Fiona Apple Tour 2012

There was a moment when the red lights shown on Fiona while the fan that blew her hair back made her seem like she had the horns of the Devil as she sang Fast As You Can during her live performance in Cleveland, Ohio.  But you must remember, she isn't the devil at all.  She just channels the devil's anger sometimes.  And channel it she did for 90 straight minutes.  The length of two back to back therapy sessions.  One break up at a time, Fiona ripped through her song catalog giving us fear, anger, love, guilt, remorse and one hell of a concert.  She is incapable of phoning in a performance.  Every lyric is ripped from her heart, painfully sung and darts out to the crowd.  Fiona has very little interest in her audience at all.  I don't say that as a complaint, it is simply fact.  After a rousing, unbelievable performance of the 2005 track Not About Love, the audience sprang to their feet for the first time in a standing ovation.  Fiona didn't even turn to look at it.  It wasn't that she was rude or cold, she just isn't there to be interactive.  She is there to do her job, share her pain and go home.  In fact after a truly rock and roll version of Criminal she simply said, "pretend I left the stage and came back, here is the encore."  She then went into a cover of Only Make Believe and went home.


If you have listened to her new CD, The Idler Wheel, then you know she does not follow the rules.  You can listen to our latest podcast below where we discuss her new CD.  She structures her concerts the same way.  She does not lead the audience for a sing-a-long during Paper Bag or Extraordinary Machine.  She actually sang Paper Bag, one of her biggest fan favorites, as the fourth selection of the evening.  Most acts would turn the lights up and sing this as an encore with everyone holding hands.  Fiona is a one of a kind artist.  She makes CD's when she is ready.  Tours how she wants.  Puts out CD's the way she wants.  That is why she is not super famous, but the fans she has love her.  The excitement for each track was felt whether it was off the new CD, or her first.  It is rare for an artist that has been creating music for close to twenty years to have fans that are dying for the new stuff.  Everyone sang along to Every Single Night and Anything We Want, with the same passion they sang along to Sleep To Dream.  On our podcast, I mentioned that I suspected I would like the songs on the new CD better live.  I did.  It still had the sound scape that the CD has, but the mix was a little better.   Every song, new or old, was amped up with an amazing lead guitar performance by Blake Mills.  Anything We Want was actually my second favorite track after the center piece performance of Not About Love.  The entire band pounced on the chorus of Not About Love.  I got goose bumps each time they played the chorus.  Fiona's primal scream swearing that this is not about love, made us all know it is exactly about love.  Fiona is making a huge monetary mistake if she does not release a live version of this tour.  It is a great band, and it really is like an old fashion rock concert.  The live performer in me isn't really wild about all the pre-recorded drum tracks that they use to recreate the new CD's sound, but I guess computer generated music is a main stay and I am getting old.  If you are considering seeing her on this tour, I suggest it.  She will give you her all, you will feel everything and then she will slip away - most likely for another 7 years.

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