Meanwhile...FWWM 20 Years Later (part 4)

I still have the TV guide article that had a blurb saying that David Lynch was making a movie about Twin Peaks.  I still have the bad reviews that the movie received when it was released.  I have all the video promotion when it was released on VHS.  I have a picture that I took of the sign at the theatre because I could not believe that Twin Peaks had come to my home town.  My point is, I love Twin Peaks and I have for over 20 years.  I bring you part 4 in my year long series reminiscing about Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.  This blog is all memory.

It might be hard for young people to believe this, but in 1992 there really wasn't the internet as we now know it.  So besides a few friends from college, I had no knowledge that there were Twin Peaks fans out there.  You have to remember that after season 1, Twin Peaks did not get ANY positive press. (I must say that Matt Roush from the USA Today did try to write some good reviews. I still have those too.)  It was thought of as absolute David Lynch garbage.  I was crushed.  Twin Peaks rocked my world in a way that nothing has ever done since. It opened up my mind to the art of story telling and freedom of expression.  Again, you "young'ins" (for some reason I have become an 86 year old man in this blog) don't understand what TV was like in the early 90's.  Now you can watch Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Twin Peaks on your Netflix, and they all seem the same.  Trust me, in 1990, there was NOTHING like Twin Peaks.  It changed me and I loved it for that.  I was one of the few who loved the Windom Earle story as much as the Laura Palmer story.  As years have passed that has become common.

So when I went to the theatre to see FWWM, I expected no one to be there.  But there was a handful of people.  It was the first time I had ever talked to a Twin Peaks fan that I didn't know.  Guess what?  They also liked the Red Room.  They also had seen Wild At Heart.  They even knew who Mark Frost was.  Someone there tipped me off that there was a Usenet group about Twin Peaks.  (Hey, you punks, I am not explaining to you what a Usenet was.  Look it up in a book called an Encylopedia.)  Today we would have all started our own Facebook Page and kept in touch.

I will not lie to you.  I was not blown away by the movie, well that isn't true, I was. Hmmm, it might be better to say I was not overly thrilled with the movie the first time I saw it.  The person I went with, hated it.  I didn't hate it.  I knew I had seen something, but I didn't know what.  I was sad there was no Audrey (I am still sad there is no Audrey every day of my life that she is not with me.) I was sad that there was only a blip of Cooper.  No Pete?  No Big Ed?  These were the parts of Twin Peaks I loved.  Two days later I went to see the movie by myself.  And I actually mean by myself as there was not one person in the movie theatre but me.  Here is the creepy part, the manager of the movie came in and watched BOB have his way with Laura and then he left.  Really?  He wanted to watch only that part.  I could have understood wanting to see the Pink Room part, but BOB?  Anyway, the second time I saw the movie I let go of what I wanted to see, and watched what Lynch had in store for me.  I think it was that second time when I truly fell in love with Sheryl Lee's Laura Palmer.  There will be more on her performance in our upcoming essay we wrote that is going to be published, so I can't speak on that....yet.

To this day I have seen FWWM more times than any other movie.  I love it.  It is a masterpiece and a central point of my life.  It is sad, scary, funny, perplexing, beautiful, lyrical and perfect.  Knowing I had to write this final FWWM blog, my brain last night allowed me to dream that Lynch made a sequel.  It was really good.  When I woke up, I forgot what I dreammed.  But I wonder?  How many movies stick with us for all that time?  I looked up and saw that the Nichoas Cage movie, Honeymoon in Vegas was the number 1 movie that weekend.  If you dreamed about that movie last night, you are scarier than that manager of the theater watching BOB and Laura for the 10oth time.  Thank you, Sheryl Lee.  Thank you, Robert Engels. Thank you, Angelo Badalamenti.  Thank you, Mark Frost.  And Thank you, David Lynch. I couldn't end this blog with out saying my favorite line from FWWM: "This is where we live, Shelley."  And twenty years later, I still like to think I live there too.


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