Review of Downtown Abbey Season 3: Episode 1.2

The wedding is over and our main couple returns to the house.  I am very glad that we no longer have to wait and wait for this couple to get together.  Most shows are afraid to get a couple together and they have done it gracefully.  But I will say this was one of the weakest episodes in the series.  I am way over Bates in jail.  It was a bad plot point, and we need that cleared up in episode 3.  I have to say that I like the story of  Edith and Sir Strallan.  They really are doing a good job of having each daughter have a different relationship.  We have the fairy tale, the bad girl's dream and a May- December affair.  But overall not much really happened beyond Mrs Hughes Cancer scare.  We love these characters and this world so it can afford to have an episode that just sort of hangs out, but after the spectacular season premiere I guess I was hoping for a bit more.  Sorry for the short review, but as I have said, not much to report on this one.  

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