Barbra's Best Cd's Per Decade For Her Birthday

Today is Barbra Streisand's Birthday.  In Honor of the day, I pick her best Album per decade.  The 60's - Simply Streisand.  I feel her early CD's were more hit and miss.  Simply Streisand is the first CD that is all perfection.  Lover Man, I'll Know (Guys and Dolls), More Than You Know are all classic recordings.  This is a hint of her future sucesses with singing Broadway songs.  I find myself going back to this CD all the time.

The 70's - Stoney End.  If I could ask one thing of Barbra, it would be for her to listen to this CD.  These are still the kind of songs she could be singing today.  This CD has all the uptempo fun of the 70's with none of the camp.  In her later years, she has totally given up singing any songs with a tempo.  Let Me Go, Maybe and I'll Be Home are great tracks.  Produced by Harry Nilsson producer, Richard Perry, this might be her liveliest CD that still captures her acting ability.

The 80's - The Broadway Album.  This is hands down Barbra's Best CD.  This is an album that every fan of  Broadway must own.  It introduced me to Stephen Sondheim and life was always better after that.  Her take on Putting It Together, Being Alive and Can't Help Loving That Man is pure Barbra.  I will never understand why she has not a third Broadway Album; one that has Wicked and Jason Robert Brown tunes. (My blog on the top 10 Broadway Shows of all time)

The 90's - The Concert.  For most artists, picking a live CD would be cheating.  This Concert is more than just capturing a live version of her songs.  It tells a story and lets us in to an artist's life that has been very guarded.  I was lucky enough to attend this concert in Vegas in 1994. I saw all the stars: Steven Spielberg, Greogory Peck, Michael Jackson, but none shown as bright as Barbra.  To be able to still sing My Man with such passion puts her in a class all by herself.

The 2000's - Love Is The Answer.  I pick this CD because it was the first time she had really tried since the 90's.  Having Diana Krall produce this was a great idea.  Here's To Life, Here's That Rainy Day and Some Other Time are really great tracks.  But the tempo that she has sung every song to since 1993 is wearing thin.  I would love to see her step up and give us one more great CD with the mixture of all of the above CD's I have picked.  Either way, she will always be the best female vocalist and I say Happy Birthday.

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