A Skeleton Key to Twin Peaks: Part Sixteen

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Episodic Part Summary By Scene and Focus

Scene 1 Washington, Twin Peaks, Ghostwood Forest (0:01:41 - 0:09:49)

Ominous music and low headlights guide Mr C and Richard Horne down paved rural roads. They approach a forked road and Mr C pulls the truck to a stop, checking a device in his hand for accuracy. He looks up the hill to his right and then turns on the floodlights and directs them up the hill. He gets out of the truck and Richard follows. Richard asks what now and Mr C tells him to pay attention and he’ll find out. Mr C says, “I’m looking for a place,” then condescendingly adds, “Do you understand the place?” Richard does not. Mr C says, “Three people have given me coordinates to that place. Two of the coordinates match. What would you do, Richard?” He says, “I’d check out the two that match.” Mr C tells him he’s a very bright young man and they are very close to the two that match. Mr C says it’s right up there and we see a large stone at the top of a steep hill. Richard asks if they are going up there now and Mr C confirms this. Out of the darkness, Jerry Horne comes running up and stops when he hears and the sees the truck. He says, People?” then pulls out a set of field binoculars. Looking in the wrong end, making everything small, he surveys the situation and says, “Dear God.” Ominous music strikes again as Mr C and Richard approach the stone. Richard asks if this is it and Mr C says, “I bet it’s right up there on that rock.” Mr C says, “I’m 25 years your senior. Take this and get on up there.” He hands him the device. He adds, “It’ll beep when you’re close and make a continuous tone when you’re on it. Let me know what you find.” Richard walks slowly as odd reverberations start whistling through the air, his shadow playing across the face of the stone as he approaches, Mr C looking on backlit as if some kind of dark angel, and Jerry Horne watching it all in miniature through the wrong end of his binoculars.  The beeping grows more steady as Richard climbs the rock. He says, “I’m there,” just as a lightning bolt strikes him dead, lighting up Mr Cs face and torso, his eyes remain dead, small dusty balls of light bouncing off Richard as he screams in agony. Jerry watches the scene unfold in the small eye of his binocular lens and Richard’s scream and shadow start phasing in and out as smoke and and light eventually overcome him and his body disappears with a pop. Jerry collapses to the ground, wheezing and gasping while Mr C simply says, “Oh. Goodbye my son.” He then turns are walks back towards the truck. Jerry smashes his binoculars to the ground, shouting “Bad binoculars…” over and over. Mr C pulls his phone out and sends a text “:-) ALL” but the phone beeps  and we see that he has three bars of service, it is 2:05 AM and the text is not delivered. He puts the phone in his pocket and gets back in the truck.

Mr C Has A Plan


Richard Horne is Evil

Revisit Old Twin Peaks


Scene 2 Las Vegas, Jones Home / Hospital (0:09:49 - 0:15:30)

Chantal and Hutch pull up in front of the Jones home. They park and Chantal leans back, her foot up on Hutch’s leg, eating her Cheetos. Hutch asks if she heard the birds this morning and she, “Sure as shit did.” Two FBI cars pull up and Hutch asks what this is. Chantal sees the FBI and asks what the hell they are doing here. No one is home at the Jones home, while the Hutchens look on. Wilson gets put on stakeout duty while his boss is headed to the Lucky 7 Insurance company. Chantal says, “Good riddance.”

Dougie Jones is in a coma and there is a beeping along with a steady breathing machine. Bushnell comes in and says, “I just heard what you been telling me. He’s in a coma but his vital signs are good, strong.” Janey-E says that when people go into a coma they can stay there for  years. Bushnell doesn’t think  Dougie will do that. Sony Jim asks is comas have anything to do with electricity. Janey-E says not but Bushnell counters that, “In this case, it did.” Bushnell consoles Janey-E and we hear the Mitchum Brothers coming down the hall. They enter the room respectfully, carrying a big basket. They Y Girls come in carrying, “What you call finger sandwiches.” They just want to be as helpful as possible and pay their respects. Bradley leans in to look closer at Dougie and says, “All things considered, he looks good.” Janey-E says yeah while she beams at Dougie, clearly in love and yet still worried. They ask Janey-E for a key so they can stock their house. Bradley asks, “It was, like what, electricity?” Janey-E nods. 

