Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 5 Review

I can't believe we only have two more episode of this season left.  With this show only making 7 episodes a year and one Christmas special it means next week will be the 22nd episode of the show.  TV nerds will know that is how many episodes American television makes in one year.  So basically we have just finished what would have been the first season of a show in America.  This is exactly why shows over here burn out quickly.  We had the equivalent of 1 American year of a show which the writers, actors and producers got to create over 3 years.  Can you imagine the clarity of writing that Breaking Bad or Lost would have had if they only had to do 7 episodes a year?  Just a thought. This season has been a beating on poor Papa Crawley.  He has ruined the house, his family, his man servant, his wife and only his mom still loves him.  The scene where Robert came in and ordered the ladies to leave Isobel's house was a major turning point for all the women.  They have really beaten Robert all year long.   The major theme of this entire series is always how the ones who do not want to change, get hit the hardest.  You would imagine that the Dowager Countess would be the most resistant to change, but she usually comes around pretty quickly.  Robert is the least adaptable and he struggles the most.  He has lost the house, lost his daughter and really is at the whim of everyone.  I think watching Carson and Robert struggle to hold together the past is very interesting.  That being said, there really wasn't much to discuss in this episode.  I think that the effects of Sybil are still looming and with that comes a holding pattern of an episode.

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