Review of Downton Abbey Season 3: Podcast

I thought this was the best episode of the season.  I know that they have had some major events happen through out the year, but this episode really reminded me of the early days of this show.  It was normal, small, human behavior that creates major ripples.  A stolen kiss, a date at the movies, a catholic service, a brother that visits, an add in the paper and a new job for a daughter and that was only the first hour.  This show handles them well, doesn't feel rushed and moves forward. One thing I have forgotten to mention each week is the way that they score the show.  I have never seen a show that abruptly cuts the music with the cut of the end of the scene.  It really breaks me out of the show.  The violins will be playing and all of a sudden the music is gone.  On every other show or movie, you fade out the music as the next scene begins.  I really do not remember this happening in the other seasons.  To me, this makes the show seem like a student edited it.   I am not sure if this is a British television thing, or what?  Does anyone know?

This episode also had some great Maggie Smith, one liners.  They have been keeping her part limited this season but in this episode, she really excelled.  She can do more with one disapproving look than my very own mother.  (And that is saying a lot)  Also, I have really missed Isobel and her interacting.  I love when Isobel wants to the right matter who it hurts.  She wants to be the one to help Ethel, whether it helps Ethel or not.

I found it fascinating to watch Carson be politically incorrect with his feelings towards Thomas.  I am glad that they are not shying away from what people thought about homosexuality back in the 20's.  It would be totally unbelievable if anyone accepted his lifestyle.  It is a good commentary that we need to see now as people still fight for the rights that others have.  Although I am not sure kissing someone as they sleep is protected under any law.  It was nice to see O'Brien and Thomas back at it with each other.  I  loved everything about this hour.  Now on to the next hour...

Cricket will solve it all.  Although, now that i think of it, they didn't tell us who won.  I guess we know who won, the viewers.  Season 3 of Downton Abby was almost perfect.  Had it not been for the awful story of Bates, it would have been the best season yet.  I have a feeling that over time, Bates going to jail will be compared with the James story on Twin Peaks.  I found it very odd that they brought on the young girl in the season finale.  That seemed much more like a story line for a season Premiere, where they would bring on the youth.  Part of watching this show for me is how they just don't do things like they do in American Television and that is why I like it.

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The Thomas story really worked well.  I love how it reflected different opinions of homosexuality in our time and theirs.  We love Carson but he is of a time when that was a crime.  Hopefully people who are still prejudiced against it today, will rethink their points of view, but probably not.  Also for how awful of a season it was for Robert, it was nice that he got to be on the right side of the Thomas story, and save the day.  This episode actually was picked by Josh to be one of the best episodes of all time.  The idea of putting this rough season behind us all with a sporting event, is a great season wrap up.

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