A Skeleton Key to Twin Peaks: Part Thirteen

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New Narrative Conflicts Introduced

No new narratives were introduced during Part Thirteen.

Episodic Structure

62% of this episode was about Cooper Escapes and Mr C Has A Plan, meaning we are still on track with the storytelling. A couple of significant things happened - 1. The Richard Horne is Evil narrative merged with Mr C Has a Plan. I'm not willing to say they are merged narratives yet because this could just be fate intervening, but let's hold the option. 2. Revisit Old Twin Peaks overtook both the Hawk Is Missing Something and ????? timelines. Audrey confused everyone again but for much less time and have Jacoby and Nadine found a love connection in the reflected light of a golden shit shovel? Tune in next week...

Episodic Part Summary By Scene and Focus

Scene 1 Nevada, Las Vegas, Lucky 7 Insurance Company (0:01:39: - 0:07:00)

The Mitchum brothers are throwing a party and bearing gifts to percussive music. This makes Anthony very worried and he hides under his desk. They are in a Conga line with the girls and Dougie Jones, who is having a ball! Bradley exclaims, “Oh, Battling Bud! You are the man!” Bushnell says they made quite a night of it. Bushnell tells Dougie you might want to call his wife. The Mitchums bring Bushnell: A box of Monte Cristo #2, a set of diamond cufflinks, and the keys to his new BMW convertible (a matching set with Dougie’s). Bradley exclaims, “A wrong has been made right and the Sun is shining bright.” The conga line moves out of the building as Anthony calls Mr. Todd to apologize.

Mr. Todd tells him he has one day to kill Dougie, makes sure they are clear and then he hangs up the phone and calls for Roger.

Cut to Jones home where men from the Silver Mustang Casino are unloading a playset for Sonny Jim and ask Janey-E where she would like it set up. There is also a beautiful white convertible BMW in the driveway with a boy, also from the Mitchum Brothers. Janey-E beams as she looks at the car. Cut to night and Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Swans” plays as Sonny Jim runs through the lights and the bars on his new playset. Dougie and Janey-E watch their son play with smiles on their faces, a moment of true parental bliss. Janey-E was very worried when Dougie didn’t come home last night. Janey-E says, “Seven Heaven. And then the car. Oh Dougie, I love you so much.”

That’s Our Dougie:

  • Wife?
  • Seven Heaven
  • So Much

Cooper Escapes

Scene 2 Western Montana, Unknown Location (0:07:00 - 0:23:22)

TMr C shows up, much to Ray’s consternation. Mr C is outnumbered and apparently outmatched. He gets into a weird arm wrestling competition with Ray’s boss (who has never been beat in 14 years). Muddy explains that if Mr C loses, he will work for Renzo or he will die. If he wins, he becomes boss. Mr C asks them, “What is this? Kindergarten? Nursery School?” All he wants is Ray. The arm wrestling match begins and Mr C toys with this beast of a man, bringing them back to starting positions several times before he eventually gets tired of fooling around and breaks his arm and then punches his face in. Mr C is now the boss and he wants cell phones even though he won’t get any reception in here. Mr C asks for privacy for he and Ray. Everyone else clears out and leaves Mr C, Ray, and the Accountant in the room. Mr C starts questioning Ray. Ray tries to run and Mr. C shoots his leg. The Accountant asks if he needs money. Mr C does not. The Accountant leaves. Mr C wants to know who hired Ray to kill him. Ray says it was Phillip Jeffries and he only talked to him on the phone. Ray says Phillip set the whole prison thing up with Warden Murphy and said Ray was going to be kill by Mr C but could get out and stay out if he killed Mr C instead. Mr C asks why. Ray says, “He said that you got something inside that they want.” Mr C has an inquisitive reaction to this who then asks, “Did he ever mention Major Briggs?” Ray says no and then pulls out the Owl Cave ring. Holding the ring, Ray says, “Jeffries said I was supposed to put this on you after I killed you.” Mr C asks where he got that. Rays says it was given to him right before he walked out of his cell and saw Mr C. The guard, or someone dressed as a guard who he’d never seen before, gave it to him. All of Mr C’s new employees are watching this on a large screen as it happens. Mr C tells him to put the ring on his ring finger, left hand. He does. Mr C asks him about the coordinates. Ray asks him if he could really trust the numbers he gave to him. He says, “I know who you are.” He asks to reach into his pocket and Mr C let’s him. Ray pulls out the coordinates written on a piece of paper from his other pocket. Richard Horne comes walking into the crowd as Ray is digging in his pocket. He is transfixed by Mr C on the screen. Mr C looks at the coordinates and then asks Ray where Philip Jeffries is. Ray says he doesn’t know. Mr C asks again. Ray says last he heard he was at a place called The Dutchman’s, “But it’s not a real place.” Mr C shoots him in the head and says, “I know what it is.” The ring disappears from Ray’s dead hand as Mr C looks on. It falls to the Red room floor and bounces. Mr C walks out looking into the camera while Richard Horne looks on, mesmerized. Cut to Ray’s bloody body on the Red Room floor and the traditional zoom up shot of the formica table where Mike lays the ring back on the surface.

