A Skeleton Key to Twin Peaks: Part Fourteen

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Scene 1 South Dakota, Buckhorn, Mayfair Hotel / Washington, Twin Peaks, Sheriff’s Station / Nevada, Las Vegas, FBI Field Office (0:02:15 - 0:15:09)

Gordon Cole is calling the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station and Lucy answers. They recognize each other. Lucy tells Gordon that one year she and Andy went to Bora Bora on vacation when he asks her if she’s been there all through the years. Cole seems to be scanning her. Turns out Frank Truman called Cole. Truman answers and Cole thinks he’s Harry. Frank tells him that Harry is sick and Cole is sorry to hear that. Frank tells Cole that Hawk found the missing pages from Laura’s diary that could indicate two Coopers. Cole thanks him and can’t comment on the information but really appreciates it.

Albert and Tammy are sitting behind a command center, both laptops open. Albert is telling her about the first Blue Rose case. In 1975, two young field agents investigate a murder in a hotel room in Olympia, Washington. They arrive at a motel to arrest a suspect named Lois Duffy. They hear a gunshot outside her hotel room and kick the door in. They find two women inside, one dying on the floor of a bullet wound to the abdomen. The other holds a gun she drops and backs aways as they enter. They recognize the wounded woman as Lois Duffy. They recognize the woman holding the gun, also as Lois Duffy. She did not have a twin sister. The dying Lois speaks her last words to them, “I’m like the blue rose.” She smiles, then dies, then disappears before their eyes. The other Lois Duffy hung herself while on trial for a murder she swore she didn’t commit. The two arresting officers were Gordon Cole and Phillip Jeffries. Albert asks Tammy what the one question she should ask him is and she says, “What’s the significance of the Blue Rose?” Albert nods and asks for the answer. Tammy says, “Blue rose does not occur in nature. It’s not a natural thing. The dying woman was not natural. Conjured. A tulpa.” Albert says, “Good.” Gordon enters with a thumbs up and says, “Coffee time!” A squeegee man hurts Gordon’s ears with feedback shrieking. Diane enters after knocking. Tammy gives her coffee and she lights up a smoke. Gordon asks her if the last night she saw Cooper, he mentioned Major Briggs. She doesn’t want to talk about that night but he persists. She says, “Yes.” Albert tells her they’ve been investigating an old case with Cooper and Briggs. Albert tells her that Briggs did not die in the fire 25 years ago but died in Buckhorn a few days ago. He then shows her the ring taken from his stomach and reads the inscription, “To Dougie, with love. Janey-E.” Diane freaks out and Gordon asks her what is it. Diane says her half-sister is named Jane and she’s married to a man named Douglas Jones but everyone calls him Dougie. Her nickname is Janey-E. She says they last lived in Las Vegas. She says they are estranged and that she hates her and hasn’t talked to her in years.  Gordon asks Tammy to get the Las Vegas office on the line. Two agents fret over Cole’s call. Cole asks for everything they have on Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Jones, that they are wanted in connection with a double murder and may be armed and dangerous. Cole tells them to, “Put caution in the shotgun seat.” He tells them it’s high priority and to get back to him.

There are 23 Douglas Jones’s in Vegas Metro area. The agent behind the desk starts screaming irrationally that, “THIS IS WHAT WE DO IN THE FBI!”

Gordon thanks Diane and she gets up and leaves, saying, “Yeah, okay.”  Gordon tells Albert and Tammy that he was on the phone with Truman who told them they are onto something from Laura Palmer’s diary indicating there are two Coopers. Last night, he had another Monica Belluci dream. Albert says, “Oh boy.” Gordon was in Paris on a case. Monica called and asked her to meet him at a certain cafe, she needed to talk to him. When they met at the cafe, Cooper was there but he couldn’t see his face (wearing the pin). Monica brought friends and was pleasant. They had a coffee. She is crying. She said the ancient phrase, “We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream.” He told her he understood. Then she said, “But who is the dreamer?” A very powerful uneasy feeling came over him. Monica looked past him and he looked behind him at something happening behind him. He turned and looked and saw himself in Fire Walk With Me, during the scene where Cooper told him he was worried about a dream he head. Jeffries appeared and didn’t appear. Jeffries says about Cooper, “Who do you think that is there?” Cole says, “Damn, I hadn’t remembered that. Now this is something really interesting to think about.” Albert says, “Yes, I’m beginning to remember that too."

