A Skeleton Key to Twin Peaks: Part Fifteen

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Episodic Part Summary By Scene and Focus

Scene 1 Twin Peaks, Big Ed’s Gas Farm / RR Diner  (0:01:39 - 0:10:43)

Nadine is carrying her golden shovel all through town, to Big Ed’s Gas Farm. When she gets there, she confesses her love to him and that she’s been “A selfish bitch” to him and kept him and Norma apart. She wants him to be free because she’s fine now. She also confesses that she’s been watching the Jacoby show. She wants them to enjoy the rest of their lives together and that she’s happy just thinking of their happiness. She states that, “True love is giving the other what makes them happy.” Ed doubts her sincerity but she states that her walking here gave her plenty of opportunity to turn back. She’s serious.

Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” starts playing as Ed pulls up to the RR Diner. He goes in and tells Norma that he’s free and they can be happy now. Norma gives him a cold response by saying, “Ed, I’m so sorry. Walter’s here.” She sits down with Walter and Ed is in despair, asking Shelly for a cup of coffee and, “A cyanide tablet.” But Norma breaks it off completely with Walter and he weasels out of the RR after whining to her that she’s making a big mistake. She has a wonderful family and wants to take care of them. Meanwhile, Ed seems to be meditating to find his center and makes the slightest smile as Walter walks out behind him. The camera zooms in closer to Ed and in the lower right frame, we see Norma’s loving hand embrace his shoulder. The look lovingly into each other’s eyes and Ed says, “Marry Me?” They kiss deeply as Shelly looks on with tears in her eyes. Norma says, “Of course.” Shelly stands smiling and crying and their kiss closes out a beautiful moment that has been a long time coming. The scene ends with what appears to be ripples in the clouds above the RR as Otis Redding wails, “I LOVE…!”

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Scene 2 Wooded Area (0:10:43 - 0:24:05)

A scratching electricity sound sparks as we see the same power lines that Andy saw in his vision in the White Lodge. A vehicle is traveling on a dark road in a rural area with no streetlights. There is a road sign and we see Mr C in the driver’s seat, bouncing around. He pulls into a side lot and we see a translucent Woodsman in front of the vehicle. It’s the Convenient Store. Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima starts playing. Mr C gets out of the car and follows the Woodsman up the stairs, where they both disappear with static crackling. Now the camera moves through translucent trees as an atmospheric wind blow and then Mr C is walking into the room with the wallpaper we saw Laura Palmer enter in Fire Walk With Me, from the framed photo that Mrs. Tremond gave to her. Mr C says, “I’m looking for Phillip Jeffries.” A woodsman looks at him and then pulls a switch, lighting up the whole room in crackling electricity. The jumping man appears, bouncing around the screen and Sarah Palmer’s face is superimposed over him. The electricity stops and the Woodsman pulls the switch the other way. Another Woodsman appears in the doorway, while the one sitting down grabs a wooden staff and stabs in on the floor once, a resounding thud following. Mr C follows the standing Woodsman into the darkness beyond. They are walking down a black hall that seems immense, a light at the end of the room showing a dimly lit stairwell, possibly the same one that Gordon saw when he looked into the Vortex in South Dakota. They enter the stairwell and ascend the stairs, the woodsman taking the lead. They turn right and enter another room which ends in a door. Mr C opens the door onto a motel parking lot that looks like a ghostly version of the hotel that Leland saw Laura and Ronette at when he arranged a sexual foursome with Teresa Banks. Insects chirp in the background and there are trees visible over the roof of the single story motel. A single light is on as a woodsman walks Mr C up to the only room with that light (room #8). Mr C reaches the door and looks back to see what looks like a woman approaching in a dirty bathrobe and neglige. The person speaks backwards, saying, “I’ll unlock the door for you.” Mr C backs away as this person approaches the door and put a key in the lock, then opens the door. They look at each other with hard gazes as the person walks away, the door open into a dark room. Mr C walks into the room and closes the door behind him. A dim fluorescent ceiling light bulb erratically blinks, illuminating dingy curtains and the low light outside. The dirty wall seems to blink in and out of focus and then either fades away or slides away, revealing a what looks to be one of the Fireman’s alarm bells. There are three antennae on top and an arm that is producing smoke that roils inside of a low luminous sphere; there is a smoke haze under the sphere and a boiling noise. The device clanks and human and the tinny voice of Philip Jeffries says, “Oh, it’s you.” Mr C say, “Jeffries.” Jeffries says, “Thank God.” Mr C asks why Jeffries sent Ray to kill him. Jeffries seems surprises and says he called Ray. Mr C says, “So you did send him? Did you call me five days ago?” Jeffries says, “I don’t have your number.” Mr C says, “So it was someone else who called me?” Jeffries says they used to talk and Mr C agrees. Ominous music plays as the flashback from Fire Walk With Me appears, where Jeffries says, “We’re not going to talk about Judy at all.” Mr C says, “1989. You showed up at FBI headquarters in Philadelphia and said you’d met Judy.” Jeffries says, “So, you are Cooper?” The light blinks on Mr C’s face and he asks, “Philip, why didn’t you want to talk about Judy? Who is Judy? Does Judy want something from me?” Jeffries says, “Why don’t you ask Judy yourself? Let me write it down for ya.” Smoke numbers start puffing out of the device. 48055(to the first power)91… Mr C asks again, “Who is Judy?” Jeffries says, “You’ve already met Judy.” Mr C asks what he means. A phone rings in the room and Mr C looks at it. He asks again, “Who is Judy?” And again. Jeffries remains silent. Mr C walks to the phone to pick it up the electricity sparks, lighting him up with unnatural light. Cut to the convenient store smoke stuttering in and out the front door (from Part 8) and then to the phone booth outside the convenient store, where Mr C appears, ejected from the Dark Motel. Mr C stutters in an out of the frame and looks at the receiver as the line goes dead with a droning dial tone. He hangs it up and starts walking towards his truck but Richard Horne stands between him and his vehicle. Richard says, “I recognized you back at the farm. You’re FBI.” Mr C asks how he figured that. Richard says he saw his picture in a fancy FBI suit. Mr C asks where he saw that picture and Richard says his Mom had it. Mr C asks who his Mom is and Richard says, “Audrey Horne.” Mr C tilts his head and looks deeper at Richard who says, “And your name’s Cooper.” Mr C hocks a loogie and then punches and disarms poor Richard, kicking him twice. He tells him not to threaten him again and to get in the truck, that they’ll talk on the way. He then texts “Las Vegas,” which ties this scene to the text Diane receives in Buckhorn. They pull away and the convenient store lights up with electricity, smoke and scratching noises. The trees become illuminated and the convenient store disappears, leaving an empty lot with strange lights rolling over the ground. 

