Homeland: Sexist?

I can't stop thinking about last week's Homeland," In Memoriam."  It was the second to last episode of the season and I hope, although I know it won't happen, that the Emmy's pay attention to that episode and do not award it a second Best Drama Award.  I am still a fan of the show, and I loved season 1, but in this episode Carrie chases Abu Nazir the entire episode.  Once she catches up to him, she literally turns around and runs away.  All I can think about is what if her part was played by a man?  Would a man run away from the bad guy that he had been after for two years?  Would Bruce Willis turn around and run from Hans Gruber?  Would Agent Mulder?  Agent Cooper went after BOB who is much scarier than ABU.  But a woman runs away.  I have been looking all over for the articles or outrage.  I have not seen one.  It wasn't like she was there alone.  She was there with an army of men.  They could have given her a gun, a protective vest.  No, the men were the protectors.

She also cries every episode.  I get that she needs to take pills everyday and is supposed to be unbalanced.  This is because all women on cable have to be addicted to something.  House took pills everyday, he didn't cry when the cases got rough.  Dr Walter Bishop on Fringe is most certainly unbalanced, but he doesn't cry at the thought of their being a parallel universe. I understand that not every hero should be the same.  But I am pretty sure that no one keeps any job if they cry at every meeting they attend.

I like Homeland, it is almost a great show.  But they need to outfit their CIA agent, whether they are a boy or a girl, with a gun when they are chasing a terrorist.  This season their plots have not been based in reality.  Scully never ran away.  She was an equal to every other agent.  I hope this show stops having scenes where the teenager throws a carton of Milk on the floor. ( a female character)  I hope they do not have Carrie run away and scream like a girl.  I hope they right the ship and continue on with a great drama, not a Drama Queen.

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