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If The Red Room Podcast could make it a law that everyone had to watch one show. It would be The Wire. This is the only show that we have covered Season by Season and it deserves it. We always go back to many of our favorite shows just by the nature of how they effected us and the wire will always be that way. We have tried to not offer too many spoilers on these podcasts. We have tried to just discuss the topics that the seasons have presented, I am not sure how successful we have been at that. The topics raised in this show dwarf every other show ever put on television. (And coming from me that means something as I am a huge David E Kelley fan) We here beg you to watch this show and then listen to each season's podcast. You will get so much out of the experience. Watch with us for the first time or over again. We will be watching this show for life.

Listen to Season 1 podcast here:

Season 1 introduces us to the world of The Wire. Drugs, police, politics, city fife, and friendship. I am so glad that we recorded these as we watched the show because in hearing our innocence it is really cute. We had no idea what was ahead of us. David Simon and Ed Burns (among other writers) start their story with such precision that before you know it they have surgically altered this show into your very being. You become as addicted to this tale as Bubs is to Avon's Product. Purchase Season 1 on DVD.

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Season 2 takes us on a journey that is 180 degrees away from where we were, until you realize you never even moved an inch. You are standing in the exact same spot, just the crap around you moved. This season talks about the American worker. Even the politicians running for office won't talk about them. That has actually become more taboo than talking about drugs. Television wants to show us that everyone can afford everything. We all have lap tops, Starbucks coffee and huge apartments. When two dock workers go to the library to try to Google something, they are totally baffled by the concept of the internet. And this scene is not done in a comic way, like getting gramma to check email, it is done so subtle you may not even realize that the writer is telling you that a huge part of America has totally been left behind and no one cares. Now that is entertainment! Purchase Season 2 on DVD


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Season 3 adds the crucial leg of the The Wire table: Politics. Adding Councilman Carcetti was so important to the show its amazing it took this long to get there. This season takes the story deeper. We know our characters so well at this point that we just go for the ride. Names like Omar, Stringer, Bode, Bubs, Rowls, Bunk and Freamon mean more to you then i could ever type. But we can sum up this season with one word: HamsterDam. Purchase Season 3 on DVD

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Season 4 introduces you to a handful of new characters and they are all children. This season takes the American Education System and gives it a harsh final exam. Everyone thinks that solving education is easy. You just have to factor in a mayor, parents, hoppers, teachers, police, state senators that steal and drugs. Easy, huh? This season will break your heart and open your mind. Lets take a moment to think about that this season didn't win the Emmy for best drama and it is probably the most artful and smart season ever produced. EVERYONE should have to watch this season before being allowed to have children. Purchase Season 4 on DVD Season 5 of the Wire. Here is our final Wire Podcast. We cover Season 5 and the series. With Special Guest Dodai Stewart and a round table discussion of our favorite characters and plots from the entire Series.

Listen to Season 5 podcast

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