Mr C Has A Plan

The FBI Finds Cooper

Scene 3 Washington, Twin Peaks, Forest Near Fat Trout Trailer Park (0:24:05 - 0:30:49)

Cyril Pons is walking his dog with an earflap hat in the woods. Cut to Stephen and Gersten, huddled near a large tree in the forest. Stephen has a gun in one hand and is rubbing his right leg with the other. Gersten asks him why and he says, “There is no why. I did do it.” She says, “No. She did it.” He says he can’t, that he did it. She tells him to stop it, that he didn’t do anything, that he’s fucking stoned. She asks what she gave him. She kisses him and asks for the gun. He asks if she’s going to come up with him. She says no and he’s not going up either. He tells her to look at him, that he’s a high school graduate. He says, “You see this?” He puts a bullet in the gun, points at his temple and says, “Right through here. It’s going to end it.” He says, “And when I see you come up, but, I may not even see you there. I mean...I mean gone. Where will I be? Will I be with the rhinoceros? The lightning in the bottle? Please.” She tells him it’s okay and he says, “Or will I be completely turquoise?” He feels something and jerks violently. He says, “This is the end. I got a duty to do.” He tells her to do whatever she wants and that he liked fucking her. He says he liked to get down and fight with her and fuck. She starts sobbing. He liked her cunt, sometimes because it’s so amazing. He tells her that she’s making him cry and to, “Stop it, cunt.” Cyril comes upon them and Stephen sees him and freaks out, hiding hte gun. Cyril runs away and Gersten runs around the tree. We hear a gun cocking and a gunshot. Gersten wipes her hair in and out of  her face, completely unhinged on the other side of the tree, she looks up to the tree tops in some kind of resolve. Cut to Cyril Pons walking back into the Fat Trout trailer park, telling Carl Rodd that about what he say and points to a trailer, saying he lives there. 

Shelly’s Daughter Wrong Guy

Scene 4 Washington, Twin Peaks, The Roadhouse (0:30:49 - 0:33:12)

MC Pinecone announces Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Topp is one of their favorites. He turns a paper dial up past ten. The crowd starts dancing. James and Freddie walk up to a booth where Renee is sitting with her husband Chuck and another couple. James says it’s good to see her, which sets Chuck off. He asks James if he has a death wish, while Renee tries to calm him down. Chuck threatens to kill him and says not to talk to his wife other. Chuck jumps up and punches James to the ground, then starts beating him severely. Chuck’s friend jump in and Freddie says, “Oy, you  best stop this.” Chuck’s friend says, “Fuck you, punk!” Freddie lightly punches him, which causes the song to stop with a record scratch and a reverberation seems to ripple through the crowd. Freddie then punches Chuck, who goes flying back to the ground, Renee completely freaking out. Chuck is convulsing on the ground, while Freddie helps James up. James asks someone to call 911 because these guys are really hurt. He then apologizes to Renee and says that Chuck’s eyes don’t look right.  

