10 Best Images Of Twin Peaks


Whenever you visit our website or Facebook page the first thing you see are those Red Curtains.  No Twin Peaks fan can think of anything else but the Red Room. I think it's the most artistic show with the best imagery.  I pick 10 snap shots from the show that could easily be a portrait hanging in a museum. There is a reason that Twin Peaks inspired art shows are popping up across the country. It is because there are tons of moments that are framed like art. 10. Ben dances on the desk

Dancing actually plays a very important part in solving the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer.  Having the evil three some of the Horne empire dance and sing shows you that Leland isn't as pure as his crying made him seem.  This staging of the 3 men in a triangle as they sing and dance is a very interesting image.

9. Mrs. Tremont and her grandson standing in the street

This looks like a painting.  There is something magical about having an old woman and a young boy stand together.  The entire span of a human's life is standing right there.  When Laura looks back and they have moved farther away than is possible it creeps you out.  But look at where they stand and how it is framed.  It is art.

8. Audrey dances in the RR

You could pick any image of the beautiful Sherilyn Fenn, but this scene matters.  It is a perfect counter point to the Red Room of Cooper's dream.  The camera rises above Audrey making her appear as if she is smaller than she is, almost like she is a little person herself.  The color of her sweater and the floor scream: Red.

7. Ronnette and the bridge


I know that Laura under the rock or the hanging stop light is the image everyone talks about from the Pilot episode.  But the first time you see the bridge and the battered Ronnette walk across the tracks with the twine dangling from her wrists, you know that you are seeing something you have not seen before on Television.  That bridge, which is not seen again in the series, is an unforgettable image.

6. Laura is killed in the Train Car

Remember that the last thing we really see in FWWM is Laura murdered in the train car.  We have been inside this train car 2 other times in the series.  A lesser artist would have simply shown us the same stuff we had seen before.  But this image of Laura dangling above the bright light, as BOB and Leland taunt her from either side, visually displays what the entire series is about.  This image is haunting, disturbing and all Lynch.


5. BOB crawls over the couch

The entire frame of this scene is perfect.  The size and placement of the table, couch and lamps leave room for one final image: BOB.  To me, this is the scariest part of the entire series.  The way he comes over that couch and keeps coming at us without stopping.  Setting it in a safe place, the Hayward living room, makes it even scarier.

 4. The Giant over Cooper's bed

Almost every scene with the Giant could be picked.  The curtains at the roadhouse, standing in the door way of Cooper's Room or shaking his head "No."  But I think there is something about his head next to that light fixture that makes you believe the Giant doesn't fit in Coopers room or the world we live in.

3. The Law Men surround Leland

The water rains on them, Leland remembers and Cooper forgives.  This is the pinnacle of the series.  The way Tim Hunter framed all of our heros around the killer tells us even more than the great dialogue that was written.

2. Cooper sits in the Red Room

This lasting image of the red room is something that literally hurts your brain the first time you see it.  You wonder, where did the show go I was watching?   What you realize over time, is this glimpse of the Red Room in Episode 2 is the first time you really ever saw Twin Peaks.  The final episode's view of the red room is more daring, but I like the look of the Red Room from this episode better.


1. Laura stands in the picture

When Laura finds her self inside the very picture she is asked to hang on her wall, all of Twin Peaks collides.  She is now in what people watch . . . could we possibly compare that to what television is? Of course.  Lynch literally puts Laura in a piece of art . . . ain't that the truth.

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