Prophecy Girl: Machete Season 1 of Buffy

I am rewatching Buffy The Vampire Slayer with my teenage daughters.  We have been watching Season 1 and I have to hasn't held up.  Now before you stake me or put me out in the sunlight give me a second.  I am simply saying Season 1 doesn't hold up not the series.   I have felt that the show just didn't live up to my memory until we got to episode 12: Prophecy Girl.  This is the first episode that Joss Whedon wrote and directed.  The episode was very prophetic of the future of the series.  It removes the fluff and shows as what Buffy will becomes.  10 of the first 11 episodes just didn't have what I remembered.  The only episode that was decent was entitled Angel.   Written by David Greenwalt, this introduced the back story that will play out for years to come.  But still the series was missing something then we got to the season finale.  When I saw that Joss wrote and directed it, I had hope.  The episode delivered.  For the first time I realized what the main element of Buffy is.  That element is Emotion.

Joss brings emotion to this episode and from here on out the show will be fueled by emotion.  Buffy finds out early on in the hour that she is going to die at the hands of The Master.  On most shows, the hero would spend the next hour defying the odds and taking it head on.  Buffy cries and runs away.  She spends the time longing for a dance, enjoys a nice dress, a dinner with her mom and a moment with her best friends.  This is exactly what a 16 year old would do.   We feel the weight that this child feels in having to save the world. In the end, she mans up and fights the fight.  This follow through is why Buffy is a better role model than Carrie on Homeland.

So if you are thinking of starting the show for the first time.  I suggest you use a Scott approved machete version.  Watch The Pilot, Angel and Prophecy Girl.  Yes, I am suggesting you only watch 3 episodes, 4 hours of the first season.  You will be totally caught up and can get right to the good part...Spike in season 2!

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