Cooper Escapes

Mr C Has A Plan

FBI Finds Cooper

Scene 3 Buckhorn South Dakota, Mayfair Hotel (0:15:30 - 0:16:07)

Devices are whirring and beeping in the FBI hotel room in Buckhorn as Gordon looks at all the blinking lights with what looks like concern.  

FBI Finds Cooper

Scene 4 Las Vegas, Hospital / Jones Home / Hospital (0:16:07 - 0:31:32)

Sonny Jim and Bushnell are drinking their sodas when Sonny Jim whispers to his mother that he has to go pee. Janey-E says, “Let’s go find you the little boy’s room.” and they get up to leave. Bushnell gets a phone call and Phil tells him the FBI was there looking for Dougie. Bushnell incredulously asks, “What’s he done now, he’s in a coma?” Phil told them he was at the hospital and they left about ten minutes ago. Bushnell walks up and looks closer at Dougie, the monitor beeping, the breathing machine whirring. Bushnell shakes his head in wonder.  

Cut to the Jones home. Wilson and his partner find a good spot down the street from Dougie’s house, facing the Hutchens van. Hutch says, “Looks like it’s gonna be a long day.” He asks if she remembers that guy, Sammy. She does. He passed away and Hutch owed him money. She asks if he felt bad about that and he says, “Eh.” A white limo pulls up, followed by a large catering van. Hutch asks, “What is this now?” The Mitchum brothers get out, followed by a circus of food and the Y Girls. Hutch asks if one of them is Dougie, Douglas, to which Chantal asks. “Do any of them look like our boss? No stupid, none of them is Dougie.” He asks her to settle down and she flips, pointing at the Cheetos, saying it’s the, “Last fucking bag!” He then asks if she’s on the rag and she screams, “What if I fucking was?” That’s enough for Hutch. He disengages. They watch the madness and Chantal says, “Looks like a fucking circus parade.” Wilson confirm this by saying, “Stretch limo. Girls in pink. No Douglas Jones.” Then a beefy bald man pulls up in a Zawaski accounting, inc Mercedes, leather jackets and boots. He gets out of the car and walks up to the Hutchens’ van window. He says, “Hello. Hello. You’re in my driveway.” Hutch leans up and looks at the street, then says, “We’re not in your driveway.” Chantal says, “We’re not even close to your fucking driveway asshole.” Hutch gives here a What are you doing look and she explodes at the man, “Go fuck yourself!” The man looks at Hutch and says, “I move car.” He then plows into the van, not pushing it. Chantal has had enough and she takes a pistol shot at him, nearly hitting him. He gets out and runs to the trunk, coming back up with his own pistol. He shoots her and wings her. Hutch gets his shotgun and says, “This shit is fucking up the whole thing.” He shoots a concentrated blast into the windshield as the accountant ducks for cover. He yells, “Get us the fuck out of here,” and Chantal hops into the driver’s seat, starts the van and plows into the accountants car, knocking him to the street. She backs up and tears around his vehicle but the accountant changes to the automatic setting on his pistol and peppers the van, killing Chantal and Hutch, their van careening into the a yard. The Mitchum brothers come out of Dougie’s house, guns drawn and hunched down. Bradley asks, “What the fuck kind of neighborhood is this?” Rodney says, “People are under a lot of stress, Bradley.” They both agree and then agree to put down their guns, get the girls, and leave quietly. The FBI then disarm and arrest the accountant who seems to go along with it peacefully.

