A Quick Community Rant

Tonight Community was supposed to come back to NBC for their final 13 episodes.  They are not.  Remember last year?  NBC pulled Community indefinitely after they played maybe their strongest episode the Glee Christmas Spoof, Regional Holiday Music  .   What else did NBC do?  Oh yeah, they allowed a public fight with Chevy Chase and Dan Harmon blow up to the point where Dan was fired.  This is why people like me do not watch network television anymore.  My Entertainment Weekly came last week.  In the television section they had a review of tonight's episode.  I went to my DVR to set up for it and it was not listed.  This creates viewer confusion.  If I had not seen Joel McHale on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, I wouldn't even know Community was pulled.  How bad is it that he was scheduled to promote the show for NBC and ended up promoting his appearance on Sons of Anarchy?  NBC is a shell of it's former self.  The wasted advertisement is just plain awful and is a disservice to a show that has performed well for them for 4 years.  The show should at least get to be sent off with respect, not normal NBC treatment. So what can we do?  Well, I know what I can do.  I will not be watching anything on NBC ever. ( I know, this isn't saying much coming from a life long NBC hater.)  I have decided to watch community only over internet downloads.  Right now network television is as current and up to date as Dial-up internet connection.  I would love to see everyone just boycott the networks until they wise up.  Community was a show that had rabid fans.  The exact type of viewers who the networks court.  We can find these shows somewhere else.  Let NBC spend their time with Leno.  We will catch Conan online.  Let NBC cancel Harry's Law to make room for reality drek, we will watch Boston legal on DVD.  Let NBC hold on to Community to make room for a Grimm reruns, we will watch it for free over the air waves.

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