Community Returns with Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts

This morning I awoke and quickly grabbed my computer and raced to  The internet has been my new DVR for the last 6 months.  I was never so excited to see what my old friends have been up to.  Community had finally returned.  Before I give my review of this episode (spoiler alert, I loved it!)  Let's take a quick look at why we are in this Save Community mess.  Shockingly it is the bad business planning of the executives at NBC.  Community was never really in any danger.  All network sitcoms only make 22 episodes and a TV season runs from September to May which is 36 weeks.  Either they play reruns or they pull a show.  The network simply pulled Community to make up for the 14 missing weeks.  Now if they had any business sense, they would have explained this.  My guess is that some network media numbskull said that they should create fear in fans and let the fire burn.  This is the opposite of what you want to do to TV viewers.  Right now, networks need to calm viewers into believing it is worth investing their time in on air shows and not just waiting to see if it makes it to DVD.  Explain the business model, stick to it and don't pull a Britta.  Oh, I almost forgot, whenever I write a paragraph about NBC I must end it with: NBC is dumb. The Episode: Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts.  Anytime a show is off the air for three months on an unplanned break, it is always hard to just pickup where the story is left off.  I had totally forgotten that Peirce's father had died.  And it took me a little while to jump back into the characters.  That could have been just me because during the time off I watched Season 2 on DVD.  Either way I was back in and loving it by the time that Abed and Troy had their idea to do a 24 hour process of unweirding themselves.  These two characters are slowly etching themselves into the list of the best television duo's in history. (Hmmm, I foresee a podcast list of the best TV duo's of all time, put it on the Episode Guide, Josh.)  When Danny Pudi plays Abed normal it is as funny as when Jerry Seinfeld had to make himself not be funny.   It always works.  I also love when a TV show has their characters watch a TV show and their Time Traveling Inspector is a great running gag.  I  had forgotten that Alison Brie is my sweet baby.   I am so taken with her beauty and grace.  She really needs to call me.  But if I had to pick the star player of this episode.  I am gonna go with Britta.  One of the things this show does best is give their characters rigid quirks (a staple of sitcoms since Cheers perfected it with its cast) but Community shows you WHY they are that way and even more, shows you that they don't really feel that way at all.  Most of us act in a certain way in public to PRETEND we feel a certain way.  Britta would never get swept up in a wedding, but deep down she really wants it.  I thought it was a great episode for Gillian Jacobs.  When she drunkenly whispered to Jeff that this was the true her in a crazy voice, I really busted up.

I don't see how the ratings for this show could really be that great up against March Madness but I am hoping and praying that downloads and online views will be taken into account.  You can click here to watch this episode.  This show is the single most creative show on television and while we all know that TV is for selling soap, I still have hope that it will get to continue into next year.  Oh and NBC is Dumb.

UPDATE: Just saw that the ratings for this episode were enough to beat American Idol in the 18-34 age.  Way to go Human Beings.

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