Murder One: For Your Consideration #1

I was at a holiday party over the break and I heard a really interesting sentence.  "Yeah, I told my girlfriend we need to watch Parenthood because we have 3 episodes on the DVR."  I thought about this for a couple days.  The way we watch TV has totally changed.  No one wants to wait between episodes.  They want to have a handful of Homeland's, Breaking Bad's and even dramas like Parenthood.  They want to pop the next one in and see the story unfold.  Back in 1995 ABC took a chance on a new type of show, Murder One.  It would follow one murder trial for 22 episodes.  The critics loved it, but the audience preferred the OJ Simpson Trial and the show's concept only lasted one season. (The show was renewed for a second season but with a new cast and new concept.) Last night I watched the pilot for Murder One.  It is phenomenal and holds up perfectly.  So I invite you to seek this show out on DVD, Hulu or Netflix.  This show has everything that TV became in the late 2000's.  The continuing complex story telling is basically what we demand.  The Red Room is going to be watching season one over the next couple of months and then do a podcast on it.  So for your consideration, I suggest that you spend this winter break from new programming watching Murder One.  The cast is stellar. (Stanley Tucci)   The writers include Stephen Bochco from L.A. Law, David Milch from Deadwood and Charles H. Eglee from Moonlighting.  What else do you want?  I will offer up no spoilers, no plots.  Just a suggestion.  Try the pilot and keep the conversation flowing here on the Red Room.  I will be suggesting other older shows as the year goes on but I think Murder One is a great show that you might have missed because you were interested in a goofball named Judge Ito. Follow us on Facebook or twitter @redroompodcast

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