Cut to the hospital. Dougie is still on the machine and Bushnell starts hearing that same tone from the Great Northern. He follows it around the room and out into the hallway. After he leaves, Mike appears in full Red Room on the chair next to the bed. Cooper wakes up at 25:14 and rips the tubes out of his mouth and arms. He sits up and looks a Mike, who says, “You are awake.” Cooper says, “One hundred percent.” Mike says, “Finally. The other one. He didn’t go back in. He’s still out. Take this.” Mike hands him the Owl Cave ring and there is a tone. Cooper asks him if he has the seed. Mike shows it to him. Cooper pulls a bit of his hair out and hands it to Mike, saying, “I need you to make another one.” Mike says he understands and takes the hair, looks at it, then puts it in his pocket before disappearing. Cooper closes the ring in his fist and puts it under his pillow in the hospital bed just as Janey-E and Sonny Jim enter the room. Cooper motions for Sonny Jim to come up and sit on the bed. He calls them by name. Bushnell comes in and says, “Dougie’s back! Oh, I knew it!” Cooper asks Janey-E to go find a doctor and for Sonny Jim to go with his mom. He then says, “Bushnell, pass me some of those sandwiches. I’m starving!” Bushnell tells him the FBI is looking for him and Cooper says, “Perfect.” The doctor comes in and he asks the doctor to confirm that his vitals are, “A-OK.” He asks Bushnell to hand him his clothes. She asks, “Dougie do you think this is a good idea?” Cooper says, with absolution, “It’s a good idea.” The doctor confirms he’s A-OK and Cooper asks Janey-E to bring the car around. Cooper thanks Bushnell for the clothes. As they walk down the hall, Sonny Jim says, “Dad sure is talking a lot.” Janey-E says, “Yeah, he sure is, Sonny Jim.” Cooper is tying his shoes and says, “Bushnell, I’m going to need to borrow the .32 snubnose your wear in the shoulder holster under your left arm.” Bushnell is floored and says, “Sure thing, Dougie.” He asks if everything is alright and can he help him in any way. Cooper says he can get the Mitchum brothers on the phone. He calls their personal number. Cooper takes the phone and tells Rod that he’s bringing his family to the casino in 20 minutes and asks them to meet him in the lobby. Rod says, “Whatever you need, Dougie!” They are gassing up the jet now, to head to Spokane, WA. Rod stands up, button his jacket and says, “Let’s go. Meeting Dougie in the lobby.” Bradley calls the girls into action and the Mitchum machine is rolling. As Bradley says, “I wonder what Dougie’s up to now,” “Falling” starts playing. Cooper tells Bushnell that he has a feeling a man named Gordon Cole will call here. If he does, he wants Bushnell to read his message (hands him a piece of paper). He shakes his hand and says, “You’re a fine man, Bushnell Mullins. I will not soon forget your kindness and decency.” Bushnell asks, as Cooper leaves, “What about the FBI?” Cooper turns and smiles at him, then says, “I am the FBI.” He tells Janey-E to move over, he’ll drive. She protests but he says it’s okay, then gets in and tells them to fasten their seat belt. The FBI pull into the hospital just as Cooper pulls away. “Falling” continues to play as Coop drives towards the Silver Mustang Casino. Sonny Jim says, “Dad can drive. Really good.” Janey-E is still incredulous but smiling.

Cooper Escapes

Mr C Has A Plan

FBI Finds Cooper

Scene 5 Buckhorn South Dakota, Mayfair Hotel / Red Room (0:31:32 - 0:43:25)

