New Political Randy Newman Song

I was reading the Rolling Stone and they had a blurb about Randy Newman's new You Tube song, I'm Dreaming (of a white president) and I thought why am I not reading about this song more?   Why is this song not becoming a viral sensation?  Then I remembered that I have a blog of my own.  For those of you who don't know Randy Newman, he is a satirist and that is more rare than low gas prices in America these days.  The new brand of comedy in this age of division has to be something that lets everyone know its a joke.  Randy hides it in the lyrics.  I know, asking people to pay attention is alot.  I would really expect Jon Stewart to have Randy on The Daily Show soon to sing this.  Hopefully no matter which side you are on you can watch and laugh at the humor of where we are these days.  If you can't find humor in what is going on today,  then you must really be a grumpy person.  Or as I call then, Fox News Viewers.  Enjoy my favorite composer's new song.  You can also download the song for free.  

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