Ben Folds Live In Columbus, Ohio

Tonight Ben Folds Rocked the Suburbs of Columbus, Ohio for a charity event that they said raised $150,000 for Nationwide Children's Hospital.  But more important than that he used Twitter, Face book and Email to show where entertainment is going.  An hour before show time I tweet @benfolds asking him to open the Show with Effington from his CD Way to Normal.  In two minutes he replied: @redroompodcast DONE.  And sure enough he opened the show with Effington.  I responded asking if I could be so bold as to hear Boxing from his first CD with Ben Folds Five.  He announced from the stage that from a request from a tweet, here is Boxing.  It made me feel involved and made the show interactive.  He also carried out a request from someone who tweeted him asking if Ben would be so kind to tell some dude that he was an Asshole.  Ben obliged.  In the midst of beating up the solo piano for a 2 hour set, Ben asked how many people had smart phones there.  Most of the crowd raised their hands.  Ben then gave out an address:  He told us to send an email to that address and he would send us a free Ben Folds Five brand new song from their upcoming CD.  I did immediately and so did countless others.  This is the new media.  As we sit here in the last days of when executives control what we will watch and listen to, I look forward to when the people who consume the art will decide.  Ben is going to give his song away to his fans for free because he knows we will pay for the album when it is completed.  We will go to see him in concert and we will buy his T-shirts.  We here at the Red Room Podcast give our weekly show about television away for free because its what we love to do.  Art and commerce have always been the guiding light of what we report here.  Tonight, I was moved by music, technology and a hope for the future of Art.  And he sang Boxing for me.  Pretty awesome.  I encourage you all to email Ben and get on the mailing list and help support Ben Folds Five to record, produce, distribute and control their art and their music and we will all be better for it. To hear Boxing from Columbus, go to Youtube, The video is poor but you can at least hear it. Follow us on Facebook or twitter @redroompodcast Subscribe to our Weekly Podcast on Television at iTunes