Diane sits at the bar, smoking and receives the :-) ALL text. She shudders and the “Falling” music stops. Silence echoes as she looks stunned. She opens her purse, looks inside, takes a drink and starts remembers. She says, “I remember. Oh, oh Coop. I remember.” She grabs her phone and starts typing in numbers, then hits send. She says, “I hope this works.” She shudders and looks around, a menacing look in her eye. We see she has a handgun in her purse. American Woman starts playing as she walks towards the elevator. She pushes the button. The camera hangs in front of her as she approaches the FBI command center hotel room. She stops in front of the room and Gordon seems to be looking through the door, asks her to, “Come in, Diane.” She comes in and sits, looking disheveled. She says, “You asked me about the night that Cooper came to visit me. I’m going to tell you.” Albert offers her a drink. She opens her purse and Cole watches her closely, scanning her up and down. She drinks. He looks over Albert. She pulls cigarettes out of her purse. She says, “It was three, maybe four years after I stopped hearing from Cooper. I was still working at the Bureau. One night, no knock, no doorbell, he just walked in. I was standing in my living room.” She exhales deeply. She says, “I was so happy to see him. I held him so close. And we, uh...we sat on my sofa and started talking. I just wanted to hear everything about where he’d been and what he’d been doing.” She clutches at her neck. She says, “He only wanted to know about what had been going on at the Bureau. It felt like he was grilling me but I told myself he was just excited to hear about Bureau news. Then he leaned in.” she touches her lips slowly. “He leaned in to kiss me. It only happened once before. But as soon as his lips touched mine, something went wrong and I felt afraid and he saw the fear in me.” Her hand hangs in front of her face and she closes her eyes and starts crying. “And he smiled. He smiled. And his face.” She waves her hands outward from her mouth. “And that’s when it started. He raped me. He raped me. Afterward, he took me somewhere, an old gas station.” She starts shaking and looks at her phone We see the ALL again. She remembers something and says, “I’m in the sheriff’s station. I’m in the sheriff’s station...because, because...I’m not me. I’m not me.” Albert unholsters his firearm. Diane pulls her gun and tries to shoot Cole but Albert and Tammy both pull their guns faster, shooting Diane who jerks up and out like Laura did in the Red Room, only bullet holes remain in the chair where she was sitting. Cole looks contemplative. Tammy says, “Wow, They’re real. That was a real Tulpa.” Cole looks at them and asks, “Sheriff's Station?”

Diane is sitting in the Red Room. Mike says, Someone manufactured you.” She casually says, “I know. Fuck you.”Her mouth opens and her jaw crunches. She hunches in her shoulders and her face opens up, that same black smoke we saw with Dougie, a golden orb pops out and her torso begins inflating and deflating rapidly, disappearing into smoke and light, Mike covering his eyes. A silver ball is left in the chair.

Mr C Has A Plan

FBI Finds Cooper

Scene 6 Las Vegas, Silver Mustang Casino / Mitchum Brothers Limo (0:43:25 - 0:48:37)

The Mitchum Brothers are happy to see Dougie looking great. The plane is standing by. Janey-E asks where they are going. Cooper asks for a minute, taking his new family aside. Bradley says,
“You know, Dougie’s talking with a lot of assurance.” Rod says, “Maybe something to do with the coma?” Bradley snaps his finger and says, “Side effects.” Cooper kneels down to talk to Janey-e and Sonny Jim. He says, “I have to go away for a while but I want to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed spending time with both of you.” Janey-E is floored. Cooper says, “You’ve made my heart so full.” She asks what he’s saying. Cooper says, “We’re a family. Dougie, I mean, I will be back.” Janey-E asks, “You’re not Dougie?” Sonny Jim demands that he’s his Dad. Cooper assures him by saying, “I’m your Dad, Sonny Jim and I love you. I love you both.” He hugs them and says he has to go, that they’ll see him soon. “I’ll walk through that Red Door and I’ll be home for good.” Janey-E hugs Sonny Jim then runs to Cooper, begging him not to go. He says he has to. She kisses him deeply, her heart is breaking. She says, “Whoever you are, thank you.” Cooper gives a backward look as he and the Mitchum brothers leave.

The Mitchum Brothers need a drink to hear Dougie’s story. Rod says, “You don’t sell insurance. You’re an FBI agent who's been missing for 25 years and we need to get you to a town called Twin Peaks, to a Sheriff’s station?” Bradley adds, “Dougie, we love you but we are not traditionally welcome at such places…” Rod adds, “Or by aforementioned type people, law enforcement types.” Cooper says, “I read you 100 percent. Friends, that’s about to change. I am witness to the fact that you both have hearts of gold.” Candy says, “They do. They really do.” Bradley and Rod smile and Brade puts his arm around Coop on his brother’s shoulder. Rod slaps his brother’s hand in a loving gesture as Coop’s goodness washes over the entire scene.

