A Return to Twin Peaks?

imagesYesterday an internet rumor hit the Twin Peaks Gazette.  David Lynch was in talks with NBC to reboot Twin Peaks.  Think about it.  We are one year away from the 25 years that Cooper is supposed to be in the Red Room going back to television makes sense.  The show comes back in 2014 and we find out where everyone is.  How Cooper escapes from the Red Room.  We learn the answers to all the open ended questions.  Right?  Are you as Happy as  Mexican Chihuahua? OR

dddIt was all a hoax.  Mark Frost confirmed through Twitter that there was no plan taking place.  I have to admit, I wasn't fooled.  NBC would never be interested in working with an artist like David Lynch.  They don't believe in art.  No network (including cable) would be interested in viewing life with the Zen method of story telling that Mark Frost now tells in his novels.  David and Mark had a singular vision.  That vision rocked television 24 years ago.  Now, the only thing that rocks television is showing the worst of humanity on what is called reality TV.  Twin Peaks can never come back to television and I for one am glad.  I like the idea that Cooper is stuck in the Red Room.  He is there to usher souls from this world to the next.  That is a nice ending.  Remember Fire Walk With Me's happy ending is Laura dies.  This was never a story that was going to turn out well.  Satisfying? Yes.  Happy? No.  Networks are not interested in that kind of story telling.

We all love our show so much.  We want more.  In my opinion the only way the story could continue is with a feature film.  If David and Mark wanted it to happen, they could finance a digital picture that could be sold on the internet and tell us another chapter in the fight between good and evil.  My guess is, neither of them wants to.  This is probably for the best.  So we had a day to think of what it would be like to see everyone again and then have NBC slap a promo of Jay Leno over Audrey's face while she texts a picture of a cherry stem to Shelly who is still working at the RR.  Doesn't sound right to me.  The best way to relive the show is to watch it again.  I have many times and I get something new from it each time.  Meanwhile...