Our top Show Countdown (revisted)

Last year The Red Room did their first list podcast.  We made a countdown of the Top 50 shows of all time.  Over the past couple of weeks a few people have commented on our list and I wanted to clarify a few things. 1. The rankings mean nothing.  The way we did that first list was we had to both have seen the shows for them to be ranked high.  I had never seen Deadwood or Breaking Bad.  Josh had not seen Arrested Development (in total) or Buffy.  So the rankings are not something to focus on.  It is basically arbitrary.

2.  There are shows that we had not seen yet like  Downton Abbey and Homeland.  We did not rank any shows that we had not seen or had not even played yet.  It was a moment in time.  I actually think that we had not even finished The Wire yet, when we made that list.

3.  The list is a mesh of two people.  On our countdown of The Top TV Characters, we complied them in a better way.  We took Josh's number 1, then my number 1 became number 2, etc.  On the Show list, we did a point value, divided it by two and then ranked them.  It really didn't work.

We love that our list is getting some attention and we love even more that people are arguing about them.  Many people still don't forgive us for not putting The Simpon's on our list (it still wouldn't be ranked if we re did it today.)   Just wanted to let you know that we agree with all the comments about where things are ranked.  I have totally re-thought my Battle Star Galactica vote after rewatching the show this year.  This is the great thing about television.  The shows (well I should say, the great shows) change and grow as we do.  What the Soprano's meant to Josh in the 90's doesn't mean the same to him today.  Nor should it.  I am now rewatching The West Wing and it would be in my top 10 of all time now.  It aged beautifully.

But just to settle a few things, if the Red Room was to spout off their favorite shows today, I think it would contain these shows. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER

Sons of Anarchy, Deadwood, The Wire, Homeland, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Community, Louie, Treme, Battle Star Galactica, Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Daily Show, Thirtysomething,  Six Feet Under, Downton Abbey, The West Wing, The Larry Sanders Show and as always... Twin Peaks.

So keep listening to our "List Podcasts"  We are working on an upcoming one where we list the best single episodes of television.  It is a really hard list to make.  We are making the rule that it can not be a Pilot or a Finale episode.  I am sure we will forget some good ones on that list, and twitter will let us know.  That is why we love doing this.   We want to hear your feedback and love when people discuss television.  Thanks.

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