The FBI Finds Cooper

Hawk is Missing Something

Revisit Old Twin Peaks


Cooper Escapes

Mr C Has a Plan

Scene 2 Washington, Twin Peaks, Sheriff’s Station / Washington, Twin Peaks, Great Northern Lodge / Elk’s Point #9 Bar (0:15:09 - 0:49:51)

The Bookhouse Boys are getting ready to make their trek to Jack Rabbit’s Palace. Andy is laying out four metal cases on the table when Bobby comes in with four sandwiches: Turkey and Cheese, Ham and Cheese, Roast Beef and Cheese and just cheese. Andy ordered just cheese. They pull their weapons and arrest Chad for, “you know what.” They’ve been watching him for months.

The sheriff’s SUV pulls up to a the side of the road and they all get their hiking gear on and walk into the wood. Eventually, Bobby tells them that his father station was right up this road, but nothing is left of it now. Bobby didn’t know what his father did up there, it was top secret. He went in a couple times and remembers, “Lots and lots of machines.” They stop at Jackrabbit’s Palace, which is a large wooden tree trunk, rotted out. Bobby and his father would sit her and make up great, tall tales. They put some soil in their pockets and start walking 253 yards due east. Father did tell him to never wander around here without him. The music changes to dark atmospheric and trees are creaking. They approach an area with a strange mist with strobing electricity. There is a naked woman, the lady from Part 3 with her eyes sewn shut. Andy immediately drops to his haunches and takes her hand. There is a pool of brown water next to her, almost garmonbozia. She is alive. She speaks in a monkey-like whisper voice. Truman checks his watch and says, “It’s 2:53 fellas.” There is an electrical crackling and a vortex appears in the air. They all stare transfixed into the circling vortex. Andy let’s go of the woman’s hand and stands up. He is taken to what we can assume is the White Lodge. The Fireman is walking slowly to the chair and sits down. They stare at each other for a while, saying nothing. The Fireman introduces himself as The Fireman and puts his hand, palm up like a wave. Something appears in Andy’s hands, like an origami model with a nipple-like chimney. Wooshing and scratching sounds happen as andy stares at this model in his hands. Smoke appears over his head and gets sucked up into the ceiling to create circular ceiling lights with an ornate border. Andy stares up, blinking strangely. He sees the experiment, the vomiting mass from the bomb in Part 8, with the Bob bubble. He sees the scene from the bomb with the convenient store. He sees the Woodsman, asking, “Gotta light?” He sees a flash of what appears to be the tops of power lines as seen from a moving vehicle. He sees the high school girl running across the lawn the day Laura’s death was announced to the students. He sees the Red Room curtains behind Laura Palmer’s senior photo, flanked by two angels. He sees Naido lying naked on the ground. He sees both Cooper’s juxtaposed over each other’s shaking faces. They eventually separate out and can be seen clearly. He hears a phone ringing and sees a phone blinking. Line 1. The scene shakes as Andy and Lucy talk towards the conference room and Lucy looks around unknowingly. He sees himself holding hands with Naido again. He sees the power pole with the numbers 6  and 32481… then everything fades to white. The Fireman looks at the ceiling then back to Andy. The smoke goes back into the model in his hands and disappears. Andy is huffing from the chest and then he disappears with a clinking sound. At Jackrabbit’s Palace, we see ghostly images of Hawk, Frank and Bobby walking around the structure, like the woodsmen at the convenient store. When they come back into solid focus, they are staring up at the sky. Andy appears with Naido and says, with an authority we’ve never heard from Andy, “We need to get her down the mountain. She’s very important and there are people that want her dead. She’s fine physically. We need to put her in a cell where she’ll be safe.” Truman says okay. Andy tells them not to tell anybody about this. Bobby looks at him unnerved as he starts following him. Truman asks Hawk what happened to them back there. Hawk says, “I don’t know. Something.” Neither remembers a thing.

