The Newsroom - Episode 2 Review

There is nothing more difficult to write than Episode 2 of a series.  The pilot is all set up and flash.  The cast and crew has plenty of time to create the episode.  Episode 2 is created on the real schedule of television.  So when I watched this episode I kept all that in mind.  It did not have the rousing speeches of the pilot and I missed them.  It did not dig deep into the Arizona immigration laws, instead it used it for a comedic step up of bad guests.  This episode tried to show us that The Newsroom won't always take itself as serious as the pilot did.  I am not sure that is the wisest choice for this show.  I also do not think that Cable News is struggling because the guests are quiet and inarticulate.  The real problem is the guests comment on important issues as if they are knowledgeable and people are taking their words as if the speaker is actually informed.  On the plus side, the episode was entertaining and I have faith that it will return the focus to weightier issues next week.  Aaron Sorkin knows, as one of his characters said in the episode, "Nobody's going to watch a classroom.  They will either be bored or infuriated."  That is true.  The show has to be careful not to become a lecture.  But the reason the pilot worked was because it did get on top of a soap box, and backed it up with having something to say.  The problem with today's world is the majority of people who stand on a soap box, don't actually know what that phrase means.  They just want to be taller. So, I don't have as much to say about Episode 2 of The Newsroom on HBO (Hey look, Albert Brooks, I buried the lead), but I still believe this is a great show and an important one.  I, very much like Will McAvoy, am in.

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