Tribute to Nora Ephron

This week we lost a one of a kind writer director, Nora Ephron.  I have always considered her the Mother of the Rom-Com.  We could also maybe blame her for that as well.  She wrote the greatest romantic comedy of the modern era, When Harry met Sally.  Hollywood has spent the following 20 plus years saying, I’ll have what she’s having.  But they never quite achieved the same satisfactory high.   Problem is for every Sally Albright played by Meg Ryan, there have been 300 nameless, forgettable characters played by Kate Hudson.  Nora had a singular idea in writing a romantic comedy.  She made the women characters resemble actual human beings.  Look at Julia and Julia as example.  Amy Adams and Meryl Streep are real women in that movie, therefore the movie works.  And contrary to what is said, men want to see a movie that has a real woman matched up against a real man.  That is why Harry and Sally work.  We can see ourselves in the male character and understand why he wants the female character.   She also allowed plot to occur.  The story of the closing bookstore in You’ve Got Mail is actually more interesting than the love story.  Her movies also tapped into a theme of loneliness that most romantic comedies want to shy away from.  Sleepless in Seattle is actually a really sad movie.  You’ve Got Mail was on the forefront of showing how the internet was starting to make us distance ourselves.   What she knew was that people who are “in the mood” for a rom-com are probably feeling really down and lonely.  Its human, like her scripts.  It has been a good ten years since I spent money to go see a romantic comedy.  With Nora Ehpron out of the business, I wonder if that will be a life time thing.  I know Hollywood has made so many bad movies on the subject of Boy Meets Girl that it is hard to believe that you should view this artist as…well an artist.  But a strong voice coming from a female writer in Hollywood is a rarity and it is one that I will miss. Follow us on Facebook or twitter @redroompodcast

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