Mr C’s Plan

Richard Horne is Evil

Scene 3 Nevada, Las Vegas, Police Department (0:23:22 - 0:27:10)

The Brothers Fusco are at it again, one giving directions to their Mom who wants them to come to Sunday dinner. There is serious drama happening in the other room as a woman pisses on the floor, pulls a knife, gets tased, and starts screaming. The prints come back on their pal Douglas Jones and, “According to AFIS, he escaped from a high-security prison in South Dakota two days ago. He’s also a missing FBI Agent.” The brothers agree that this, “Is a huge fucking mistake!” The results are balled up and thrown in the trash. In comes Anthony looking for a Detective Clark. He’s out back smoking. Anthony wants an easy poison to kill Dougie, “undetectable.” Clark tells him, Aconotine. Crime labs are getting wise but it’s his best bet and will cost him a lot money. Anthony tells him he’s trying to keep the whole operation from falling apart and someone is on to them. They will meet later tonight to get the poison. The other cop is going to call Mr Todd.

Cooper Escapes

Mr C’s Plan

Scene 4 Utah, Highway at Night (0:27:10 - 0:28:08)

Hutch and Chantal are driving and she is eating Cheetos. They just passed Provo. Chantal remarks that Mormons don’t drink liquor, coffee or Coca-Cola, and don’t have sex before marriage. But Hutch heard when they do get married they can marry like six or ten women. Chantal says, “Funny there’s not more of them.” She guesses it’s the drinks.  Hutch contemplates this.

Mr C’s Plan

Scene 5 Nevada, Las Vegas, Lucky Seven Insurance Company (0:28:08 - 0:34:17)

Janey-E drops Cooper off in their beautiful new car and she is beaming at him, filled with love and happiness. Anthony is waiting for him in the lobby like a spider and he’s sweating nervous. Cooper walks smack into the glass and can’t get in until someone opens the door for him. Anthony is falsely kind to Dougie and offers to get him a hot cup of coffee. “Coffee for The Great Dougie Jones.” Cooper drinks his coffee and smiles. Then he sees the pie and wanders into the cafe. While in there, Anthony dumps the poison in his coffee. The barista tells him to go back to his table and she’ll bring him his pie. On the way back, Cooper sees sparkles on Anthony’s suit jacket and starts to feel them with his fingers. This causes a wave of guilt and sorrow to overtake Anthony and he takes Cooper’s coffee and runs to the bathroom in shame. Cooper’s goodness appears to have caused a spiritual conversion in Anthony who now wants to confess completely and make things right.

That’s Our Dougie

  • Coffee
  • Dougie Jones
  • Cherry Pie

Cooper Escapes

Mr Cs Plan

Scene 6 Washington, Twin Peaks, RR Diner, Day (0:34:17 - 0:35:47)

Shelly gets a call from Becky, who is worried but calm. Steven didn’t come home last night and has now been gone for two days. She thinks he’s going through something bad; she can feel it. Shelly wants to talk about this later but offers a beautiful piece of cherry pie. Becky will be right there. They exchange love on the phone before hanging up.  

