The Newsroom: Episode 4

The first twenty minutes of Episode 4 of The Newsroom entitled:  "I'll Try To Fix You" had me thinking of a great David Letterman Story.  At least once a year, usually around Christmas, Dave tells a story about a Christmas party the cast and crew had back when he was on NBC.  They had the party on the set of the old Late Night with David Letterman studio.  A lot of alcohol was consumed by the crew.  The Anchor of NBC news, Tom Brokaw, stopped by and was mingling with everyone.  One of the drunk crew members walked up to Mr. Brokaw and told him to go F*@k himself.  Dave said they stopped having Christmas parties after that.  I would suggest Aaron take this advice.  The first twenty minutes of the show was fine but didn't sore.  I am not sure we have grown to love the characters enough to spend a solid twenty minutes with them schmoozing at a party.  The final twenty minutes flew to the sky.  All the meandering came together in the end like a great Aaron Sorkin script should even tying in to last weeks threat from Jane Fonda.  This show has a delicate balance to walk.  It has to be entertaining but wants to be informative.  I want the informative part, but I suspect the majority of casual viewers want the entertainment part.  It is going to be a struggle for them to find a balance.  Thing is, if you are tuning in to only be entertained, you are probably a person who has watched Real House Wives and you might be offended to find out that you are part of the problem.  I have said for years that reality TV is making us meaner as a society.  When I was a kid, it was frowned upon to laugh at the less fortunate, now we sell ad time for it.  And please, don't confuse less fortunate with the amount of money a person has.  I am speaking of intelligence, dignity and common decency.   The type of person that allows cameras to capture their every move has none of these things and they are less fortunate than those of us who know better.   I liked Will's response that a guilty pleasure is a dessert not a reality TV show.  So which side of the fence will this show land on?   This one straddled it pretty well, much better than episode 2, but not as well as episode 3.  Heck, every week I am amazed this is playing on any television network.  I am amazed anyone but me has been hungry for this kind of show.  But with the announcement that the show was picked up for a second season, it looks like it will continue. I love this show.  I love what it stands for and I love that they are going over the past two years and saying, lets re-visit it.  How funny that we used to look back a decade or so and re-visit it.   We'd make  a Vietnam movie in the 80's, a Flower Power movie in the 70's.  Now we look back at January 2011 and forget that 3 networks said a Congresswoman was dead, who is still alive today.  Thank God we have Aaron trying to save us all, trying to civilize us.  He is on a mission.  I hope the mission is accomplished.  But who am I kidding?  Most people probably only Googled this to find out who sang the song at the end of the episode.  It was Cold Play.  Now go on and watch some reality TV and leave me and Will to try to change the world.

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