Homeland Season 2: The child of 24?

Season 1 of Homeland was a masterful first move in a long played game of Chess.  For the majority of the season they pulled us back and forth as to whether Brodie was a terrorist or not.  In Season 2, that mystery has been answered.  Now they have moved more to the Alias side of things, having Brodie be a double agent working for the CIA but also still seeming to work for Abu Nazir.  All the while, making us wonder who's side he really is on.  Damian Lewis excels at keeping us guessing.  He rightfully won the Emmy for season 1.  Season 2 has done a good job keeping these elements going while moving the story forward.  You can see the fingerprints of the Fox program 24 all over this show.  I feel like they learned how to keep you nervous and they know how to make a central hero be strong but flawed.  Jack Bauer and Carrie Mathison would probably have the best sex known to man kind.  Problem is one of them would end up dead.  I do know that they did make Jack cry sometimes during the season, just not sure they made him cry EVERY episode and multiple times during the episode.  Claire Danes is earning her pay check every week on this show.  I have a friend who recently told me that she thinks the producers of 24/Homeland hate women.   Sounds like a good Red Room topic. I enjoy that Homeland has brought a lot of what made 24 great to Homeland.  But there is a story that is much more than a finger prints from 24, it is a middle finger.  The teenagers and the hit and run story.  This smells of Kim Bauer's plot lines.    The cougar story, the party story and teenage angst.   I am so un-interested in 2 teenagers hitting some stranger with their car.  I am sure I will be shocked when the VP blames it on the girl over his own kid.  The rest of the show is so grown up and so suspenseful, why would they think we would be interested in the fact that Brodie's teenager daughter is pouting in her room?  Hey kid, your dad is a terrorist, life is gonna get worse.

I fully understand that Carrie and Brodie can not be in every scene.  The B plots should always be Mandy Patinkin.  They have totally under used this amazing actor.  Have they not seen the character he created on Chicago Hope?  Dr. Jeffrey Geiger was so grown breaking that a writer stole the idea and created House.  My suggestion is to dump the kids and give Saul a real story line.  This week, Saul interrogated a suspect and while it played out in a very obvious way, Mandy gave it his all and I was interested.  Much more interested than in a pouty teenager sub plot.  Maybe in episode 7 they can show me the son's Karate lessons?  I get that teenagers are going to decide how many Vampire movies are made in 2012, but get them off my pay cable shows.  Showtime/HBO should be a place without teenagers.

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