We Meet Sherilyn Fenn

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22 years ago I saw Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) tie a cherry stem with her tongue to convince Blackie that she was indeed a "working girl."  Well that trick not only worked on Blackie, it worked on me.  My first Sweet Baby was created.  I was so in love with her and still am today.  I have always wanted to make the trek out to the Twin Peaks Fest in the hope of meeting her but it is quite a plane ticket from Columbus, Ohio.  But thanks to Welcome To Twin Peaks, Thats Our Waldo on twitter, I found out that she was coming to me.  I snapped up tickets for Josh and I and headed to the Horror Hound Weekend.

The first thing that I noticed in the parking lot was that I probably should have worn black.  I guess wearing a red polo short and jeans was going to tell them that I was probably not there for multitude of Horror-Porn booths.  I know nothing about the Horror Genre. The last horror movie I saw was Nightmare On Elm Street in 1986 and I only saw that to hold the hand of my high school crush . . . it wasn't worth it.  My second thought was that it really looked like a Bobcat Goldthwait look-alike convention.  Every guy except the cellophane dude looked the same.  I have no idea what this dude was dressed as but Josh wondered wear he kept his wallet. (see side photo)  I started singing the Broadway Showtune, Mr. Cellophane, another example of how I may not fit in at a place that sells authentic antique medical devises.

But back to Ms. Fenn.  I got there 90 minutes early and rushed through the registration so I could get in line to meet one of the sexiest character actresses in television history.  I was the only one there the entire 90 minutes until Josh showed up to wait with me. Josh was great throughout this entire experience as he knew how much I had always wanted to meet her.  He did suggest that she may not be that big of a draw at a Horror convention.  But he waited none the less.  A few minutes before she came out 2 other guys showed up.  The line for some guy from Walking Dead had a line out the door and around the corner.   What has this world come to?  Here we love Twin Peaks, in fact we have a page dedicated to it which you can check out.