Our Best Podcast Ever: The Top 50 Countdown

The Red Room - Scott's Side:  

I have been a list maker since I learned to write.  I kept index cards on my VHS collection.  Each card would tell what movie was on the tape, along with music videos that would fill up the rest of the tape.  All ordered and ranked.  I love lists.  And finally we bring our first list to the podcast.  The top 50 TV shows of all time.  Now the reason we love lists is cause we want to argue about them.  So in order to be sure we could argue, we made our list with a built-in complain factor.  Josh made a list of his top 50 shows in order.  I made a list of my top 50 shows in order.  We then gave them a number system.  This weighted the list.  So if Josh picked Hee Haw as his top show, it would be weighed more than if I picked Benson as my 50th favorite show.  All shows that each of us put in the top 10 would get a bonus point.  So the fun part is, this list of ours contains shows that one of us might never have even watched.  But a show like Twin Peaks, that we both have seen, would rank higher.  Fun huh?

And like any good list, as soon as it was done, I was totally mad at my list.  I had Alias way too low and I had Star Trek: The Next Generation, way too high.  Also Josh picked John Adams, I love that, but I didn't count mini series.  (See how we are arguing already and this is just me with myself - at least I get to win.)  I think ranking a show like Friends with a show like The Sopranos is silly and hard to do.  How can you say which is better when they were both doing something different?  (Easy, Friends was better.)  In the end our list came out to be pretty true.  I am sad that one of my all time favorite shows, Picket Fences, is so low because Josh has never seen it (neither have you, I know).  And, I think Josh is sad that I have never seen Six Feet Under, but that is what makes the Red Room.  What is it? It's a mixture of two people who love TV.  We agree on a lot and disagree on more.  We hope you will listen to both podcasts to finish out the year, and then we hope at some point to countdown your top 50 shows.  We also hope to do the top 50 characters, the top single episodes ever and maybe the top 50 most beautiful women on TV. Most of them being Sherilynn Fenn from Twin Peaks.  Now that would be a  podcast no one could argue with!

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