Game Change: The Reason I Love TV

I just finished watching Game Change on HBO.  The Red Room is close to rounding out the coverage of our first full TV season.  Many of my friends ask me why we cover television.  Television?  Why not something else?  Game Change is why.  This HBO movie about the McCain/Palin campaign of 2007 is the reason that right now TV is the place to be.  This made for TV movie was better than EVERY movie I saw at the theater in the last year, or 2 or 3.  And why is this a TV movie?  It has a guaranteed Emmy winning turn by Julianne Moore.  Why not an Oscar?  Because a studio wouldn't touch this subject.  No way, no how.  Studios are as far behind as the political process the movie portrays.  And I have to be honest, I am fired up about it.  I am so sick of Vampire movies.  I am so sick of super heroes movies.  Can someone please make something that an educated 40 year old would want to see?   Or even better, is compelled to see.  Well, yes they can.  They put it on TV.  Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Game Change are tackling subjects studios would run fun.  And lets look at what this movie shows.  It shows how easily the people who chose our government would gladly put up a candidate who knows nothing, as long as they can win.  And that isn't the plot of the movie, in fact its not even the sub plot.  No one says, this person, this character, Sarah, would ruin the country if she won.  No one cares, they want to win.  The movie handles this deception that was almost played on the public with very little time.  They do not struggle with this moral decision, they know we know these people have no morals and in not covering that topic it is more subversive than any Hollywood movie would ever attempt.   Viewing it as a story told in a movie think on this: it is a plot where the main character doesn't win.  Can you imagine Hollywood spending money on a movie where the main character loses?  That is a movie that hasn't been made since The Empire Strikes Back in 1981.  And to be fair, that isn't why HBO is making it either because they know that everyone watching the movie will know that Obama wins.  But its an interesting thought, what if they made movies where sometimes the main character was dumb and a great mom.   That was arrogant but also wanted to do good for special needs kids.  Someone who loses but doesn't know it.  It would be deemed too complex a character probably even for HBO. I am old fashioned when it comes to TV.  I think it should be great.  In watching this movie, I wonder where we would be without HBO movies.  Recount is a great movie just like John Adams, From the Earth to the Moon and countless others.   Game Change was produced by Tom Hanks.  Even a two time Oscar winner can't bank roll a movie for the big screen with a grown up, important plot.  There was a scene in the movie when the financial crisis began and John McCain historically suspended his campaign to go back to Washington to work on the bail out.  All factual and I remembered it clearly.  But the thought I had was how from now until November we are going to be told by the Republican party and FOX News that the financial melt down happened on Obama's watch.  Even though we all know it happened in the summer of 2007.  And a good portion of Americans will believe it because they can't even remember 4 years ago.  And may I say the right should and can blame the left for many things but that melt down isn't one of them.  I had to pause the movie at that spot and think about our political process.  Imagine the gull of a movie causing me to think?  But I guess the people who just believe what they are told despite having lived through it will simply go see a summer blockbuster and not notice that it is just the 400th version of a vampire, magical, super hero cartoon, Pixar, alien, twentysomething, rom-com that they have seen a million times before.  We need a Game Change in all our art forms. Follow us on Facebook or twitter @redroompodcast Subscribe to our Weekly Podcast on Television at iTunes