Review of Episode 10: The Newsroom (Season Finale)

I live in Ohio.  Ohio, which is one of the few states that politicians care about every 4 years.  The best way they show their care is by taking away our freedoms and messing up our traffic by sending candidates to our state a couple times a week.  I want to see the news that Will McAvoy wants to put on the air.  And you know what?  I do see it.  It is a show called The Daily Show with John Stewart.  Check out this story he did about how Ohio is trying to block the voting rights of democrats.  Watch it here.  All season long I have been thinking about how similar The Daily Show and The Newsroom is.  A comedy show and a drama on HBO is the place I have seen what Senator McConnell said.  He let the country flounder for 4 more years just so Obama would lose.  Now if you are a Republican, you can dislike what the democrats stand for, and you should.  But you have to be against waiting 4 years to fix a problem and you have to be against blocking the rights of people to vote.  Right now, I think it is hard to be behind either party, but what this show is trying to display is what happens when we stop working together.  Isn't it amazing that a dramatic show would tell us this?  I believe NCSI is the #1 drama on TV.  It tells us about murder.  I want a show that makes me have to think.  The Newsroom has done that for 10 episodes.  I am very thankful for that.  (Interesting that I wouldn't even consider that the News would tell us any of this.)

I liked how this show mixed in the news reporting through out the episode.  It was good to get a piece of what was going on in the real world and then go to what our characters were up to.  I am not sure I have ever watched a speech on how Jesus told people to pray in private followed by a rant against single women's deity, Carrie Bradshaw, but this show does not obey rules set out and followed by every TV network.  I do hope that next season (they were already picked up for a season 2 a couple of weeks ago) they fix the character of Mackenzie.  She is almost unsalvageable.  Even when meeting with the owner of the network, Jane Fonda, she still had to say something stupid.  This needs to be repaired.  I assume her TV predecessor is Ally McBeal.  Ally used to fall a lot, say things she shouldn't and worked with the man she loved.  Thing was when it came time to give a closing argument as her role as lawyer, she could do it.  Mackenzie has only been "scatterbrained" in every situation.   I also would want to see more from Jane Fonda.  She is an interesting character and they have hinted that her and Sam Waterston have a past, I want to know more.  But I will not spend time on the few cracks that this foundation season has displayed.  What it has done mostly is bring issues to the forefront.  These are issues that are being covered on a nightly basis by Jon Stewart.  But my guess is, that HBO and Comedy Central have a very different demographic.  I truly applaud HBO for putting a show on their network that doesn't resemble anything else that they have ever done.  I can't wait to see where Aaron Sorkin takes us next.  I await as your servant, Sancho.  I await The Man Of La Mancha.

The Red Room Podcast has a round table discussion about the entire First Season of The Newsroom.  You can listen by clicking the link or heading out to iTunes.


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