Coming Halloween Day: The Music of Twin Peaks

21 years ago on October 31, 1991, so the story goes, Lynch filmed the train car scene with Laura Palmer being murdered for the movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.  This Halloween, you can download our newest podcast.  We have a very special episode.  Some might pick Agent Cooper, some might pick Audrey Horne but I would pick the Music of Twin Peaks as the greatest character on the show.  This podcast is a discussion of the great music written by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch.  It also is our longest running podcast at over an hour long.

1. SPECIAL GUESTS:  Mischa of the Twin Peaks Archive and Ross of the Twin Peaks Soundtrack Design stop by to discuss the Music of Twin Peaks.  These two have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the music.  I thought I loved and knew the music of the show, these guys will tell you which song was used in which episode.  We discuss The Series Music Vs. The Movie Music, we pick our top 5 favorite releases from the Archives and finish up with a song to song face off.

2. AN UNRELEASED TRACK IS REVEALED:  So did you buy all the releases from  Well we have a song you don't have.  Mischa was very generous and allowed us to play, in its ENTIRETY, a never before released Twin Peaks song.  We discuss the track and we also play it at the end of the podcast so you can clip and save it.


So how can you get this podcast?  You can subscribe at iTunes or click here as the podcast is now published.   We here at the Red Room love discussing all kinds of television, but we always come back to Twin Peaks.  As we have mentioned before, we are going to be published in an upcoming essay book about Twin Peaks.  We are honored that we have been able to add to the world of Twin Peaks in a very small way.  And as I say over and over, Sheryl Lee, we are ready to interview you.  Give us a call.


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