A Community Without the Elderly?

I think anyone who has watched Community closely should not be surprised of the news that Chevy Chase is not returning to the show.  In the episodes that have aired so far, he has rarely actually interacted with the cast.  In the pillow fight episode, they had him just voice over the Pillow Monster he created.  In the Celebrity Look a-like Episode, he filmed almost all his scenes without the rest of the cast  interacting with other guests at the party.  Also, they have turned his character into a harsher and harsher person on the show.  This is what Glenn Gordon Caron did to Cybill Shephard in Moonlighting.  As he personally grew to hate her, he wrote her character to become more unlikable.  I actually find Dan Harmon and Glenn Caron and their shows to be very similar.  Not all creative people are nice.  Not all creative people are those that you would ever want to hang around with or in this case work for.  If you had the chance to watch the cast appear on a panel show on HULU recently, you could tell that tension was in the air between Chevy and the rest of the cast.  A divide had been created. It sounds like a nice idea to have a Community with no Elderly people represented.  Nobody driving slow, nobody afraid of the internet but what makes Community great is that it really is a diverse show in age, color and race.   Few shows have ever been able to obtain that without an "after school special feel."  If I had to come down on a side here, I am on Chevy's side.  Dan Harmon was Chevy's boss.  Chevy called him.  Dan played that call.  That is wrong in any work situation.   Does the show NEED Chevy?  No.  But I like the show with him on it.   He is rarely the BEST part of the show but he represents something that is important.  All the parts work together to make it the greatest show on television right now.   The two of them should work it out.   It would have been nice if Chevy would have kept his mouth shut during this family tiff and just let the bosses look bad.  He didn't and now everyone looks bad.  TV needs Community on it.  We need Community.  So, Dan needs to ask Chevy back.  Chevy needs to accept.  NBC needs to promote Community and lets all go back to the Dream-a-torium and watch Inspector Spacetime.

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