Downton Abbey: Journey to the Highlands

Another season of Downton Abbey ends. This time they took a very different route.  I remember at the end of Season 2 feeling all happy and bubbly as Mary and Matthew stood out in the snow and pledged their love to each other. This season had a very different vibe.  I actually disagree with the ending but actors will be actors and I know that he believes he will go on to greatness.  To me this episode will stand out not for the twist ending but for the very human performance by Jim Carter. (Mr. Carson) All season long we have watched Robert take a beating. This episode it was Carson who took it on the chin for his belief in the ways of the old world. Carson truly believes that you still work as hard whether the boss is at home or not and this was a masterful story to tell in the season finale. I feel like people always look at me strangely when I tell them how I believe Downton is the best show on television and will be the best show of this decade. This small storyline is exactly why I believe this. I get that most people are tuning in for Maggie's comments, the topsy-turvy love stories or the fantasy of living in a castle. To me, the reason this show is the best is because it is a reflection of how our modern society has lost all of its standards. Every one of us knows that if our boss left work for a week, we would cut out early, take longer lunches, and work only enough to keep our job.  Carson doesn't polish the silver because he is paid to; he wants that shine to light up the house because he is proud of his position.  He takes pride in his job and his life. Whenever this show brings to the surface the battle between the old generation and the new, it outshines any vulgarity that HBO or AMC tells.  The cable networks think they are telling edgy stories. This show is telling us we have lost our way and hardly anyone knows that is what they are being told. I believe this show is hiding its true feelings under big dresses and beautiful table settings. What this show is telling us is that we have lost our way as workers, managers, and societal partners.  (Look at me getting all fanciful instead of weepy over the end of a love story.  Sorry, I'll go back to being a pop culture blogger.)

This episode also brought Robert back to us. At first, I didn't see why we needed this road trip. I think they wanted to let Robert see how other castles were failing by not moving forward. There is something very believable that a father does not learn that his children are correct from his children. He learns it from watching his old friend crumble. This was a well thought out season. I think this will go down as the highpoint of the show. As always, I hope that they don't overstay their welcome; the next season should be their last.  It will be interesting to see if they go for the money and keep going on or take a bow while they still have us.  Either way, Kudos to Julian Fellowes for excellent story telling.

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