The Wire Season 5/Series Roundtable

  Season 5 of the Wire. Here is our final Wire Podcast. We cover Season 5 and the series.

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This it folks.  The final Wire Podcast and we went all out for it.  We start off with a discussion of season 5: the media aspect of Baltimore.  We then move on to Dodai Stewart from  She discusses her opinion of what the entire Wire series means to her.  Next we have a round table discussion with Stephanie Bosco, Shawn Wollenberg, Jen Ryan, Rachel Minton, Josh and Scott.  Here we discuss our favorite plots and characters over the years.  Next we move on to the legacy of The Wire and David Simon's recent comments assailing fans for loving his show.  There is no way this will be the last mention of The Wire on the Red Room, but it is our final podcast on our Season by Season review.  "All the pieces matter."

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