Shelly’s Daughter Wrong Guy

Scene 7 Nevada, Las Vegas, Lucky Seven Insurance Company  (0:35:47 - 0:38:46)

Anthony confesses that he’s been working for Duncan Todd for months and months. Bushnell tells him that Dougie told him and implicated himself, showing him how he manipulated claims. Bushnell was prepared to send Anthony away for a long time but Anthony is ready to testify against Duncan Todd. Anthony breaks down in tears and is shocked to find out that Dougie knows about the two cops also. Anthony says they are worse than Todd.

That’s Our Dougie:

  • Confess
  • Them, too
  • Thank Dougie 

Cooper Escapes

Mr C’s Plan

Scene 8 Washington, Twin Peaks, RR Diner, Night (0:38:46 - 0:44:51)

Bobby Briggs comes into the RR to order his usual. He walks over to the booth with Norma and Ed. Bobby asks if Shelly went home already. Big Ed demands he gets his butt back over there because, “It’s no good eating alone.” Bobby tells them they found some stuff his Dad left today. Ed is intrigued. They don’t know yet but it’s, “Something.” Norma gets up to get his dinner and Bobby asks if he should move to another booth. Ed says, “No reason pal, nothing happening here.” A man in a sport coat and collared shirt enters. Norma greets him with, “Hey you!” He replies, “Hey girl!” They don’t seem to quite be lovers but there is an intimacy conveyed in their greetings. Ed tells Walter it’s good to see him. Walter replies in kind but can’t remember Ed’s name. Walter is a businessman and he and Norma now have 5 “Norma’s RR” Franchises. 3 of the 5 are profitable but the board wants Norma to change her ingredients and charge more for her pies. Norma has heard the other pies are just not as good as they are here. All her ingredients are natural, organic, and local. He says, “Norma, you’re a real artist but love doesn’t always turn a profit. We believe in you 100 percent but from a business perspective, the board would like you to consider some alternatives without sacrificing any of the high standards that you’re so well-known for.” Norma is willing to consider changes. “It’s just about tweaking the formula to ensure consistency and profitability.” He wants her to change the name of the RR to “Norma’s RR Diner.” According to the market research people respond so much more to, “The Face of the Franchise.” They’re going to have dinner later, “To celebrate.” Big Ed forlornly looks on Norma smiling at Walter.  

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Hawk is Missing Something

Scene 9 Washington, Twin Peaks, Run Silent, Run Drapes, Night (0:44:51 - 0:47:27)

Jacoby is driving by Nadine’s store at night and stops when he sees his gold shit digging shovel in the window. He rings the bell and he and Nadine have a warm reintroduction. She asks if she can call him Dr. Amp. He loves her window display, “It’s magnificent.” Those drapes are completely silent. He tells her, “You know, it’s us against them.” She tells him he changed her life and she is his most loyal soldier, “Or shoveler.” He tells her the last time he saw her was about 7 years ago and she was on her hands and knees looking for a potato in the supermarket.  She dropped it. There was a big storm that day. She says, “Oh.”   

Jacoby Fights the Man

Scene 10 Washington, Twin Peaks, Palmer House, Night (0:47:27 - 0:50:12)

Sarah Palmer is watching the same boxing scene over and over with static splutters between scenes replaying. Sarah is out of vodka and goes on a search.

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Scene 11 Washington, Twin Peaks, Horne House (0:50:12 - 0:53:08)

