Downton Abbey Season 3 premieres today...but not for me?

I can't help but feel like I am staring at the horse and buggy as the first car rolls down the center of Deadwood. What must that have felt like? Someone, probably tons of people, had to look at their horse and wonder why they were wasting all this time. Today, Downton Abbey season 3 premieres in England but not America.  This concept that we are not a global television audience is ridiculous. The reason Downton Abbey works is because we care about the characters and fear for their happiness.  That concept is soap opera writing 101.  If I already know Bates is released from jail, that Maggie Smith and Shirley MacLaine have a great fight over tea, and Mary gets married then what is the point of watching it?  I don't know that those things are going to happen, but I bet the media is gonna tell me.  The Olympics are one thing, but my feelings for Carson run much deeper than patriotism.   Are we going to see reporters telling us to look away as they recap a show that I can't watch until 2013?   I can see our good friends in England saying that they owned Abbey first and we should just wait our turn. But that is pre-internet thinking.  The plots will be all over Facebook by morning. My guess is that the creators of the show made tons more money from America then it did from the UK. We all know television comes down to money.   The producers could easily set up an app for $25.00 and let the world watch the show at the same time.  My parents wouldn't do it.  They would wait for PBS and that is OK.  The point of a global society is for everyone to participate as they like.  The corporations still make money and people get what they want, when they want it.  This could have been a perfect opportunity to pioneer the way great art should be experienced. So what do you think we are gonna do? Wait till January to buy it or find it tonight illegally online? The old idea of television can still go on, but they really are not gonna get top dollar for their horse and buggy anymore. Read my review of episode 1 of season 3

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