Entertainment Weekly Doesn't care about 22 years

If you heard our new podcast this week about Revenge, you heard my rant about Entertainment Weekly at the very end of the podcast.  I have been a subscriber for 22 straight years.  I remember the first magazine I received was the week AFTER Twin Peaks was on the cover.  I have always been sore about that.  So this year the deal they are offering me is 500% more than last year.  Why?  Magazines are a dying industry; don't raise your prices 500%.  (I wonder if they will blame "tensions” in Iran as well)  So, I have called, emailed and begged online.  They have returned by pleas with a form letter: Thank you for contacting ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Customer Service.

Please understand that testing different rates is a common marketing practice.  The offer you responded to last year could have been a special one-time offer or an internet promotion.  These offers have special prices and may not renew at the same rate.  We can only offer your renewal at the current lowest renewal rate.  If we can be of further assistance please let us know.

We appreciate this opportunity to be of service.



That is what I get for 22 years.  So, The Red Room officially puts in a boycott of EW and we move it to the Leno column.  No more mentions on air and no more money from me.  There should be some human contact and some loyalty from Customer Service.  They don't even say in the email what the "current lowest renewal rate" is in the email which means that they don't want to go on record on what it is because it is different for everyone.  SCAM.   Not to mention that it has been arriving on Monday and Josh gets his on his iPad on Thursday.  So, the magazine is out of date anyway.  I was reading about the Golden Globes being on Sunday on Monday.  So, I bid goodbye to the EW and I hope they put Leno on the cover and the two of them can go off into the Scott Boycott Sunset.  So after 22 years of marriage, EW leaves me for a younger, richer reader.  I should have known with all the Vampire Diary covers that they were eyeing someone new.