Audrey is breathing shakily and asks, “What did she say?” Charlie says they‘ve been over this and tells her to stop it. She says she feels like she’s somewhere else and asks him if he’s ever felt that. He says no. She says, “Like I’m somewhere else and somebody else.” Charlie says he always feels like himself. She says, “Well I’m not sure who I am but I’m not me.” Charlie says, “This is Existentialism 101.” Audrey says, “Oh fuck you!” She asks, “Who am I supposed to trust but myself? And I don’t even know who I am. So what the fuck am I supposed to do?” Charlie tells her she’s supposed to go the Roadhouse and see if Billy is there. She asks if it’s far. He says she should know and that if he didn’t know better, he’d think she was on drugs. Then Charlie says, “Are you going to keep playing games or do I have to end your story too?” She gets really worried now and asks in an almost whisper, “What story is that, Charlie? Is that the story of a little girl who lived down the lane? Is it?” She sits down. Charlie says, “You’re the one that wanted to go. Now you’re looking like you wanna stay.” Audrey says, “I want to stay and I want to go. I want to do both. Which will it be, Charlie?” She asks for his help. She says, “It’s like Ghostwood here.” She breaks down crying.  

Audrey’s Drama

Scene 12 Washington, Twin Peaks, Road House / Big Ed’s Gas Farm (0:53:08 - 0:59:08)

James Hurley is a special guest on stage with his guitar and two dark haired women. A woman looks up from the booth as James plays “Just You.” She cries during his performance. The lyrics are:

Just you and I / Just you and I / Together forever in love / Just you and I / Together forever in love / In love we strolling together / Strolling forever / Oh / Just you and I / Just you and I / Together forever / In love

Cut to Big Ed’s Gas Farm. There is a large “Bear With Me” desk art with a big wooden bear head. Ed is eating alone, watching traffic drive by at night. He looks very lonely. This part ends looking over Ed’s shoulder as he eats his lonely soup and the traffic drives by. He grabs a piece of paper and lights it on fire. 

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Bang Bang Band on Stage


Kyle McLachlan:Special Agent Dale Cooper/Mr C

Alon Aboutboul:Head Mover

Kate Alden:RR Diner Waitress

Madchen Amick:Shelly Briggs

Dana Ashbrook:Deputy Bobby Briggs

Jim Belushi:Bradley Mitchum

Kelsey Bohlen:Backup Singer #2

Rachael Bower:Backup Singer #3

Johnny Chavez:Crooked Partner

Larry Clarke:Detective T. Fusco

Frank Collison:Muddy

Giselle Damier:Sandie

Christopher Durbin:The Farm Accountant

Eric Edelstein:Detective “Smiley” Fusco

Eamon Farren:Richard Horne

Sherilynn Fenn:Audrey Horne

Patrick Fischler:Duncan Todd

Pierce Gagnon:Sonny Jim Jones

Grant Goodeve:Walter Lawford

George Griffith:Ray Monroe

Robert Knepper:Rodney Mitchum

David Koechner:Detective D. Fusco

Virginia Kull:Szymon Waitress

Andrea Leal:Mandie

Sheryl Lee:Laura Palmer

Jennifer Jason Leigh: Chantal Hutchens

Peggy Lipton:Norma Jennings

Malone:Man in Urinal

James Marshall:James Hurley

Everett McGill:Big Ed Hurley

Derek Mears:Renzo

Clark Middleton:Charlie

Don Murray:Bushnell Mullins

Jelani Quinn:Desk Sergeant

Wendy Robie:Nadine Hurley

Tim Roth:Gary “Hutch” Hutchens

John Savage:Detective Clark

Amanda Seyfried:Rebecca (Becky) Burnett

Amy Shiels:Candie

Tom Sizemore:Anthony Sinclair

JR Starr:MC

Jessica Szohr:Renee

Russ Tamblyn:Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

Naomi Watts:Janey-E Jones

Grace Zabriskie:Sarah Palmer


  • “Dance of the Swans” from Swan Lake: Composed by Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky
  • “Eastern European Symphonic Mood No. 1” : Written and Performed by Dean Hurley
  • “Just You”: Music by Angelo Badalamenti : Lyrics by David Lynch : Performed by James Marshall


Voice of The Return (Summary)

A Skeleton Key to Twin Peaks Returns Part 13.png

Anyone who thinks that Audrey was going to get a primary storyline needs to check the numbers because that narrative was dialed down 73% from the last episode. Audrey was always better as a secondary character, supporting the primary narrative. 

COMING SOON: Twin Peaks Returns Part Fourteen

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