Downton Abbey: Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Always an Edith and never a bride. I watched this episode from the happy beginnings until that old man ran for his life, knowing that there was no way they were gonna let Edith be happy.  I mean the producers of the show hate Edith more than Mary does.  I like that they had the Dowager Countess jump up and put an end to it.  It was well within her character to not approve of this relationship from the start.  I am sure they will bring a new love interest in for Edith and then have him get hit by a bus. I still am in love with the pacing that this show tells stories.  Only three episodes in and they are done with the money story line and on to Lord Grantham having to share duties with Matthew.  I think that will bring us many story lines watching these two very different men juggle the chores of the house together.  And how about that cancer storyline?  On Thirtysomething they had the cancer storyline go for over 30 episodes.  On Downton, they do cancer in 2 episodes.  They bring it in to spark Carson to realize how much Mrs. Hughs means to him and move on.  I wonder if the pacing has more to do with Julian Fellowes coming from the world of movies where you don't carry stories over from one movie to the next? Just a thought.

But the one place they are way off is on the Bates storyline. I used to swoon for Anna and Bates and now I wish that bunk mate would just stick a shiv in this storyline and kill it.  I would be happy to see the writers themselves come in and bust Bates free. I don't care at this point, I am over that story.  It was dumb when they started it and it is dumb now.

On a happy note, I really like the way they are dealing with Mary and Mathew as a married couple.  When she said she would beat him over the head if he didn't take the money, it was cute and it showed a generational difference in how her parents speak to each other contrasted with how the next generation speaks.  This show always succeeds when it deals with boundaries and levels between people.

Finally, you have got to love that Thomas and O'Brien have turned their wicked ways on each other.  I know that Thomas is gay but wouldn't you love to see these two argue until they just had violent Dave and Maddie sex with each other? Oh, that was just me?  Maybe I should hope that the dressing gown bell rings and everyone will forget I suggested that.


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