The Newsroom: Episode 8 Review

Let's start here:  this was the best episode of the series so far.  They hit everything that needs to be hit.  Post 9-11 reaction, Anthony Wiener, those ridiculous debates, Casey Anthony, the debt ceiling and by some amazing turn of events they even name dropped Paul Ryan on the weekend that he became the Vice Presidential candidate.  That had to really make Aaron Sorkin happy.   I am sure that most readers of this blog are not going to believe my next statement but I did not know who Casey Anthony was.  I have never been into murder for entertainment.  I get my news from The Daily Show and David Letterman and I don't remember them covering this story.   Watching this episode was when I found out that Casey Anthony was not a kid who was killed.   But I do hope and pray that everyone who watched that case instead of paying attention to what our congress did with the debt ceiling thinks about that on election day.  The thing is, it doesn't matter which side of big or small government you are on, either way you have to know what those junior congressmen did with our money was criminal.  The Dow is still recovering.  Today everyone remembers Anthony Wiener took a crotch shot and sent it on Twitter.  I hope everyone remembers how close to the brink they took us just to stick it to a president they didn't like.  This week someone asked me why I love this show so much.  I responded simply, it is America to me right now.  This show is retelling us the history of our country from only 18 months ago and it is showing it to us like it is a mystery.  The American memory is so short right now that I am surprised people know that Obama is the incumbent.  And I hate to type this but I am not being partisan.  I would hope that left or right you were embarrassed that blackouts, weather, murder and sexting was more important than defaulting on our loans. The scene that should be watched and rewatched was when Don picked apart a Nancy Grace newscast.  Showing you bit by bit how they manipulate the viewer, mostly women viewers.  A year ago I laid the blame for reality TV on the doorstep of women, our good friend Dodai Stewart took me to task for it.  I wonder what she thinks of this line from tonight's episode: "No one ever went broke serving up another woman who makes other women feel superior."  That is one of the best lines I have ever heard.   Not because I want to pile on women (wait, that actually sounds fun) but because women need to see how these businesses are avoiding reporting real news to manufacture stories that make women feel like better mothers.  What I love is the bravery this show displays in pointing them out frame by frame.  I thought Boston Legal's depiction of Nancy Grace was harsh, this topped it.  Tonight, it would be nice if Nancy couldn't sleep.  I know, I know, I am all worked up with News Night 2.0 fever.

A couple of weeks ago I made the statement that Olivia Munn was stepping forth as the second lead in this show.  Once again she was my favorite character.  I liked that she is fighting for her stories and out of all the characters, I am most interested in seeing where she goes.  I love how they are using Jane Fonda as well.  I have in the past been critical of the way they used humor.  This episode made me laugh quite a bit at what people said not what they did.  Sam Waterston and the carnation guy was an actual funny scene.  I noticed the guy was wearing a carnation and I thought the same thing that Charlie thought.  Humor, great topics, great character development. This episode was just perfect. It touched on everything I am starving for.  I want candidates held to the truth.  I want people who mask their prejudices in Christianity to be called out.  I want the news to tell us that our congressman held our nation hostage at the price tag of billions of dollars last summer.  I want television that makes me think and feel.  Mostly, I want Aaron Sorkin to convince Jed Bartlet to run again.

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