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Meet New Twin Peaks

Scene 5 Nevada, Las Vegas, FBI Office (0:33:12 - 0:33:56)

Wilson enters the office and says that Douglas Jones and his wife Jane are ready for questioning. He asks Wilson if they gave him any trouble and Wilson says no but the kids aren’t happy. He says, “Kids--uh?” These are not the Jones they were looking for and Wilson is in trouble again. 

FBI Finds Cooper

Scene 6 Nevada, Las Vegas, Mr. Todd’s Office  (0:33:56 - 0:34:56)

Mr. Todd’s is working late again. He asks Roger to come in a minute. He asks Roger if they’ve heard from Anthony. Rogers says no and is ordered to find him now. We see a gun enter the frame and Mr Todd’s head is blown away. Then Roger is shot in the chest. It’s Chantal and she walks away, wearing the same pumps the French woman had on in Cole’s hotel room. Chantal is on the phone, likely with Hutch. She says, “Hi Hun.” We hear Roger wailing, which makes Chantal come back and put another round in him, silencing poor Roger forever. Chantal says, “Yeah, one down, one to go. Yeah, french fries and extra ketchup.”

Mr C Has a Plan

Scene 7 Washington, Twin Peaks, Sheriff’s Station (0:34:56 - 0:36:26)

The bloody drool man repeats “Put him in eight,” after Hawk. James and Freddie are in jail now and James asks if those guys are okay. Hawk tells him they are both in intensive care. James looks across the way and sees Naido, then says, “What the hell?” Naido is reaching out and chattering oddly. Chad screams, “Shut up!” Bloody drool man repeats.

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Scene 8 Nevada, Las Vegas, Hutch’s Van (0:36:26 - 0:37:51)

Chantal and Hutch eat their Wendy’s while Hutch says that the government murders all the team, so-called Christian nation, might as well be, “Thou Shalt Kill. Forgiven No One. Show No Mercy. Fuck ‘em in the ass. It’s a nation of killers. Killed all along. Killed damn near all the Indians.” Chantal says her fun is over when they actually kill someone because it’s no fun torturing a corpse. She complains that she hasn’t gotten to torture anyone in a long time. She also hates the little ketchup packs but is happy Hutch got her desert. They love each other.  Hutch says it’s a beautiful night and Chantal points out Mars in the sky.

Mr C Has A Plan

Scene 9 Nevada, Las Vegas, Jones Home (0:37:51 - 0:41:53)

Janey-E gives Dougie his chocolate cake. She loves him and is very happy. She asks if it’s delicious. She says it’s like all their dreams are coming true. She walks away and he starts pushing buttons on the remote, while continuing to eat his cake. Eventually he turns on the television. Sunset Boulevard comes on television and the Mr Demille says, “Get Gordon Cole.” Cooper’s eyes go wide at Gordon Cole’s name and he punches buttons until the television pauses. We hear electric crackle as Cooper looks at the outlet. Fork in hand, he crawl to the outlet and tries to put the fork in there, prongs first. This doesn’t work so he turns the fork around. There is an electrical pop and Janey-E screams as Cooper collapses. Sonny Jim asks frantically what happened.

Cooper Escapes

Scene 10 Washington, Twin Peaks, Log Lady’s House / Sheriff’s Station (0:41:53 - 0:47:34)

The Log Lady calls Hawk one last time. She says, “Hawk, I’m dying.” He says he’s sorry. She says, “You know about death, that it’s just a change, not an end. Hawk, it’s time. There’s some fear, some fear in letting go. Remember what I told you. I can’t say more over the phone but you know what I mean, from our talks, when we were able to speak face to face. Watch for that one, the one I told you about, the one under the Moon on Blue Pine Mountain. Hawk, my log is turning gold. The wind is moaning. I’m dying. Good night, Hawk.” Hawk says, “Good night, Margaret.” They hang up and Hawk says, “Goodbye, Margaret.” He looks very somber. The moon is half phase and dark clouds woosh past, covering the Moon completely. Sheriff Truman is sitting in a dark conference room looking at fish when Bobby, Lucy and Andy come in. Hawk intercommed them and asked them to come. Hawk enters and tells them that Margaret Lanterman passed away tonight. Lucy says, “The Log Lady’s dead?” Frank takes his hat off and leans back in his chair. They all look down with remorse. The light in Margaret’s cabin fades out.

