The Red Room Podcast: Happy 1 Year Anniversary

One year ago today, Josh and I sent the Red Room Podcast Pilot episode out into the world of podcasts.  We had 2 downloads almost immediately.  In a few days we were up to 10.  It has now been downloaded 568 times.  We have had a total of 20,000 all time downloads for all the episodes combined and over 13,000 blog hits.  That is bigger than either of us could ever have dreamed.  We have connected with Dodai Stewart, Mischa from the Twin Peaks Archive, recorded a crossover episode with the Twin Peaks Podcast.  We have connected with a rabid group of Moonlighting fans.  We have rallied a group of disgruntled Harry’s Law fans.   We met Sherilynn Fenn and asked her for an interview. (Still waiting on that one.)  We brought on a Correspondent in Renee to cover award shows.  And our Face book page hit 100 likes by Mark Frost himself.  We have been retweeted by Ben Folds which gave us our biggest Blog day ever.  A year ago, neither of us had ever seen The Wire.  Now, our Wire podcasts are downloaded on a daily basis.  We like to think (there is no evidence to back it up) that we were the very people that inspired David Simon to say he was sick of people reviewing his show season by season. A great highlight for me has been being able to get out some of my long running theories about how writers handle series relationships.  I have been screaming about my Dave and Maddie theory for over 20 years.  Now I write about it.  I love covering The Newsroom and Downton Abbey.  It has been fun watching as new television springs up fulfilling needs we didn’t know we had.  I love that in some small, small way, we have not only reflected Twin Peaks, but have become a small part of it.  Here for the first time, I can announce that Josh and I wrote an essay about Fire Walk With Me that is going to be published.  Twin Peak’s Fans are going to love it.  It covers an interesting theory that I know I have never read before.  But we can’t talk about it yet.  That is for year 2.  We also have recorded an amazing interview that will be coming up as well.

Thank you so much to everyone who liked our link, retweeted us, commented or shot us an email.  (To the best of my knowledge no one has ever shot us an email.  Our email is as empty as a Video Rental Store.)  If people like you didn’t re post us on Face book or twitter, we would still only have two downloads a week.  I think we average around 350 per podcast.  That has been the greatest gift.  We love TV.  We believe it to be art.  It must be studied because it truly does reflect where our society is and where it has been.  Thank you everyone.  We truly love getting to do this and we hope you have enjoyed some of our commentary.   And as Josh would say, “Keep watching Keep Listening.”

Thank you.

Scott & Josh

The Siskel and Ebert of TV Nerds

The Red Room Podcast

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