The Top 50 Episodes of All Time. Podcast #50

64204_483185215070999_686803298_n We have turned 50.  For our special 50th Episode, we count down the top 50 episodes of all time.  No First Episodes or Last Episodes, had to be just a single episode in a series.  As always these are not done with any history or look at the world.  These are episodes that moved us and etched their memory in our television minds for life.  From Buffy to Lost, Thirtysomething to Sopranos.  From Friends to Sex in the City, from Everwood to Six Feet Under...even Family Guy gets its due.  Enjoy our 50th Episode with 50 episodes.  Also beware this podcast is 90 minutes long.  We decided to super size our 50th.  Thanks for listening and supporting us for almost 2 years.

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