Hawk is Missing Something

Revisit Old Twin Peaks

Scene 11 Washington, Twin Peaks, Horne House (0:47:34 - 0:50:29)

Audrey and Charlie are at the threshold of the house but Audrey is unnerved. She’s tired of waiting for the phone. Billy hated that place but...she notices that Charlie has his coat on and he says, “Of course I do. We’re going out to the Roadhouse.” He’ll need his coat. She says that he’s really something. Charlie tells her to put her coat on, that it’s late and he’s sleepy. She goes off on a tirade about how much he complains, that it’s like being with a, “Sick dog.” He asks, “Are you going to put your coat on or talk me to death right here on the threshold?” She says that when she and Billy go places, he never speaks to her the way he does. He says, “Yes. Well, I am Charlie and he is Billy.” She says that she likes Billy better. He asks if she’s putting her coat on. He’s just about had it. She says she never really saw him before the way she’s seeing him now, like she’s meeting a different person. She asks who he is. He’s done. “Off comes the coat.” She attacks him, choking him, asking him, “Do you know how much I fucking hate you?”

Audrey’s Drama

Scene 12 Place (0:50:29 - 0:00:00)

The Viels “Axolotl” plays. The lyrics are:

I’m glowing bright obsidian / Axolotl amphibian / Un-elemental chemicals / Got me growing six black tentacles / A little nightmarish a little maudlin / Good golly and go get that kid some laudenum / Salvation’s more than I can afford / Who needs the devil when you’ve got the lord? / Oh my soul / Losing control / Who built this heart? / Oh my God / Now Sister Maggie’s coming in fleet-foot / Baby’s got a belly full of black soot / I got the feeling I better just stay put / Ah she’ll love you better than any real man could / An accidental amphibian / I’m growing giddy as a Gideon / Another head for the chopping board / Who needs the devil when you’ve got the lord? / Oh my soul / Losing control / Who built this heart? / Oh my god / Oh my soul / Losing control / Who built this heart? / Oh my God / Oh my soul / Who built this heart?

A young woman is sitting alone in a booth. Two large bikers walk up to her and she says that she’s waiting for someone. They pick her up and set her on the floor, then take the booth. She sits for several moments, looking stunned, then starts crawling into the crowd before breaking out in shrieks. No one seems to notice or care.

Meet New Twin Peaks

Bang Bang Band on Stage



Kyle McLachlan:Special Agent Dale Cooper/Mr C

Jay Aaseng:Drunk

Joe Adler:Roger

Madchen Amick:Shelly Briggs

Dana Ashbrook:Deputy Bobby Briggs

David Bowie:Phillip Jeffries

Catherine Coulson:Margaret Lanterman (The Log Lady)

Owain Rhys Davies:Agent Wilson

Eamon Farren:Richard Horne

Sherilynn Fenn:Audrey Horne

Jay R. Ferguson:Special Agent Randall Headley

Miguel Ferrer:FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield

Patrick Fischler:Duncan Todd

Robert Forster:Sheriff Frank Truman

Nathan Frizzell:Voice of Phillip Jeffries

Mark Frost:Cyril Pons

Pierce Gagnon:Sonny Jim Jones

Harry Goaz:Deputy Andy Brennan

Grant Goodeve:Walter Lawford

Michael Horse:Deputy Chief Tommy “Hawk” Hill

Caleb Landry Jones:Steven Burnett

Sheryl Lee:Laura Palmer

Jennifer Jason Leigh:Chantal Hutchens

Peggy Lipton:Norma Jennings

James Marshall:James Hurley

Everett McGill:Big Ed Hurley

Clark Middleton:Charlie

Casey O’Neill:Skipper

John Pirruccello:Deputy Chad Broxford

Kimmy Robertson:Lucy Brennan

Wendy Robie:Nadine Hurley

Tim Roth:Gary “Hutch” Hutchens

Rod Rowland:Chuck

Carlton Lee Russell:Jumping Man

Malachy Sreenan:Bosomy Woman

Harry Dean Stanton:Carl Rodd

JR Starr:MC

Jessica Szohr:Renee

Jake Wardle:Freddie Sykes

Naomi Watts:Janey-E Jones

Alicia Witt:Gersten Hayward

Charlyne Yi:Ruby

Nae Yuuki:Naido

Finn Andrews:The Veils

Sophia Burn:The Veils

Uberto Rapisardi:The Veils


  • “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” : Written by Otis Redding and Jerry  Butler : Performed by Otis Redding
  • “Summer Night”: Written by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch : Performed by Thought Gang
  • “Sharp Dressed Man” : Written by Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard : Performed by ZZ Topp
  • “Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima” : Written by Krzysztof Penderecki : Performed by Warsaw National Philharmonic
  • “AXOLOTL” : Produced by El-P, Wilder Zoby, and Finn Andrews : Written by Finn Andrews, Jaime Meline, and Wilder Zoby : Performed by The Veils

Voice of The Return (Summary)

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COMING SOON: Twin Peaks Returns Part Two

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