Cut to the Sheriff’s station at night. Lucy brought Naido beautiful pajamas from the night the dog got lost in the station. Lucy asks if he remembers that night and he does. They secure Naido, while Andy shouts that Andy is an idiot and no kind of cop at all. A drunk man bleeding profusely from his face repeats his word. Andy tells Chad he’s a very bad person who gives good policeman a bad name. Lucy seems proud of Andy and moons at him as they walk out. Naido is making monkey noises that the drunk is repeating. Chad tells him to shut up and the man repeats him then goes back to mocking the woman’s monkey sounds. The man looks like he’s been shot in the face, a pool of blood congealing on the floor. Chad lays back on his bunk and covers his ears with the pillow while the drunk bleeds and the woman makes monkey noises.

Cut to the Great Northern Lodge where James and Freddie Sykes are nightwatchmen, sitting on the loading dock and talking. Freddie is crushing a walnut in a hand inserted into a thick rubber kitchen glove. He demolishes two nuts  before James offers to use his nutcracker. Freddie asks what he wants him to do with the crates. James says just throw the linens on them. There is one more delivery, then hit the roadhouse. Neither knows who is playing. Freddie says James wants to see if Renee will be there.  James says maybe he is. Freddie says she’s married. James knows. Freddie is 23 years old and James remembers being that old. It’s his birthday today. Turns out Freddie can’t take the glove off because it’s part of him. The doctor tried to take it off once and he started bleeding. He’s not supposed to tell where he got it but James convinces him to tell him, even though he won’t believe him anyway. Freddie was still living at home in London Town, East End and he was walking home alone. He got a peculiar feeling of wasting his life taking a shortcut. He felt he should be helping people. He jumped into a high stack of boxes and was sucked up into the vortex of a massive tunnel in the air. Next thing he was floating in the air, way up in a void. There is a bloke there named the Fireman. He tells him to go to the hardware store near his flat. He’ll find a rack of green rubber gardening gloves. There will be one opened with only a right handed glove inside. He is to purchase that package and put the glove on his right hand, which will then possess the enormous power of a piledriver. He ends up getting the glove and into a fight with the shopkeep. A jobsworth is a person who delights in acting in an obstructive manner. There is a crack when he punches jobsworth. Then, Freddie remembers something else the Fireman tells him. Go to Twin Peaks, Washington, United States of America and there he will find his destiny. James says, “Wow.” James asks why the Fireman picked him and Freddie says he asked him the same. The Fireman said, “Why not you?” And when Freddie went to buy his ticket, they told him he already had a ticket. The Freddie says they are supposed to check the furnace. James walks downstairs to the furnace and it is creepy. There is that same droning from Ben Horne’s office as James makes his way down the darkened aisle ways of the giant furnace of the Great Northern. There is a door that seems locked.

Cut to the Elk’s Point #9 Bar with an electric neon hum. Sarah Palmer makes her way in the dark to the bar and sneaks in nearly unnoticed, asking the bartender for a bloody mary. She starts drinking alone and the burly jerk next to her, wearing a Truck You shirt, starts harassing her. She warns him to mind his own business, begs him in fact. He turns hostile and accuses her of being a lesbian. He asks her if she likes to eat cunt. She says, “I’ll eat you.” She looks at him, removes part of her face and what seems to be a reptile tongue lashes out twice, followed by what looks like an x-ray hand with a long second finger, almost penis like, and then a smile without a face. We hear a voice, not hers, that says, “Do you really wanna fuck with this.” Then she puts her face back on and bites his neck out (like in Part 2). She comes to her senses and screams. The bartender asks what happened. She says he just fell over. He asks, “With half his neck missing?” He asks Sarah if she had something to do with this. She says he saw her just sitting there having a drink. He tells Connie to call 911, they have a dead one at the bar. He tells her they’ll see about this. Sarah says, “Yeah, sure is a mystery, huh?”


