.” It shows her Twin Peaks on a map in the North East of Washington state. She stares at her phone in what looks like shock, closing her eyes in resignation.

Mr C Has a Plan

The FBI Finds Cooper

Scene 13 Washington, Twin Peaks, Road House (0:049:20 - 0:54:40)

The Chromatics are playing again, an instrumental number. Two women are sitting in a booth drinking. They cheers. Abbie asks where Angela is. Natalie has no idea. She was supposed to show last night but didn’t show then either. She might be with Clark. They’ve been hanging out lately. Abbie is surprised because she saw Clark and Mary here together, “Practically making out” two nights ago. They were slow dancing and getting real close over in the corner, off in their own world. Angela and Natalie both hate Mary. Lots of people saw them. Angela’s going to go crazy if she gets wind of this because she’s getting really serious about Clark since he’s been on her a couple of weeks now. “She’s even dreaming about the guy.”  And she’s off her meds. Clark is spreading it around. Angela won’t be able to take this if Clark fucks it up. She’s on the edge after losing her Mom like that. Trick shows up and sits down hard in the booth. He is very agitated and says, “I almost got fucking killed coming over here. Some fucking ass-eater’s heading toward me on the highway and runs me off the road. All I see is two headlights coming fucking right at me. I drove off the road and almost hit a tree. Some farmer had to pull me out. Man, I could kill the motherfuckder that did that.” Trick holds his hand out and it’s shaking. He needs a beer; they all do.  He goes to get around. Abbie and Natalie agree that Trick’s lucky to be alive. Turns out that Trick is under house arrest. Natalie says he is but he’s got that behind him now. “He’s a free man again.” Abbie laughs and says, “A free man.” Natalie says, “Whooppee.”

Characters Mentioned:

  • Angela - Dating Clark
  • Clark - Dating Angela and Mary
  • Mary - Also dating Clark

Meet New Twin Peaks

Bang Bang Band on Stage


Kyle McLachlan:Special Agent Dale Cooper

Elizabeth Anweis:Abbie

Chrysta Bell:FBI Agent Tammy Preston

Richard Beymer:Benjamin Horne

Scott Coffey:Trick

Ana De La Reguera:Natalie

Laura Dern:Diane Evans

Sherilynn Fenn:Audrey Horne

Miguel Ferrer:FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield

Robert Forster:Sheriff Frank Truman

Pierce Gagnon:Sonny Jim Jones

Michael Horse:Deputy Chief Tommy “Hawk” Hill

Ashley Judd:Beverly Paige

Luke Judy: Warden Murphy’s Son

David Patrick Kelly: Jerry Horne

Sheryl Lee:Laura Palmer

Jennifer Jason Leigh: Chantal Hutchens

Sarah Jean Long:Miriam Sullivan

David Lynch:FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole

Bernice Marlohe:French Woman

Zoe McLane:Check-out Girl

Clark Middleton:Charlie

James Morrison: Warden Dwight Murphy

Johnny Ochsner:Bag-boy

Wendie Robie:Nadine Hurley

Tim Roth:Gary “Hutch” Hutchens

Harry Dean Stanton:Carl Rodd

Russ Tamblyn:Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

Grace Zabriskie:Sarah Palmer

Ruth Radelet:Chromatics

Adam Miller:Chromatics

Johnny Jewel:Chromatics

Nat Walker:Chromatics


  • “Stars and Stripes Forever” : Written by John Phillip Sousa : Performed and Arranged by the U.S. Army Band
  • “Saturday” : Performed by Chromatics : Written by Adam Miller and Johnny Jewel

Voice of The Return (Summary)

A Skeleton Key to Twin Peaks Returns Part 12.png

It's clear that Cooper returning is still the primary narrative and despite Audrey coming in with all her drama, most of the narratives retained their position in the pecking order. Are we seeing the beginning of the end with a culmination in Las Vegas and then Twin Peaks?

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