A Spin off Podcast: Scott Luck Stories

Think Laverne and Shirley to Happy Days or Maude to All in the Family.  And lets shy away from After Mash from Mash.  Scott Luck Stories is the new spin off podcast from The Red Room Podcast.  Here I tell  short 5-8 minute stories from my life.  The main point is comedy and the study of it.  But I hope as time goes on to bring a view of life that is around us.  My first story is about being a stay at home dad, raising twins.  The center of this story is taking them out in public for the first time.  I will have upcoming stories about a high school football program, work stories from corporate America, being an artistic liberal surrounded by Republicans, and working at Arby's as a teenager.  I hope that our fans from the Red Room will subscribe and share the stories.  I have never been one to indulge in idle chit chat.  I will try to keep them short, to the point and most of all interesting.  My goal is to post one every 10 days or so.


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