Hawk is Missing Something

Cooper’s Escape

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Meet New Twin Peaks

Scene 3 Washington, Twin Peaks, Roadhouse (0:49:51 - 0:56:39)

Two girls sit in the booth at the Roadhouse. One says, “That’s because you’re hanging out at the nuthouse.” The other says she’s not. One says, “Getting high in there.” The other says, “Bullshit. I’m not. I’m getting high in my room. Flying in my own room.” The one says don’t go in that nut place. The other says who said I would anyway. The one accuses her of lifting that ‘nice’ sweater and asks where she lifted it. “It’s Paula’s.” The one asks if the other has seen Billy. The other says not for a couple of days. The one heard she was the last person to see Billy. “It was so fucking scary.” She and her Mom, maybe her Uncle (she wasn’t sure). Billy jumped over a six-foot fence and lands in their backyard. He comes running in like crazy, stumbles into the kitchen and there was blood coming out of his nose and mouth, gushing, “like a waterfall.” He bolts out the back again. They didn’t tell anyone. Her Mom and him had a thing from time to time. She smiled whenever his name came up. Her mom’s name is Tina. Brooding music starts playing. The other woman looks down and asks if he just ran out again. He was in the kitchen for ten seconds, then ran out again. It took them awhile to clean it up. She can’t remember if her uncle was there. They look at each other forebodingly as the MC announced Lissee, who starts playing “Wild, Wild, West.” The lyrics are:

Are you out there / To take away my fear / I haven’t lost my hope / Even though I am so far from my home / I’ve been living life on the edge / Slip and fall if I take one more step / There’s safety in numbers I guess / But I’m going rogue in the Wild, Wild West / Wild Wild, West / From where I stand / There’s a world where you can / All that you lost / you get back / And all that you want  you can have / I’ve living my life on the edge / Slip and fall if I take one more step / There’s safety in numbers I guess / But I’m going rogue in the Wild, Wild West / Wild, Wild West / I’ve been dancing in the moonlight / I’ve been laughing with firelight / Living I’ve been giving / I’ve been living with the firelight / I’ll be fine fine / I’ll be fine / Oh, Oh…. / I’ve been living too close to the edge / If I fall, who’s gonna catch me? There’s safety in numbers I guess / But I’m going rogue in the wild, wild west. / I’ve been dancing in the moonlight / I’ve been laughing with

Meet New Twin Peaks

Bang Bang Band on Stage


Kyle McLachlan:Special Agent Dale Cooper/Mr C

Jay Aaseng:Drunk

Eric Ray Anderson:Bartender

Dana Ashbrook:Deputy Bobby Briggs

Chrysta Bell:FBI Agent Tammy Preston

Monica Belluci:Herself

David Bowie:Phillip Jeffries

Robert Broski:Woodsman

Owain Rhys Davies:Agent Wilson

Laura Dern:Diane Evans

Erica Eynon:Experiment

Jay R. Ferguson:Special Agent Randall Headley

Miguel Ferrer:FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield

Robert Forster:Sheriff Frank Truman

Nathan Frizzell:Voice

Harry Goaz:Deputy Andy Brennan

Frank Silva:Bob

JR Starr:MC

Emily Stofle:Sophie

Jake Wardle:Freddie Sykes

Nae Yuuki:Naido

Grace Zabriskie:Sarah Palmer


Eric Sullivan:Lissie

Lewis Keller:Lissie

Jesse Siebenberg:Lissie


“Wild Wild West”:Performed by Lissie

Voice of The Return (Summary)

Share of Voice Part 14.png

COMING SOON: Twin Peaks Returns Part Two

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