Cooper Escapes

Scene 7 Washington, Twin Peaks, Roadhouse (0:48:37 - 0:57:36)

MC Pinecone introduces Edward Louis Severson on stage. Eddie Vedder plays “Out of Sand,” the lyrics are:

Can’t climb to Heaven on the cross / One liar’s promise drained the blood from my heart / Came a message in the dark / Offered the hand of a disembodied man / While I still had a chance / But now it’s gone / Gone / And I am who I am / Who I was / I will never be again / Running out of sand / I stare at my reflection to the bone / Blurred eyes look back at me / Full of blame and sympathy / So, so close / Right roads not taken / Future’s forsaken / Dropped like a fossil or stone / Now it’s gone / Gone / And I am who I am / Who I was / That will never come again / Running out of sand / Oh oh-oh-oh / A drunk octopus wants to fight / Fearful of dream, there’ll be no sleep tonight / Fine at dinner, dead by dessert / Victim or witness / We’re gonna get hurt / Fragile existence with echoes of worth / I can’t stop the bleeding / Nor the tears from thine eyes / There’s another us somewhere with much better lives / With God as our witness / But He won’t testify / Ah, Oh now it’s gone / Gone / And I am who I am / Who I could have been / I will never have the chance / Running out of sand / Running out of sand / Running out of sand

Audrey enters with Charlie in the middle of the song and they walk up to the bar, Charlie ordering two martinis, offering Audrey the seat on the bar stool. After Eddie’s song is over, Audrey and Charlie both are sitting at the bar as Audrey looks around nervously. Charlie says, “Here’s to us, Audrey.” She toasts to Billy. MC Pinecone announces, “Ladies and Gentemen, Audrey’s Dance.” The crowd clears away and Charlie seems taken aback, watching Audrey, who seems to fall into a trance. She gets up from the bar stool and saunters into the floor, the lights casting a hazy glow, a spotlight lights up her circle and she sways and grooves like she once did in the RR Diner 25 years ago. She smiles and the crowd sways with her. A man breaks the trance by punching another man, screaming, “Monique! Monique. That’s my wife, asshole!” He throws a beer bottle and jumps on the man, pounding him with punches. Audrey looks at Charlie and runs to him, hands on his shoulders, she begs, “Get me out of her.” An electric zapping sound and cut to Audrey staring into what looks like a makeup mirror in a glowing white room, her hair pulled back and she looks at her reflection, completely shocked. She asks, “What Wha-What?” That electric hum moves back to the Roadhouse band playing out “Audrey’s Dance,” as if it were a sound check.

Audrey’s Drama

Bang Bang Band on Stage


Kyle McLachlan:Special Agent Dale Cooper/Mr C

Chrysta Bell:FBI Agent Tammy Preston

Jim Belushi:Bradley Mitchum

Richard Bucher:Man Hit with Bottle

Scott Cameron:Throwing Man

Jonny Coyne:Polish Accountant

Giselle Damier:Sandie

Owain Rhys Davies:Agent Wilson

Laura Dern:Diane Evans

Josh Fadem:Phil Bisby

Eamon Farren:Richard Horne

Sherilynn Fenn:Audrey Horne

Jay R. Ferguson:Special Agent Randall Headley

Miguel Ferrer:FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield.

Pierce Gagnon:Sonny Jim Jones

David Patrick Kelly:Jerry Horne

Robert Knepper:Rodney Mitchum

Andrea Leal:Mandie

Sheryl Lee:Laura Palmer

Jennifer Jason Leigh:Chantal Hutchens

Bellina Logan:Female Doctor

David Lynch:FBI Depty Director Gordon Cole

Clark Middleton:Charlie

Don Murray:Bushnell Mullins

Tim Roth:Gary “Hutch” Hutchens

Amy Shiels:Candie

JR Starr:MC

Al Strobel:Phillip Gerard

Naomi Watts:Janey-E Jones

Eddie Vedder:Edward Louis Severson III


  • “Night Electricity Theme”: Written and Performed by Dean Hurley
  • “American Woman (David Lynch Remix)”: Written by Kallie North, Jessyca Wilson,Jason White, and Butch Walker: Performed by Muddy Magnolias
  • “Out of Sand”: Written and Performed by Eddie Vedder

Voice of The Return (Summary)

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