Monday Mornings Pilot Review

As I have stated many times on this site, I am a David E Kelley fan.  I have actually seen every pilot he has ever written on the night it aired.  I loved the first Picket Fences, grew to love Harry's Law and adored Chicago Hope.  I have also scratched my head at Girls Club and Brothers of Poland.  So I always start one of his shows hoping but not expecting much.  I have to say, I really enjoyed Monday Mornings.  The things I didn't like I believe will go away with time. First what I didn't like: the music and the directing.  This episode was directed by a long time David E Collaborator, Bill D'Elia.  Bill did a great job on Boston Legal and Harry's Law but on this show there was too many "artsy shots" that didn't work for me.  The scene where Lee Adama (he will be called this by me for at least a season) lost the little boy was overly directed.  While shots of people's hands worked in Boston legal, here it seemed like treading old ground.  This was also the scene where the music stood in the way of the scene.   The songs chosen for this episode didn't pull me into the scenes, they reminded me that I was watching TV.

What I did like was Ving Rhames.  David E has a gift of writing characters we respect like Judge Bones, Alan Shore and Jimmy Brock.  I believe Dr. Jorge Villanueva will be that character on this show.  The set they built for the doctors to go into and defend their actions during surgery will hold the place of the courtroom from other David E shows.  It will be this set that we will start to change what we think and feel before we enter.  I think this show will give him a great forum to discuss health care, Obama care and the obesity crisis this country is facing.  The best shows by him are shows that take today's issues and turn them on their ear.  I can see that this show will do this.

Two side things.

1. I actually watched this on TV with commercials.  It was highly unpleasant. I can't believe anyone sits through commercials anymore.  And while everyone talks about how cable has out done networks with quality, they still disrespect their shows with crap on the screen.  I don't want to watch Dallas while I am watching Monday Mornings.  And why do you need an icon telling me I am watching a series premiere?  I know what I am watching.  I pray with all my heart that Netflix never does crawls or on screen ads.  Right now we think that is crazy but we would never have expected Sam Malone to pop up during The Cosby Show begging me to stop in for a beer.

2. I like that two of my favorite writers, David E Kelley and Aaron Sorkin, both came to cable this year and neither one changed their writing style to add bad words.  The story should deem the content.  Both writers just did what they do.

So while I am not saying this show will rise to the heights of my favorites, Picket Fences and Boston Legal, I do think it is worth watching. As always, you get a much better view of a show from the second episode and I will be watching ... just not Monday night. I'll wait till Tuesday Morning to skip the ad crap.

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