The Top 10 Buffy Episodes. New Podcast

Buffy Only PromoThis week's Podcast is about the Joss Whedon show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  We welcome Special Guest Tiffany Gordon to help count down the top ten Buffy episodes.  We also discuss the entire show.  If you have not watched Buffy or Angel. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST.  We basically give away every spoiler and every plot point of the entire show.  This podcast is for people who have already seen the show.  We do let you know in the podcast when you should turn it off, so newbie's can start it, but I don't suggest it. In the upcoming weeks, we will have a second podcast where we discuss the spin off show Angel, but this one is all Buffy.  Grab a box of Kleenex, a wooden stake and and leave your frear of bunnies behind's Buffy.


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Here is our Podcast on the Spin off Series Angel.  We count down that series' top 10.

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