Review of Episode 9: The Newsroom

"Because Light weights get higher ratings."  This line from The Blackout Part 2 swirled around my head for most of the episode.  I am struggling to understand if Aaron Sorkin is actually creating the greatest analogy ever put on TV, or is he trying to go light weight to get higher ratings.  He tell us that there is all this real news and real issues to face, but the show continues to try to convince us that these characters have the intelligence level of Joey on Friends.  If you use the slow cooking story of the mole in the that is feeding Sam Waterston's character information as an example, isn't that a story you would want to see rather than a snobby rich girl trying on a dress?  So what do you cover Casey Anthony or the debt ceiling?  Do you show Will putting his pants on or show him questioning politicians who ran on the promise of lowering gasoline prices.  I really do wonder if this entire show mixes the innocuous with the important to bring us our very own morning news show.  One minute covering the death of starving children, the next minute having pampered teen stars sing through a computerized voice.  Maybe the real problem is, the show keeps telling you how disappointing it is that the media is lowering all of our intelligence and hence you can only feel like the show should be smarter, deeper and more important.  How can I buy in on the love triangles that they are creating when they are telling me that those issues aren't as important as what is going on?  As this show creeps closer and closer to real time, I am curious to know how this could go on another season.  How are they going to cover events that are happening now?  For now, we only have one episode left in this almost great season.  I know this blog has been a little rough on the show and that is not my intention.  I believe in the journey that Will and Mackenzie promised to take me on.  They said we would fight wind mills.  And we have.  But we have also stopped along the way to get flowers from another girl.  It just sometimes doesn't live up to the high of a good old fashion tilt at the wind mill.

To end on a positive note, I think that Jeff Daniels is doing an Emmy worthy performance week in and week out.  No matter what the plot, line or situation, I believe in the character he has created.

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