Downton Abby Season 3: Episode 3 Review

I remember there was a weekend that my wireless router wasn't working.  It was awful.  I had no internet at all.  I had to run out to Best Buy and get a new router.  I came back and hooked it up.  Suddenly, my Outlook Explorer inbox was full of emails.  I could poor over them one by one.  I enjoyed every bit of spam from Ticketmaster, Amazon and Arby's.  This was what I thought of as Anna and Bates cuddled up in their separate beds to read each others mail.  Their story was more enchanting than mine, huh?  There just is something more romantic about letters that trumps emails.  I am so over that stupid Anna and Bates story that the first time they showed Bates in prison during this episode I was hoping for an Andy Dufresne scene.  I must admit though, that seeing the split shot of them smiling and reading (Reading! On television!) I was moved.  But seriously break that man out of jail. Sometimes I want to just hug poor Papa Crawley.  Three daughters and all of them trouble makers.  Sybil and Edith both activists.  I really like the way that they have kept Tom as an activist.  I think it would have been fake if he just warmed up to the life at Downton Abbey.  I am a little confused at how Sybil is still pregnant but that ex-maids kid is like 4 years old.  I know, time never matters on a soap.  I actually thought this was the most "Soapy" episode they ever did.  I am hoping that they keep away from the melodrama and just stick to drama.  We are over halfway done with the season and I am still very much infatuated with the show, however.... I want a good story to kick in.  They have done a great job up to now balancing all the stories, but we need a central one to care about.  I am hoping episode 4 kicks it up a notch.

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